Adam K
Go Philip!
Tink Bell
Trump is his Own worst enemy and it is Unbelievable how Controversial this man is and has been before the Election. He Tweets lie after lie with no Evidence, then give an Interview on the same Topic & lie and say something different & expect the News Agencies to Not question him abt the Topic. There is No Fake News...there's Truth News.
the Upsetterer
CNN is in a witch-hunt for the occult irrelevant. Talking heads talking 'bout nothing. The grand pus of festered discourse, gob-stopping for a mass audience of scrotum scratching cunt buckets...
Hillary Lavendar
No, the biggest witch hunt is impeaching a man for having sex.
It is time for the poor saps who voted for Trump to start pulling their heads out of their asses, wiping the crap out of their eyes and ears and seeing what a corrupt, misguided, and probably criminal (unless he is so stupid as to actually be clueless about the treasonous transactions of his cohorts!) fool they supported. Of course, many of them lack the intellect to comprehend the disaster that the loser Trump is, or the character to admit their mistake.
When a baby man grabs an actual man "by the pussy" he generally gets burned.
James Jay
I ask my self why i voted this Duck....??Trump you make me sick
The Russian's have been hacking into elections since the 60's
none ya
No more excuses people or no more confusion about what he says and does - this lame president is done!
The easy way to solve the battle is split the USA up between Dems and Rep..... The dems would be bankrupt within a month without being able to loot from the producers of the USA
Jencarlo Rivas
What, that this guy became a pussy now, now he is saying 'I can always speak for my self' after he was saying that his party had nothing to do with Russia? lets see who is going to be the scapegoat now, be a man and say it fu** ALBINO
Cellette Gipson
It is all about him because he knows he was involved in this wiki leak hacking in culusion with Putin
Look at the worms! They lost their status and election and cried still are crying and this weasel calls him names. Who was crying o yea Hillary s bitches
John Sharp
Fake news continues.
Jerry Branscum
What is disgusting is these people are the witches.
Luis Garcia
Finger is to hand as Trump's tax return to Obama's birth certificate :v
bionic man
Can't believe this lump of crap is our president.
Billy Woods
Didn't he say he could speak for the Russians, and why is that? Russian tool.
Carole Ann Davis
Philip Mudd you're disgusting!!!!!
Carole Ann Davis
IMO All ya libturds need to take a flying leap off of a cliff!!!!! Ya all are so far off about President Trump!!! Ya libturds dig up some BULLSHIT all the time!!!!!!!!!
Dwayne Ross
Trump is bullshit. His image is bullshit, his personality is bullshit, his character is bullshit, his mouth is bullshit, his tweets are bullshit, his hair is bullshit, his supporters are bullshit.
if you voted for him, your a sell out just like him, your a bitch
You idiots - Comey testified UNDER OATH it's on YouTube that he wasn't asked to back down. Why are you ignoring this. Helloooo, we can all watch it on youtube and you TV idiots look like you have dribble for brains.
Mosquito E
Why do these bullshit artists refuse to say what it actually is? It's always "hacked our democracy", and don't mention what it really was. Somehow they avoid the details and never say "the DNC was trying to rig the election and you weren't supposed to know about it."
Yepers Trucks,milfs, camera toes
these motherfuckers are the only ones I see that are Disgusting . little slut with four pounds of Bondo and paint on her dumbass thanking she's all that. I wouldn't fuck her with Obama. needle dick.
Matt Brada
HAHAHAHAHA! Sissy-In-Chief!!!! The truth hurts. Bigly!
Yepers Trucks,milfs, camera toes
fuck ann skinny ass colture and rest of fox news.them bastards done flipped over and now just as bad as the other peckerless cum swollowing dumb ass polosi I wouldn't piss in there mouth's if there guts were on fire.
Phil LeBlanc
All of these people need to face the REAL MUSIC. Call Putin.
Phil LeBlanc
When one is out of the town then attack and attack some more.
Phil LeBlanc
Who is this azzhole.
Phil LeBlanc
`This Bboitsh should meet Putin Directly and call him out at the Kremlin.
bill grant
Toots get on your back and mind your own business.
Walter Goldsmith
Republicans have 0 - 0 - 0 Toleration, for any investigation of trump.
He is their God, so trump can do no wrong.
This is where all the liberal imbeciles come for their circle-jerk.
These Commie News Network reporters are PIGS....
The Internetwanderer
I'm not a US voter, was hoping to see a Sanders presidency and I loathe Trump the chump , however, I find it interesting, and insulting, that the Democrats, and US Americans in general, are now loosing their f-ing minds about political espionage and outside electoral influence .
Consider this, the history of the US government’s involvement in the overturning of democratically elected governments, and her own political espionage in so many countries, you people have no right as a nation to now cry foul play.
In 2006 Hillary Clinton even suggested rigging a election for the Palestinian Legislative Council. “I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake. And if we were
going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win".

The US is like the flower of hypocrisy.
Sheila Kay
If Trump believed (which I know that no one with any modicum of a lie detector or ability to reason doesn't buy) that he was innocent of any collusion or wrong-doing, then he personally should have no problem at all with an investigation into Russian interference in the election. Russian interference in the election has been well-established. If people who AREN'T him were involved in helping it happen, he should care. If it's just Russian interference, he should care.

As president of the US he should WANT it fully investigated so that it can be rooted out and prevented in the future. But wanting it just dropped? That makes NO sense.
Jacob Nyamu
Amen Philip
Carole Ann Davis
Holman Garcia
what had divided this nation is Satan and his demos through religious, gays, lesbian, abortion and terrorism. Jesus Christ abandoned this nation, so give your Life to the only God Jesus Christ or Satan Will be take care you to hell when be you die.
scott durden
Stupid show!Stupid people-blah,Blah,blah
Pablo Cruise
This berg lady looks like huckabee sanders spokeswoman
marcelo alegria
CCN Clinton National Network
brian walrod
Mudd ,what petty little bi@ch, who's butthurt because he doesn't have a government job anymore ! The Democraps even more so, they haven't proven a thing in 8 months but here's another chance to slow Donald down from draining the swamp !
Claudia Trumpsta
His name was SETH RICH! CNN is nothing than propaganda to brainwash people!
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