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Time to break a WORLD RECORD!
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Jonathan Vestin
The last shot
Hayden Higgins
sling shot
Nicholas Courcy
Dude perfect do kids edition
Ezekiel Sawyers
that waz cool!!\
Ianne Estrada
i like the chipper
Elias Martin
the last shot was the best
Troy Tatt3
world's largest sling shot was awesome
B Ballers
what does dude perfect use to edit
Kerrie Gallagher
Sling shot
Con Damalis
worlds largest slinksnhot
Abdiel Reyes
they should do a paintball battle against each other no teams. sick guns and outfits
Harsh Bihany
paper shredder and worlds largest slingshot
Riley Dhaliwal
my favorite shot was the worlds longest sling shot
Mathew Tuazon
world largest sling shot
The Savages 36
The panda stunt devil was coby
Amanda Kirkland
my favorite shot was the world's longest sling shot
Christian Castille
that is great
Lakshay Gupta
nolan macaskill
dude perfect you guys are a inspiration to me you guys are the reason I started doing trickshots so should you guys please reply subscribe to my channel or at least watch my videos
Thor Lubin
Did anyone notice in the panda dunk tank shot, in the shot Coby was the catcher but in the replay Cody was
Amrish GR
the last sling shot
Diego Villasenor
They. Should do soccer
lil_country gal
the twin shot is my fav.
Manmeet Singh
1st one
Cindy Lam
I love the world's largest sling shot
Cindy Lam
I love the world's largest sling shot
The last one was my favorite
Damien Sillivent
my favorite was the longest sling shot
Nurahmatika Adiwinoto
world's largest sling shot amaizing
Emmy Mofield
break more guiness world recordd
yshakil08 Shakil
is garret pnda
M.I.S Custom
i am download game you
The Coaster Guys TM
Dude perfect needs to do plastic golf battle 2 like if you think it's a good idea
Bhavna Gupta
who is PANDA!?
SteelCityBDog 0301
That's a HUGE sling shot!
vaibhav patil
I like the friendship between you dude perfect guys
Quaid Daugherty
Twin shot
IG Iron Golem
The sling shot took 12 days
Jesus986 Esparza
You should try Las Vegas Edition anywhere in Las Vegas, NV to do trick shots
All New Bricks
trampoline trick shots
Slice Master
Twin edition
Boyd Brackett
worlds longest slingshot
yamini saral ms
sling shot
Ryan sedey
The crane sling shot
Noah Gonyea
the sling shot
Noah Gonyea
Ahmed Fahim
Sling shot
gtb g
the slingshot
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