Baguette Fagguete
lotta gays in this episode
Amulya Aditham
Ryd-Eye Writer
I honestly clicked on this only because I thought Ned and Ariel would be in this...
Beanie Ginger
'Was she anime?' 😂😂😂
"Was she anime?"

I don't see the shame in that. Rem and I ar-
Maria Harmon
And the polygraph pro asks: "Was she anime?" lmfao
Grace O'Boyle
I liked that the person in charge was funny😂
Jess Gent
Aren't the McCanns doing one of these on Jeremy Kyle?
OiiSHEE 999
Buzz feed only have lgbt's?????????? no men no women no straight?????
Agatha jay
"You do?! You told me you never do!"
Laughs nervously and doesn't make eye contact
None of these are going to last long. Sometimes lies keep the peace.
y didn't they get this girl for the try guys
Is it just me or does the polygraph woman look like an older version of Lily Martson??
Percy Pringle
Wow, where's the diversity?
Okay, the lie detector lady MADE this whole video. She's great!
Menchie The Hamilton trash
this is could be fake at times because someone might just be nervous when answering a question so their heart rate would change
The ice cream one
GayRainbow Idiot
(Are they aware lie detectors don't really fully work??????)
the polygraph does not work
Cecilia Lopes
Jessica is like the coolest polygraph examiner ever
"was she anime"
Alex Summers
I clicked hoping for Ned's wife, but I got adorable lesbians instead, so I'm fine with this.
mohamed to
gays and lesbiens yak thats disgusting
Play Me
the gay couples are the cutest!! ❤❤
the begginning is so awkward
You know lie detectors don't work right
jason zhao
Do u guys know if Aksel and cenny have a Facebook account
Tiernan Odoherty
I'm not homophobic but straight people outnumber gay people so buzzfeed are going out of their way to get gay couples
Video starts at 0:00
You want to thank me? No need to!
You can just subscribe to me, that way we don't have to exchange any form of communications because that's how 2017 works.
sharon alay
the begining was so akward
Madison Henderson
"Was she Anime" omg
Eunice Beatrice Braga
This tester was savage.
a kid from yesterday
"Was she anime?"

Lmfaoo I cant
Rdg 110
Of course buzzfeed cant include a straight white couple.
ten taeil
0:40 hes so cute ohmygod
Brittany Fahs
At least the lesbian couple was honest cause they knew the truth would come out anyway cause you can't lie when it's all right in front of you lol
Brittany Fahs
It seemed like the gay and lesbian couples had more questions that put them on the spot while the straight couples questions were less serious. 🤔
DogeWolfRocket Gaming
i like how they have lgbt couples in their videos. i like the equality.
Yes. Good. Good. We must destroy the white woman - white man relationship. Forever.
Wonderful, Ha Ha Ha. Wonderful.
Heroine Malfoy
I can't believe Ned and Ariel weren''t in this.
K-Zy's Vlog
well, we know what the polygrapher is into😂
Was she anime LMAO
Fernanda Ledesma
Ned and Ariel or the try guys should take this test
ruining marriages since 1999
Noob Fury
lie detectors dont even work. If you get nervous because you are taking the test you are basically screwed
Lance Clarke
You know it doesn't work right?
You know lie detectors aren't infallible, right?
Raf Bracs Watz
Kind of disappointed Will & RJ from Shep689 wasn't in the video
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