Multiple Sharks Swim Close to Myrtle Beach Shore (Storyful, Crazy)

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A video showing multiple sharks swimming close to the shore south of Myrtle Beach has gone viral, gaining over nine million views since being uploaded on May 16. Cody Kinzer captured this video of the sharks while walking on the Pier at Garden City.
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Video credit: Facebook/Cody Kinzer
Original video:
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Top vid get the fishing rods
They need to kill every shark in the water
Sunshine C
Are they dangerous sharks for humans ?
Dylan Maldonado
Exactly same spot I was in today
Britany Andtiffany olive and poison ivy
May 17 2017 in myrtle beach thats when i was there on vacation i stayed there for a week i stayed at the Caribbean hotel
William Bright
The more likes, the more I'm safe. Please like
William Bright
I'm going to Myrtle Beach in ten days
Sandy Viverito
Saw a shark fin today while in the water up by N 27th
That water looked awful clear for Myrtle Beach, every time I've been there the water has been murky as hell. I'm not surprised at the sharks at the pier though. 9 of of 10 catches I see on the piers are baby sharks.
Nadja Bella
Omg, oh no. Sharks are swimming in their home. So bizarre. I'm mind blown. And plus, it was early in the morning if you wake up early enough you can also see dolphins
I was in that group of people far away from the dock cause I was taking a surf lesson with junior life guard
tats only bc there near the pier where people FISH where i am there is NONE
Rock Lobster6723
what's the big deal that's there home
Xavier Prime
just looking for herring....or toes...😲😲😲😎
I'm heading to myrtle beach right now tho...
Jay D
a nice bloody steak toss in water !
They are probably following baitfish up shallow
Elizabeth G
It's because they sell shark bait for five to ten dollars and rent fishing poles off that pier. It's not an environmental, it's selfish consumerism that's responsible for putting swimmers' lives at risk on MB.
jenny hartman
Is it strange that they are so close? I never saw this. I wonder why they are doing this
Olivia the flamingo
I really wanted to go to the beach
Michael Hendersonico
Dude that's scary
Anna Bogun
Just Another Nerd
It's because of the people throwing food off the piers there getting so close because they know they will get food that way
SharkBite Outdoors
this is a common thing. people just dont realize how close they actually swim to the beach. take a drone over all the beaches and you will see :) very cool vid! to bad they banned you from actually fishing for them even tho they are there naturallysupport the sport of #lbsf #catchandrelease
Kayla Martin
Never in my life have I seen sharks so close to the shoreline
Wonder the odd behaves of sharks recently have something to do with environmental concerns........ seeing those things makes me worry.
NyanGamer 2682
Does this happen alot?
Isaac Larrowe
Wow awesome video!
Nap God
man this is bad luck!! im just about to go there too
Amber Blevins
What kind of sharks are those?
Tracy Stout-Powers
We are leaving Tennessee for North Myrtle Beach right now! lol
It is almost like someone chummed the water near the pier.
Micayla Hall
Is that normal?
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