Just another Tider
Ba da pa ba da pa da ba
Richard Bailey
Piper perri
Andrés Benavides
Pa ra pa pa ra pa pa...
Gleakle AJ
John Hessel
i fucking love paramore
Is this song about burying your childhood because it's over now?
Adr Adradr
Burry the quesoooo!
Adr Adradr
Harley Graham!
When you realize you buried your innocence
am i the only one who is listening in 2017 i love this song so much its beautiful 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘
Panhead 9616
God Haleys beautiful
Han Okami
As i grow older i'm starting to understand the meaning behind this song..Paramore...you are a true inspiration.
ohmygosh i'm going to a paramore concert tomorrow and i'm so excited!! i love this song :)
EY Live
Way better than "Hard Times" and it's not close.
Jessie Spidel
The way she models with red hair!
Jezel Dougherty
2017. And I'm still here 20 years old don't give a fuck this is my jam
I frickin' love Hayley's hair in this video <3
2017 and I'm still in love with this song sz
Brendula Silva
Espero ouvir minhas 'velhas' e boas músicas até o fim da minha vida.Rsrs
JZPH Quevas
She looks like Scarlett Johnson! or is it just me.
Nadyne Love Anime
No but I got cheeze whiz
Tope Angala
im gay
This has to be where she looks like a fairy princess. Perfectly pretty with that blonde hair. And the song, don't tell me about it. It is just so great. The bababa part was exhilarating. I kinda miss their old sound like this.
Ali Mahfud
Lagu jaman sma
alex d
What exactly is this song about
rosecolored Allie
don't know why but this gives me Alice in wonderland vibes
I loved the meaning of this song so much
natasha rahman
2017 and still listening to this, hands up !
Himmler Von Spankendoodle
Imagine escaping the world's spookiest castle only to fall down a hole and die.
Leonardo Mello
i miss ROCK TIME of PARAMORE.... GOD paramore is rock, no pop ¬¬
Yo Itz Piggy
Michael Leal
I love this Paramore
Kim Jonghyun I Choose You
2017 anyone? <3
When Hayley appeared in the mirrors the girl was scared. Why would anyone be scared of Hayley Williams?
Serynna Rose
well i just realized how depressing this video really is
Bryan Feliciano
This makes me feel old..... I miss the early 2000's
Tabitha Barry
This is the first song I listened to by paramore and instantly loved them, still a massive fan and would kill to see them live. Can't believe this is nearly 8 years old😲
Joaopuffle 1
Still today i have fear of this video!!
Joaopuffle 1
When i watched this video in 2010 i has fear because of 2:35, with 5 years old
Joaopuffle 1
My first paramore song
I love British rock but i like The killers ramones and paramore
Mume Abaca
Gracias por hacer esta canción. Pasan los Años y no me canso. Verlos tocarla en vivo me cambio la cabeza.
Si,yo cree un mundo mágico para olvidarme de lo muy trágica que es mi vida.
Gracias Paramore.
Los amo hdp.🇦🇷
they didnt feature this song in FBE Adults React?
Anime Satan
After all these years I finally get it the little girl in the video was hayley herself and when she fell down the hole she was basiclly burying her childlike self cause there's no room in her life for childish things
julian altamiranda
me recuerda a gabo de mtv y a mis amigos del colegio
James Alexis Valdez
7 yrs ago when 360px is HD. Damn
Erika Araujo
Stephy Mercury
Fuck my angst filled middle school self was obsessed with this whole album 😎
i was 5 when brand new eyes came out and it's still so great.
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