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In this segment of On Location, Coyote gets his hands dirty Pooping a Sloth! 

It turns out rescued baby Sloths need assistance going to the bathroom and when the crew learned about this they offered up Coyote’s outstanding “poop” observer services to Kids Saving the Rainforest’s Sloth mom Dani...which she happily accepted:)

Get ready to see a baby Sloth do a little dance and make a little poo! 

Big thanks to everyone at Kids Saving the Rainforest for hosting the crew at this location. To find out more about their organization please visit their website - http://bit.ly/savingtherainforest

*Kids Saving the Rainforest never lets the public touch or see the baby wildlife.  We only do so when the filming is to educate, which is our mission.  All wildlife caretakers were present during filming to guarantee the animal's well-being and assure to that they weren't under stress. Remember,  it is NEVER acceptable to have a wild animal as a pet.

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Anita Edwards
I did not ever think I would be watching an animal poop thinking it's freaking adorable!
Anita Edwards
Awe I want to hug her!
Colleen Huy
Ewwww that s gross😫😫😫😫😫😫but she's so cute I love your video s do you have a little sister or a big sister
dina seng
it thought a sloth pooped out a sloth i was confused by the title
Reign Powell
the video tital meant a sloth pooping cause pooping a sloth doesn't make sense
Leah Hochrein
Um that was weird
Rossanna Dominguez
cute sloth 🐒
"So, what are you doing today?"
"Oh, not much. Just watching a video on Youtube of a baby sloth taking a dump..." XD
Jon Thomas
I poop with a poop amogy
cool.i likit.
ThatBunnyGamer__ Playz
Now you can add this to the pooper reel
Sun Kid
Two-toed sloths are my favorite
beastgaming567 bam
i gaged
Jessica Babcock
I have been a long way away from home
Wyatt Prisbrey
die you mean A POOPING SLOTH!
Emily Ching
The sloth is so cute 😊
ThePolo play67
when you have diarhia but theres no bathroom 1:06😁😁
W. Pierce
What is Patti being rehabilitated from? Why does she need help pooping?
CoolNicky Animates
And a pre poop dance?
CoolNicky Animates
Wtf is a poo tumble?
Fun fox girl
The sloth is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!
Missy K
WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?😷
shemaiah scotland
All sloth are the same 😐😊😊
Nina Moretz
poop tumble!😂😂😂
This is the moment we all are waiting for.................*the sloth falls*
Monique Alford-Yarborough
tell me that sloths face is not derp at all
Jazzy and Bryanna
I really like it when someone said the poop tumble I think I was Mario he's behind the camera
Madi_Plays 123
2:52 she be like"CMOOONNNN"
Aubree Chapman
is he hugging owl
Aubree Chapman
is he hugging owl
Hinna Yasin
Who els finds sloths so ADORABLE AND CUTE!!!
fireblaster camaro95
Theslinkeypug Audette
Coyote: everybody does it I pooped twice today
Me: omfg I've had enough like stahp stahp stahp humping your s***
Theslinkeypug Audette
Coyote: you know everyone needs some comfort when they poop, I hold a stuffed animal when I poop
Alina Mayboroda
OMG WHEN I PAUSED AT 0:59 HE SAID"were here for something special aren't we?"I didn't think it was for the sloth,but for another "pooping" reason
Lazer Shark
you know you got it right with the "poo tumble"
Mr. Watermeloni
this reminds of something like "OH LOOK SOME POO... I.. I'M GONNA PUT IN MY POCKET''
Snackin Smackin
sloth O.O
Niamh Mccormick
its s CUTE!!!
Lola Martyanov
Sloth: Looks up at me
Me: Damn it... Don't you dare...
Sloth: Poops then screams
bj doerrler
coyote that is weird you want to poop a sloth.
Joanel Hernandez
I have the same stuffed animal
Mr Jammers
I want one
Stephanie Morton
Coyote Peterson:be careful not to fall Paty the sloth:I just fell down so what
Fatuma Abdi
patty is so cute😍💖
Noah Superboy
I love sloths! I am a sloth!
Luna The Demon
wtf??? eww
elamental cat
I love Sloths
Francisco Alvarez
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