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Time to break a WORLD RECORD!
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Ryan Brinegar
Dude perfect your videos are amazing you guys are my favorite you tubers I can't wait for more videos
Ms. Beth Halpain
Yo, Tyler is FINE!
Kristy St. Romain
The last one was my fav
alicia calvo
Who is panda
Mitchell Maurer
It's tim
Mitchell Maurer
I'm about to expose u
Mitchell Maurer
I know who panda is
Chicken Pies
Tell me your secrets to being AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uyen Nguyen
who is panda
Mateo Thibodeau
The slingshot I though the it also took a long time do you agree
Aaditya Gupta
could u tell me who is inside the panda
Captain Canada
This was the first Dude Perfect video I have ever seen
Arjav Chaudhari
Dude perfect you are fakeeeeee
y'all NEED to do croquet trick shots!! that would be EPIC! 😀👍
Esther Sucheta
crane slingshot
Krisy I Am
I'm so glad I got to watch these guys do these shots in real life
Elayna Morgane
the first part of this video is where im from lol
Gabriel Tejada
All your trick shots are epic. Had to find a better name.You dudes are ,Like Rob Dyrek said ..." THE GREATEST TRICK SHOOTERS IN THE HISTORY OF TRICK SHOOTING".
Michael Werle
🏀the worlds long set sling shot
Will Shepard
'comment your favorite video'? i think thats obvious lol
Victor Beaudet
WOW a slingshot
BenStudios TV
My fav is slingshot
Anh ZBV4
Fan ViệtNam
GD Destiny
So that’s how they faked the pandas reveal on MONKEYPANTS777’s channel!
Ahmed Nadeem HD
subscribe me if you came from Mr beasts were better than dude perfects video
The longest sling shot
Legend PlayzYT
Which ever end number you are in likes is who you meet.

0.All of the above
bharat bhushan sharma
i love the world largest sling shot brilliant guys
Keylan Gray
sling shot
Patricia Pointet
Beastly YT
no balls were hurt during the recording xD
Hey guys so this is to anyone out there my channel is niffer d and I need song suggestions for my singing challenge video. So if you have a suggestion please leave a comment under one of my videos. 😀😀😀😀😀😀
Ruben Plaat
I dont Want to be a party crusher but the trickshot the chopper wasn,t a chip but a pitch
James Avery
The sling shot
Ashley Gonzales
the worlds largest trick shot and no this Is not a girl
Just Dima
what's the song on 3.03?? Tell me please
Kelli Chanel
sling shot
Dudes hit Home runs
Nice shot from the sling ty
25 mil for panda face reveal
Omg dude perfect is at Nickelodeon and have their own show soon I saw it from an Ad
Samina Nasir
The last one was the best......
Alexis Cox
do a swishing battle
Alexis Cox
do a live video
Lukas Lukelis
when will you do Panda's face reaveal?
Jarvis Barr
That slingshot shot was AWSOME!!! 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀
Heather Tooley
yall need to beat mrbeat
A.J. Willoughby
I love the sweet sound of a crack of a bat
A.J. Willoughby
Sling shot was so epic , how did they even get that?
Jay Kher
The world largest sling shot is the best like u people
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