The most significant song from every Taylor Swift album

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Taylor Swift's new album "Reputation" will be released on Nov. 10. Here's a look back at her most important songs from all six of her albums. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Liked only for the fact they put All Too Well for red
Regina K.
"Love Story" will forever be my favourite
Stella Right
All singles in Reputation are AMAZING!✨⚡️🌟☃️🤸🏼‍♀️🧜🏾‍♀️👍🏻🤯😍🤩
Offical Everything Guy
Wheres you belong with me
Parsa Spr
I think gorgeous is the best out of reputation its so sweeeet
...Ready for it? Is better than LWYMMD
"the old taylor" made way better music... >.> //my opinion
Gaming withElla
All of them
Sawani Bedekar
That hair flip at 1:15 was beautiful. Taylor swift. Giving hair envy since 2008
Gracia Calvo Guisado
Maybe we got lost in translation maybe I asked for too much <3
Ananda Morales
taylor swift is a lyrical genius
Siti Nurbaya
tears drop on my guitar was one of the best from her first album. on 1989 blank space hits 1b views on youtube faster than shake it off.
kit kit bo bit
My favourite taylor swift songs is; blank space, you belong with me , this is why we cant have nice thing and STYLE💜💜💜
R mz
It's very weird how she got famous from her first song
All big Superstars was unknown first
Haven Harper Dela Rosa
Me after reading the title: So all songs would be here
The Crimes of Grindelwald Fantastic Beasts
1. ‘Our Song’ & ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’.

2. ‘Love Story’. Also ‘You Belong With Me’.


4. ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’.

5. ‘Shake It Off’.

Why didn’t you wait until reputation was released, there way more iconic songs on it than LWYMMD
Ananya Menon
Vanessa Vieites
Loved Tim McGraw, Love Story, Shake it Off and LWYMMD not so much, but All Too Well was my absolute favorite off her Red album.
I knew All Too Well would be here
Hafsa Ali
What about " Enchanted" it was one amazing piece
the only one agree with is all too well, but the rest of the albums?? cmon, theres so many other influential incredible tracks on there
Everything is Here
Michael Lee
Clean really hit home for me.
Grace Clark
They didn’t mention that the original version of all too well was 10 minutes.....
Dennise Fiola
i really love all too well and it's kinda sad bcs not everyone knows it haha
Candy Floss
I think some people don’t quite understand the video. It’s not the best song on the album, it’s the most important. LWYMMD was Taylor’s shocking comeback from an indefinite hiatus, and while not the best song on the album, the most important. One can infer that even before hearing the album.
X Ashleenie X
My favorites from each album!

Taylor swift: Our song
Fearless: Love story
Speak now: Sparks fly
Red: Everything has changed
1989: Blank space
Reputation: this is why we can have nice things
M e l a y n a
I would choose "Call It What You Want" over "Look What You Made Me Do"
All of Speak Now is magical.
Bruno Sparks
incredibly, 3 out of your 6 choices (and 'Look what you made me do' shouldn't count because this video was posted because 'reputation' release) are my favourites from each album!
Emma Add
I love all her songs but "wonderland" is just a masterpiece
HamilHeathers Trash
All too Well is I C O N I C
I like Speak now and Safe & Sound the most
Isha Mughal
Shake It Off? Really? Fight me bitch
please stan 9muses
Begin Again is the upgraded version of Back To December. well at least, for me..
Also, Enchanted and The Other Side of The Door deserves a mention!
CMC 123
My favorite Taylor song is Call it What you Want
Venus Reyes
what about You Belong With Me that has over 700m views over Love story?
Deborah Tabile
but which album do you think is the best 🤔🤔
stellen salvatore
All too well 💗
Hailey K
This should be titled try not to sing
Getaway Car may be the most significant from reputation
Shannon Collier
All too well is an absolute masterpiece. It shows just how incredibly talented Taylor is when it comes to song writing
It’s a real tear jerker
Neha Dhami
the whole red album is a masterpiece though. all the songs are so nice and so well written. state of grace, the lucky one, all too well, treacherous, sad beautiful tragic, holy ground. every freaking song actually.
if you ever ask me, I'd just simply name all the songs off all her albums because every album is so unique and amazing ...every songs gets stuck in your head. you can never have only one favourite Taylor swift song, guys.
Neha Dhami
wow when I first played the red album I instantly fell in love with all too well. I listened to it all the time back then. It's so beautifully written and the music is perfect.
lala lala
i honestly just want the 10 minute version of all too well...
Sofia H.
I like gorgeous more than look what you made me do
Girlwithswirl 1010
Ready for it is my favourite from reputation
Dilan Yalçın
shake it off is nonsense
YOURE NOT SORRY !! crazy good song so damn emotional and real
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