KinoCheck International
Check out the new #RomanJIsraelEsq #Trailer with #DenzelWashington
Mr 888
So this movie is just a non violent & verbal version of The Equalizer.
Cos looks like he'll just fuck everyone up in the movie with his words & timing.
I'll still watch it LOL
7down bo
Danny Kobis
🔴 Roman J Israel, Esq. 2OI7 ~Mᴏᴠɪᴇ~ 【 】
legend actor denzel
Kaleb Hardy
Every movie with this guy is amazing
Smoodie Wavzz
Andrés Recasens
Looks good
Omar der Echte
Fuck Israel
stop pushing the feminist and the black lives matter agendas
Александр Михалыч
WTF ?! Looks like yong Don King
Gavin Reddig
I think I just watched the movie
He looks like a middle age Norbit,😂😂😂
Tina Loye
I love this
tobonu ka
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