Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles - Winner to headline WrestleMania: SmackDown LIVE, March 7, 2017

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The Viper goes head-to-head against "The Face that Runs the Place" to determine WWE Champion Bray Wyatt's official No. 1 contender on The Grandest Stage of Them All.
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I love the RKO
wonderfulfull wonderfulfull
so happy aj styles is kicked out. his face is so stupid and make me wanna punch his face
Wellington De La Cruz
ellos pelean de mentira
1:53 why the hell is the ref so sad XD
Alex Reindeer
Oh! WWE waste another talent wrestler.
Orton did something that took Cena seven months to do.

Beat AJ Styles
Summerslam styles kicks out of 3 attitude adjustments smackdown 1 rko his gone
nigel sandridge
These highlights alone are top ten matches of the year worthy
OMG Productions
Randy ortons pins look so cool like a viper
John Cena The Doctor Of Thuganomics
YES!!! AJ has lost the match against Randy Orton from a RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!
Govind Verma
smack is better than raw due to john cena
Govind Verma
john vs randy in wrselmania
Govind Verma
I want to show fight brock vs john cena
imad mansour
Awesome !!!!!! 100% randy 👏👏👏
Nagendar Keshri
i liket
Randy Orton Is The Best......
Victorianne Glazeter
RKO wins he deserved to be in Wrestlemania twice already.
Bryan Paxtor
Bruh I wanted AJ Styles to win
Rebel Vlogs,Gaming and more!
To cap his off he gets fired
HamamSoccerVideos WATCH
Hey random person going down the comments God bless you and your family.
Amani Knight
sick I thought he lost at first
Xeroque Romis
2:46 Kkkkkkkk🤘🤘😋😋😋😋
rko foda!😱😱😱
ary189AV H.J
aj burried by orton.
Kishan Pokal
Kennoubezi Ulrich
amazing rko
Aj Styles
Devante Davis
If AJ Styles isn't in a WrestleMania match...
Henry Miles
1:50 DDT so good that the ref couldn't take it
Alejandro Sanchez
Finally they faced each other. Thought wwe wasn't going to do it. Orton and styles are a walking dream match. Styles still has to face so many people before he hangs the boots up and ortons a young 35 surprisingly so he still has a lot of years left. Can't believe he joined at 20. Just saw ortons documentary and he said he wants to face Finn Balor. Wwe should do it.
The Phapper
Smarks disliked this.
Idk why people keep picking sides. I love both Smackdown and Raw. I love the wwe
Jali Khanam
RKO out of no where
Ganesh Jadhav
Bray Wyatt
Randy Wrestle Mania is going to be BAD FOR YOU
hoo chong
David Boter
What an RKO to John Cena!!!!! @2:50 beautiful
Shubham Dutt
My dream of the phenomenal forearm getting countered to a rko was about to come true. So close!!!!!!
At Wrestlemania a fatal 4 way match Orton vs. Wyatt vs. Harper. Vs styles
Francisco Almanza
phenomenal one
referee's reaction on that spike ddt
A.J. Styles= G.O.A.T.
Matias Segura
I really don't have that much of a problem with Wyatt vs Orton. But the issue here is that having AJ styles fighting Shane feels like a waste of talent.
Pat D Smith
people should be boycotting WWEmbarrassment. not supporting it.
Xnz_ Zero
I know that Styles is a great wrestler and performer I think he"s not just that so cool and awesome
Asyraf Maula
pop-up RKO
Member Berry
why is randy beating up Dave Grohl? ):
Elian Gonzalez
But Randy won the Royal Rumble ....... Does Vince honestly think we are stupid. Like when they told us Lesnar and Brock would start the rumble
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