sofia Dasent
but I don't have straight hair I only have curly hair
sofia Dasent
do long hair I have.long hair
Ella Ward
I like the French braid ponytail
Olivia Alvarez
I subscribed and my favorite is the hairband flips
Fifthharmony vloger Naya
I like buns
Bailey Olson
Can you do hair styles for thin fine hair
Aliel Hernandez
she had someone doing her hair
My favourite one was the third one: the 3 hair flips
TAtuM Is ShElLFiSh
Sara Waterman
Plz pick me
iiToxicManii Plays
I wish I had straight hair but I have curly hair and can't straighten it because me and my sister share a bathroom and takes so long
Isis Pichardo
hopefully i win!!!!!!!!!
Laxmi Pokhrel
Am I the only guy that wach her video's
Unicorn Lover 87
Why am I here I can't braid
Kiera poole
Anyone else's hair too short
Delaney Pulley
Just me Hi
Yesani De la rosa
Can I get the mac book air
Yesani De la rosa
Can I please get the mac book hair
KitKat Ella
You need to go slower and ACTUALLY! Show us how to do it
Abbie Dobson
You aren't braiding it
Rosario Aguilera
My favorite one is number one
Maddie Willard
"Take your little fingers..." my fingers aren't little tho they are big😂😂😂
Brooke Jones
I watch like all of your videos and would love a Mac book air.
Kaitlyn Bell
Thanks Rachel it really help me for back to school
Asim Bilal
someone was doing her hair in one of those hairstyles
Hershey's Beauty
Wow that's awesome!
Estefany Lopez Sosa
I like hairstyle number 1
Psaila Raiden
I liked the 3rd one love you
Kathyisgoodyinroblox Playzroblox7373
Thats one day after my birthday what heck XD
Raihah Noor Chaudhry
Where does she find that brush?!
Isabelle Miller
I have a ginormous frizz ball called my hair, but those are really cute hairstyles ☺️
julia howell
my favorite hairstyle is the 2 french braids into a bun
Galaxy Crystal
❤️u soooooo much!!!
Elizabeth 101
love you
Nour mohamed
My hair like your hair
melyna liiva
I made the 3 hairband flips and it turned out pretty normal lol :D
Lilly Hardy
comment me if rachel makes good videos😀
Эльвира Михайлова
I like 5
Aimee Whitby
The first one is the best one I love it
Naveeda Aziz
if someone subscribes you do you really send them a mac book air
because thats great
Who else is watching in 2017 in the middle of the night... just meok.
Адема Хазиева
Я здесь одна кто говорит на русском
Gamer Girl360
I thought these hair stiles were supposed to be easy
Алена Пономарёва
Gabi Lifetime
August 30 is my birthday
Grace Chan
lol I shaved my head why am I even here
Me: Jesus Christ Rachel make it more easier

Me: makes two braids and ties into bun
Awashy's World
The first one
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