What's In The Box!? (MattyBRaps vs Gracie Haschak)

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This week, MattyB & Gracie try to feel their way to victory in a weird and totally unpredictable game of "What's In The Box!"  Do YOU think Gracie has a chance at beating Matt in their next challenge together?  Let us know in the comments below!

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bartolomej kandrac
do you have crash on mattyb
Fun time with Ashlee Goss
He did omg
noiraM Woodward
i think mattyb like gracie
Vanessa Mendoza
he tried to hold her and hand at 2:14
Jesse mae Foster
MattB kept moving his leg closer to Gracie. Like if u agree.
Jesse mae Foster
I have the same t-shirt as Gracie
I think there dating the way he is touching her leg like come on and then in there musical impressions he said she was not going to get a boyfriend that's because she already has one and it's him
Soliyana Tadesse
At 3:14 he put his arm on her
lil princess
Gracie won
Nadia Szekely
they are so cute together
Živa Koražija
my scoolmate has a crus on mattyB
TheGamerGirl subscribe
i love spinach omg matty
lauren sheridan gamer
they are getting married
Arielle Carter-Reed
Mattyb screams like a girl 😉.
Arielle Carter-Reed
Mattyb screams like a girl 😉
Arielle Carter-Reed
Mattyb screams like a girl 😉
Nerdy Narwhal
0:46 I couldn't stop laughing!
Simcha Seruya
You like Gracie
Elizabeth Powell
I think Gracie wins
Naddy barry
ivy sucks matt and graice should be together
Farah Louisy
gracie has a chocker on
Ivi you need to watch
Terrena Flowers
you like gracie
Crazy gymnast Kids
Omg at 0:41 mattyb said told u cutie!
Jasmin Burgess
you should do the whats in the paper bag challenge with the haschak sisters all 4
Trish Keith
She has to do a lot more than just the last time the lady who is a mother is you
Judith Rodriguez
kiss challenge
Mohammed Shamia
i am telling that to ivey because i love to see her reaction hahahahahahhahhhahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Christy Plambeck
love Gracie and Matt together 😍
Denis Aponte
you should do the stuffy bunny chaleng
Denis Aponte
matty you are so gross but so hot
aweee how cute 0:42
Trina Talivaa
I heard him so "Told u cutie"
Renata Perez
sooo funny Matt screamed like a girl
Josh Smith
They are a cute couple
Jessica Macias
OMG I just realizsd he said I told you cutie at 0;42!!!
Jamie Groh
Gracie should have won because MattyB cheated
Grecia Cano
there dating
Grecia Cano
omg I just really too
Grecia Cano
omg MattyB and Gracie love each other
Brianna Frances
mattybrap like gracie
Rohan Reid
kiss next
Freky haylock
maty you want be my boyfriend
Karington Nobles
Vanessa Mendoza
Haily Tannous
gracie won
sandra Mendoza
i herd him too
Those eye's are so hit and you
Nyanlamacat vlogs
omg he did
Michael Stevens
are you like . g . i . r . l . f . r .i . e . n . d
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