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Discover behind the scenes and the making of the Moz The Monster John Lewis Christmas advert. 

Learn more about Moz The Monster:

Paul McCharmly
Golden Slumbers always give me chills
Rob Cordon
Also the story is way too overcomplicated..........should be that the kids is scared of the dark=monster, not all this pissing about because he is tired of it snoring etc that the monster wants him to live his life, bla bla bla
And its not obvious that the monster had left the light present.............everyone saying this ad is amazing is an utter embarrassment.
Wow so much better than the awful Sainsbury’s Xmas 2017 advert.
Next one should be a journey across the world for a father to get home to his family

Harry Squibb the sonic gamer
When John Lewis makes their adverts, you know it's coming towards Christmas
Aww i had tears in my eyes when i heard that click amazing job
Stephen Hitchens
It was trash, wasnt emotional, wasnt very christmassy, lots of better adverts out this year. You failed.
The cutest monster I’ve ever seen.
Logan Waller
It's a beatles song but sung by Elbow
Grace Herbert
I just think he's creepy
I actually preferred this then the actual advert! Shame it’s confused so many people
I wish the Moz monster plush actually looked like the one in the advert??!
Shyland and zalfie's Crybaby
When the "how it was made" vid was better than the ad.
Shyland and zalfie's Crybaby
Peter O'Hea
A touching story that appears to be all about a young boy confronting his fear of the dark. I would have preferred a more Christmassy feel to this year's John Lewis ad. campaign. Some reviewers have felt uncomfortable about Moz the monster, perhaps because of the connotations of childrens' secret fears (of creepy strangers?) and child mental health issues, the symptoms of which cannot always be turned off with a John Lewis night light.
Ar-rahim Mozumdar
Look at my second name moz
Simply Jessie
I absolutely love this ad, I know John Lewis will never fail me, and Moz...., he’s so adorable!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Simply Jessie
I absolutely LOVE this ad, and Moz is so adorable, I wish he was under my bed ❤️❤️❤️
Simply Jessie
I absolutely LOVE this ad, and Moz is so adorable, I wish he was under my bed ❤️❤️❤️
lottie x
With the giant budget and amount of time, I feel they could have come up with something x10 better tbf!🙌
Weird and Wonderful things
Yay I've got the teddy, well done with the advert it's my favourite 👍🏻👍🏻
I think this isn't as good as man on the moon but it's defs better than last years 💖
Cupcake Lover216
This is one of the best adverts they have made!!!
Chloe Bell
I love this advertisement 😂
rinocat aj
Early!!!! And that is adorable
Magical Christmas
Worst advert ever
Gracie Mitchell
awww it's amazing
Centrist Philosopher
They always do strong ads. Simple, yet effective. Good marketing.
Daniel French
R they stupid they should just CGI the monster
Its not a CGI???
This is amazing😍
baby burrito
Make it a movie !! 📽🎬
Sa archer
I love this!!! Can you sell some monsters that look like this one (the one in shops has wrong eyes). I'm sure they'd sell like hot cakes !! ☺
Fraser Bryant
How have you 'invented' anything?
This advert cost 7 million squid because they had to hire a real monster. Makes you think.
moz? moz? oh he fckn ded
ДемОноКРАД пАтрЭотИчЕскОй
putin liar crazy killer
A moz the monster movie could be cool
Did it really cost £10m to make this advert?
Who’s idea was the fart? 😂
Whyatt Charlie
Lol cool
Awww, amazing! Keep up the great work
Hello, Marry Christmas
Early Christmas
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