Conor McGregor Destroys Floyd Mayweather

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A compilation of the newest trash talk from Conor McGregor on Floyd Mayweather.

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Floyd Mayweather
Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather
Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour
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steve randall
I notice that there's not much activity on this site ATM. Since the REALITY of the Mayweather conquest it's rather quiet with all the McGregor sissy fans.
Kit Yog
Floyd taxed that lil pussy ass hard!
moshay Sett
conor got his ass beat by a man half his size now there making excuses for why he lost,he ran from floyd the whole time and huged him conor looked gay in that ring
Tim K
How stupid does McGregor sound on here, lol
Israel Ramos
40 years old, 8 oz gloves, Several illegal punches, way to fucking bigger on weight than floyd, mind games, hug the fuck out of floyd, literally he did some stand up jiu jitsu armlock..........AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNDDD STILL KNOCK THE FUCK OUT OF CONOR AND NOT JUST THAT AAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDD STILL THE GREATEST EVER......FLOOOOOOOYD.........MAAAAAAAYWEATHEEEEEEER.....FUCK YOU NOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU ARE GOING TO SAY, TELL ME UH UH YOU CANT TELL ME NOTHING LIKE KANYE WEST
kyle douthit
Floyd is fucked #49-1
Errol Cortes
He always say that floyd is small but his just a inch taller hahahaha
Joseph Hiers
Conor has an EXTREMELY GREAT chance to beat Floyd and I mean by knockout, but if Conor doesn't catch him in say the first 6 rounds, it will go to decision and you can't beat Floyd once it makes it to the judges to decide, I mean maidana lost with decision and he put it on mayrunner, yes he had a few bad rounds and mayrunner got him quite a few times but the first 4 rounds should have been 10-8 or even 10-7, he got tagged so many times and still won, he must pay them off and suck them off or either prostitute his daughter out to them ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ jk Floyd don't try and come beat me up, cause you don't stand a FOOOOOOKING chance, anyways he can't lose with the judges, they are on floyds nuts SO HARD!!!
Raul Montoya
Fook you Mayweather!
Michael Esperat
its better they fight in the UFC than that will know who is the best fighter...and beside the gloves in boxing too big.
Simo Laawrence
You guys just hate him 1 cause his black 2 he is the richest athlete 3 greatest boxer
Mann you know nothing about boxing floyd will make him confuse boxing the air
Troy Brown
Yo Floyd upgrade that Rolls bro. Give the old one to the bar.
Marco Urtiz
I like how the old man said I will beat the shit out of you
Jaya Kusuma
if floyd go to octagon maybe the ends is near.. floyd is scared
if mayweather does his boxing think then McG is fucked. Like senior said, even mosley would beat him cuz he's probably a better scrapper than mayweather. either way nice fight coming up
Nolan Barrera
Its a win win situation, if conor gets disrespected, he kicks floyds ass, if he wins hes already kicked floyds ass
Molly King
Stop second historic part carry hidden chaos lab.
Evan Ferrero
Mayweather is going to take a long as nap
Ilias Maglaras
Conor will become the next President of the UFC! Repect! A very smart guy!
McGregor please kill that fucken mayate!!!
John Ambriz
For real mcgregor would knock out Canelo
john smith
Conor exposed his lack of verbal defense and made him look stupid .
Thats half the battle right there . He is in his head now , NYC next . I want a fuck you suit aswell now :-0
motherfucker , floyd is 1 inch shorter than conor and he is telling he is biggg and conor and dana lick both ur asses each other,
Demarten Destruction
Onna g if Brock lesnar go back to UFC that white no muscle having ass nigga is dead
belle mcellis
skinny legs. that's what someone once said about Bruce Lee. but we know those skinny legs kicked a lotta ass. so will Mayweather ๐Ÿ˜Ž WHITE TRASH GONNA GET HIS ASS BEAT ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Sara Khan
mayweather has less support because of what he has said in past about legends.
Connor knows how to deal with it in a funny way...Connor all the way
kyle bro
i would love to see a younger floyd fight him cuz the back and forth trash talk would be ten times better. mayweather is to tame with his trash talk now... it sucks. i was disappointed when i watched that shit but w/e he still gonna fucking dominate most likely this fight dosent really count for shit though..
Jeffery Darnell
Mayweather is fucked
Eran Israel
1:38, That Hebrew 666 can in front in center.
Clutch City
One good shot CONOR FTW
Liseth Konichiwa
when u know u bout to pay the judges so u confident af
Derrick Lake
The owner swinging from Connors dick fake piece of shit!!!!
Jonne Lopez
So before the round 4 ends and Floyd is still awake then we'll possibly see a roundhouse that will cave Floyd's face in.
Fuck dana white for talking shit about pacman
D' Monaka
4 round mcc cant win..because Mayw Run und run..
He buy all the juges and win with touch point...
i See chicken again the same thing like the fight with manypacman...
mayw is the big Business man but Not the fighter..
The Cat
conor going to lose
Abner Grijalva
Conner wins Floyd is a bitch he's going to run around the ring
Mcduff Thompson
We all know what they say about empty tins , Look how Mayweather is reserved ...... this is gonna be one crazy fight .
lol he foked
ุญุณุงู… ุฑู…ุถุงู†
Jikuu San
Gregor K-O first round
nasty honeybadger
Malteaser with eye balls ain't gonna do nutin.
Steve o
I'm rooting for Conor but shout out to both Conor and Floyd for making this possible! I'm enjoying both sides of the banter, this is history!
floyd will beat this guy up
pro skill
Blake Wilson
McGregor is funny looooooooooooooool makes me cry his funny trash talk loool
Naah conor will lose and nigga win
"take that flip flop out of your mouth" hahaha
Hi_Klass KicksHawaii
Conor is a fuckin SAVAGE.... HE WINS IN 4 rounds
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