Asian Doll X PnB Rock (Poppin) Official Music Video


directed by @jerryphd

Kiyanna Daniel
👀🙄I feel like he Laid that Good Wood and Phucked her hair up
Damarion Stone
yo this is good as ever
Ishaila Graham
this what we call hip hop?
Nakeyla Stokes
She's so ugly & her head big af
Jermisha Walker
y'all ass just mad cuz she fine than y'all tf
Jermisha Walker
y'all ass just mad cuz she fine than y'all tf
Jermisha Walker
y'all ass just mad cuz she fine than y'all tf
Daky Fere
black girls are the most beautiful in the world
Glam Kash
Currently on REPEAT
she not bad
Jacie Stadt
I will umm her
Do pnb rock really like her?
Teeyana Johnson
Hold shawty
Valeesia Walsh
she wack af. she steal bars bra.
my fav song!!
Alliya Kozart
When his lip lowkey bleeding at the end.😂😂
stylish muva
y'all really hating in these comments it's ridiculous.
Kelande Charles
I'm not gonna lie I love Asian doll but am I the only one who was watching her in them heels and her legs look like some sticks
Ayah Sheed
why she bad ?😲
Diamon'ique Samon'e
lil mama chocolate as hell but wanna be called Asian huh ? Crazy
Hot boy
ok tot
Hot boy
L.e Squad
she did need to do something with that
Brielle Delaney
1:49 pnb looks soo fineee
tiffany Thomas
I Love You song really really love you
LoLo Houston TX
Raquel Rogers
Bruh shawty lookin weird..who df does her makeup bruh cuz they needa get fired yo
Portirican baby
she looks so thirsty do i need to give her a glass of water
zombie killer
his neck long af
Larianna Williams
His neck long asf!😂😁
mashayla thompson
I bet after they really did sum in that bed😂
there's sum so sexy about pnb yo he look like a sweetie
Damiana Jones
Love this song Love them both, But her makeup not the best also the auto tune. Other then that it's okay..
these damn comments off the chaing!
Erika Bliss
She ugly asf... her leave out wet and the weave dry and she look like a fucking stick bug come on now 😑
Cayla Williams
She look a mess in this video
Ayoo DemTv
Fuck what anyone says I fw this song and Asian Doll is Bae asf😍😍😈
Tatiana Stricklin
..then she ruined the song .
Brittany Morgan
She need a glam squad like asap cause she looked a hot ass mess but she pretty asfff
Nathen Colon
I. love you70000 more
Nathen Colon
I. love you70000 more
Victoriaa Grant.
I actually think she is really pretty 🙄y'all always gotta bring another female down for no reason 😪
binky Martinez
damn shorty need ah ass but she pretty asf i love pretty dark skin
niyah tate
Her hair is always done and cute wtf is going in this video she look bogus asf who ever filmed this not loyal whoever did he make up not loyal and Pnb rock most definitely bogus
Lolaaa Frazier
Y She Look So Much Different From Instagram live...
ChaniaMor Chania
I feel that dark women are literally are at war. I've NEVER SEEN so much hate for Black Women. Literally in everyyyything comment box f any black girl who isn't light, ppl are going IN!! Beautiful black women, keep your head up. They will never erase US. WE have contributed so much to the industry, literally ALLLL pop artist's are biting off of OUR style and it's praised. "How bout dat" chick getting coin from being GHETTO. Even at our worst, we are being emulated ! You hold so much power , ladies. I love you ! And remember. TUPAC cares if nobody else cares 😂💯
Dominique Wood
yess but get off my nigga 😂😂
Michelle Miller
I love this song its a good song and video and yall keep doing what yall doing fuck the haters
Esther Larose
pnb giffrae looking ass 😂😂
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