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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

Martin The Bandit
I do love my brother sometimes😂😂😂

Shelby Gibson
you are the only person i know who works out in a hoodie
Mikayla standmire
Yesh I’m here just watching every vlog teehee
Erin Senor
Daniels laugh tho
Amanda Jones
do you like jake
Kalee Jennings
Kong is my everything
jonas Abildgaard
Why dont We sucks
Hard Decoder
He said bro for 216 times
sketch pals
dude Brendan he said bro when he said its every day bro cmon slap him
PhNtM _ Chief
logang suck jake is better give up
Beautiful calming words from Logan Paul 2017

Cut my Dick off and call me Jake Paul
An OG Limelight
God I love the Why Don't We boys 💜💛💚💙❤
Giana Bojo
Logan made fun of the song, his trending, jakes #2 on iTunes
moayad atassi
mavekong or kongrick if you agree😇❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
martin McDonald
Jake is better
Lachlan Mathews
so sorry
Lachlan Mathews
ya yeet
Cherry Blast
My favourite line out of the whole vlog: "CUT MY DICK OFF AND CALL ME JAKE PAUL!"
BANANAS !!!!!!!!!
And the beef began
Happy Sunny Bunny
bendy the monster
P.s u mad coz he's song is better then yours u jelly bro /GET ROOSTED BRO oh and it's EVREY DAY BRO JAKE FOR LIFE LOVE U JAKE YASSSSSSSS
Fransisco Galvan
You d best
Aubrey Stump
“Cut my dick off and call me Jake Paul”😂😂
Srinivas Rao
He said bro
Paula Joseph
Kong Kong Kong
Ayaan Alina
High Beaner
This is what started the war
Arwen Harris
logan said "bro" while playing golf like 6 times
yepp /logang /limelight
I miss the vlogs with the boys :(
Girly Gamer
Yep your way better then Jake Paul. Aww Kong is so cute.
death angel
what species of dog is Kong?????
Alex's channel
i'm like u
Qistina Aziz
Kong was very cute when he just stand up and stick his tounge out is so veerryy cuteeeeeeeeeee😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ken Anthony
Hey logan say sorry to your brother for the song the fall of jake paul
Who else watching I’m December 😂
Zaria ForLife
"cutt my d*ck off and call me Jake Paul" LOL MAVERICK
Brandon Flay
logan. we're. Do. you. live
Kalee Jennings
logan Paul is so crazy and super funny
Ruby Barrera
I’m re watching Logan’s Vlogs
Ruby Barrera
The video that started it all 😂 jk, Logang4Life
Katie tran
Cut my dick off call me jake Paul . Who's watching old vlogs
Alora Torres
Screw you jake!!!!!!!!!
Ibrahim Sohail
Hey guys I am making some vines on my YouTube channel go and have a look don't forget to subscribe for better ideas!!! Thank you
Emily Joyce
Comment if you are a......

1. A Maverick
2. A Jake Pauler
3. Just learnt what this is
4. A Vlogger
5. Team 10 lover
6. A gamer
7. A you tuber
8. A Nobody
9. An Actor bro
10. A Sports Man
Emily Joyce
Are you growing a mustach p.s Kong and Maverick are so cute!!!
space kitty
logan the only reson why you say its not evryday bro is becuse your losing subscribers to JAKE
i hate your channle
It's Reisha Bali
Jake Paul's songs are cringe af and Logan's song are lit
Steve Mtz
Jake Paul sucks
Blue Napkin
Nick crompton thinks England is a city :/ BRUH
I love the why don't we boys my sister is stocking them so tell them to be careful. She has there instagram I do to but she noes there birthday. Maverick
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