Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles - Winner to headline WrestleMania: SmackDown LIVE, March 7, 2017

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The Viper goes head-to-head against "The Face that Runs the Place" to determine WWE Champion Bray Wyatt's official No. 1 contender on The Grandest Stage of Them All.
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Yuppi Gri Kafa
this guy is a little awake. Aj Styles
The Pac Clan
i seen this live it was TOOO GOOD
kevin dunn
Yeah OK "HEADLINE" wrestle mania yet Roman headlined instead I'd of walked out if that was me
“Winner headlines Wrestlemania” how funny, because NEITHER of them did.
Nalin Sen
The two best men in WWE!Aj dodged an RKO but it's Randy orton there. I love both of these wrestlers, AJ for being the greatest talent in Wrestling industry and Orton for being the greatest predator. And please Roman Reigns not talented, and Triple H isn't the best predator, he was/is always a cheater.
Noname673 - Jeremie
And on that day AJ Styles learnt something

You can never escape an RKO
asad klair
Vintage randy orton
2:50 love u kaith
2:57 that face u make when u hear ur crush is single
Fabian Santoyo
Randy didn't even headline wrestlemania
I have been trying to be friends able for the best of all.
Lift 870)qwedqftipiwdteofqsrrfh
David Medina
That face at 2:58 says it all
Megan tindall
plz someone reply
ToUnSi BoYs
randy will be bettre if he stop smoking
Michael Villegas
Fans were happy because he won but then wheb he won the title at WM against bray wyatt, fans were quiet. Y'all stupid idiots
EWE Animations
If randy headlines what about the royal rumble?!??
WWE just looks why to fake now a days
Sunita Odhekar
Lol that rko fail 2:48
Pax Malmer
This should've been a WrestleMania match. Not the winner to 'headline' it.
Aaden Mapp
Indy is my city
Randy's foot at 2:19
How can a 40 yr old do this stuff ? Massive respect 🙏🙏👍
Gustavo M. Azcona
mr wasif
Absolutely phenomenal face at 2:58
Sultan Rafli
Abbas Mohammdi
saurabh Kumar Pandey
AJ styles
shivam jairath
Randy is better than this other guy.
2:49 Is it bad that I predicted that?
David Cooper
They posted this match twice
Anthony Taylor
How fake omg at least make it look a little bit real people 200 pounds to sit front seat for this carp no thank you
rg was here
William Jamieson
R3kt noob aj styles randy orton xD wat a legend
Navdeep Singh
Both are best
Dolongnhi Dang
phim hay vai
renegade donut
guess who headlined wrestlemania😑
swerve boy
i dont understand randy orton overall in wwe 2k17 is 88 an Aj styles is more than him like tf
bushra haque
l love randy
bushra haque
aj styles is dam stupid he sucks
Legit Beeb
2:52 LOL 😂😂😂
Robban Smith
2:58 screenshot dat
Nesh Sca
Randy Orton 😗
Logan Wong Vids
dat Rio though

EDIT: That RKO though
JBL Show
DDSYT Channel
I miss Mauro commentating Aj Styles matches
hugo pinto
rko rko rko
The man called Sting
3:17 ....yes.
mr mystery
This is one of the best Smackdown matches of all time
mr wasif
theface you make when u see your crush 2:58
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