Women Try Foam Foundation

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"A foam cloud of makeup?"

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Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/14501

When their skin is so flawless that you can't even see the difference with or without foundation
Selorm is so gorgeous
Sweet or Sour
Selorm is so beautiful and adorable
Briannachu kawainess
why do people go for a no makeup look if you want it to look like your wearing no makeup then dont lol
Jimins dimple
1:18 You're welcome
Kalina Emilova
OH MY GOD! Sheridan's eyebrows ❀❀❀ I can't even πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
jamie white
i got a foundation ad before this
Sarah Smith
When I think of foam foundation I remember this weird foam spray tan that my sister had πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm starting to see Selorm in a lot in boldly's video now that saw us gone…
Mik Reyes
Chrissy, so annoying.
ok but let's talk about Sheridan's stunning skin and eyebrows... what! ^,^ so jel
Christina Kitty
2017. I hate seeing people still applying foundation with their fingers 😨
Heck, I Don't Know
people that cuss really never bother me ever. normally i think it's humorous, but Chrissy is just being excessive? i'm sorry i couldn't even make it through the video because every sentence was so exaggerated.
The Randomness Channel ever
Hi my name is Naveyah and I'm 10 I was wondering how people get to do these videos and if I could be on a video and I heard that you had to work at buzz-feed and if that's the case he is my job interview I'm a funny smart cool person to hang out with and I get along with every one and it would be my dream to be there at this work place where is the place located at and this is my job interview reply to this comment and you can talk to me in person thank you for your time byeeeeee 😁😁😁😁
Ivy Nguyen [Student FVHS]
what shade of foundation is sheridan using?
Chantelle Grey
was excited for this until i realised that i used this exact foundation all thru middle school
Mimi Suh Dood
i saw no difference tho..
R. W.
I love how they used a big range of skintones
Bryan Hall
Chrissy needs to become a lady like
Steffi Hudson
Only one person used a brush to apply the makeup...using your fingers isn't bad but you can get better blending with a tool you know? I wish their "tests" had more of a standard procedure
I wasn't a fan of Selorm's foundation color. It looked too light for her.
crippling depression
every time they said "shake" i couldn't stop thinking about ryan ross
Anoushka kanyal
does buzzfeed let them have the makeup after all these tests ?
Reiva Zaviera
I'm Regina
i just ate half a jar of nutella and i think i'm dying😩
Zoe Thomas
i like how saf is currently more successful than this 'boldly' channel πŸ‘‹
Stop promoting companies that abuse animals, why not test some cruelty free vegan products instead?
Amy Lancaster
I literally cringed when they started applying it with they're hands
Isaac Dennis
Oh btw before putting on foundation put freaking primer you'll see what it does!!!! LIKE THIS UP SO THEY SEE THIS
Isaac Dennis
Sherdians eye brows were freaking perfect
Christina Eum
wow chrissy didnt go one sentence without cursing
Finally Chrissy without a choker on
Courtney Van Tassel
The white chick looks so innocent but she curses the most
Kimberly Van Duijkeren
foam foundation is not a new concept it s something i have used before depending on the brand i think they are light and def good for summer as long as you bake well
I wish this video would last longer …
I love Sheridan~ She's one of the few funny and real people in buzzfeed
um why the fingers?
What brush did you use with the revlon foundation? Xx
xXHeyItsFoxyXx MSP
Here's how to do this

So put a - in front of what ur going to type and don't put a space and then the same at the end look

g ansari
"I felt myself going over certain areas" hmmm, I wonder why. maybe because you're using your hands for foundation πŸ˜…
kristina north
Someone at Buzzfeed should talk to Chrissy about how foul her mouth is, and it makes her sound like an ignorant nasty person! It's every single video she is in! Every time she speaks I gag!
Nurul Adlina
the way the girl who applied her foundation with her hands damn the foundation would blend a lot better if you used a brush or a beauty blender bruh
James Tesorero
Did anyone else noticed the white girl looked like Jena on PLL Jenna?
Lona Vu
sadly I break out whenever I use foam foundation...
Anna Sato
/agressive groaning at elizabeth arden tbh
Best Music Playlists
Foam foundation seems soooo unecessary
Marion Mathieu
Gay eager county constitutional cousin complete stroke.
''Elizabeth Arden'' oi my name is ardyn wot
Lone Panda
That worked way better than I thought it would
Selorm is such a sweetie, one of my faves
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