My First Encounter with Jacksfilms

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Here's a story about how I met Jacksfilms in an elevator while my hand was bleeding. Sorry I didn't shake your hand Jack I hope you understand. Okay this is the last video where I talk about vidcon (until next year) 
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Topingman123 Youtuber
I replayed the beginning like 20 times to watch the hair flip
Mitchell Wood
James now has more subs that jacksfilms now.... interesting
Mitchell Wood
So that's why there's a lightswitch on his head
Bianka Alberska
i know jackfilms also know as YIAY and i subbed
Geek Sketches
I wish I was bleeding in front of my favorite you tuber.....
?why did you exciting you are a bigger youtuber then him
twenty one pilots fan
Stavros Palazis
yes dyrus fro league of legends pro and boxbox
my little brother cut his finger with one of those metal things this morning
DaPinguIsKing [GA]
The fact this video had Jacksfilms really turned me on.
like a light switch
Trina Tan
Omg markimoo jackaboy and!
I had a funny time with a YouTuber! I was walking down the street one day AND PEWDIEPIE WAS STANDING THERE! Obviously I walked toward him and as I got close I noticed the crowd of 40-50 people surrounding him! He looked pretty overwhelmed. So I did what any normal person would do I dove into the crowd grabbed him and ran into an alleyway! I said "Sorry about this I just thought you looked a little overwhelmed from all the people." He said "Well I was so thanks. By the way, what's your name?" I said "You can call me anything you like..." He said "Hmmm... You look like a.... Tikitikitimbonoserembochaliwallywoopiepippetiepembo." I said "Wow my name is amazing!" Then out of nowhere he grabbed my nipples and whispered "Lemme repay you for saving me." And he threw a wad of cash at me. I said "Is that all the payment you're going to give me? ;)" He said "Haha not even close then he started unbuttoning my pants when suddenly I thought to my self. "OH NO MY DICK IS BLEEDING!" I said sorry I gotta go! and I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. As the dust cleared behind me a tear ran down my face and I said. "Goodbye Pewds-kun."

And that's my story. It all happened. I still cry myself to sleep thinking "Why? Why did I refuse suck a beautiful man!?"
I never met a youtube star but i am a professional fighting game player anyway i got tom brady (of mk9) to come to my house for a fight club meet up cool guy very down to earth wooped my ass (im just starting)
Kareem Animates
i love how James has more subs than jack films.
Ginny Harris
Daisy McFarland
My hand is bleeding as I'm watching this
Baydon Hutchinson
slap band
Lps Flame
Snowy 290
I'm going to watch Jacksfilms now because of the Twenty Øne Pilots shirt
Shelby Sherman
Zander W
omg you have more subs then him shouldent he like you and why did jaiden get teh tickets and not you you have more then 1000000 subs then her
You now have more subs than jacksfilms
U got 2.9 mill and he has 2.8 mill LOL
emerly 1024
CrafterOmine Gaming
I meat my fav youtuber and i peed my pants than my nose was bleeding
at lego fest i saw a guy that looked like markiplier so i just screamed MARK but then he comes closer and it wasnt him
Željko Obradović
3:19 i was in there for a couple of frames XD HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH
lol now you have more subs than him
Mia D
This sounds AMAZING
Flufkins 01
Why did you have food on your head?
Grace Howell
0:55 yeah, slap-bracelets.
Also -0/10 Jack's forehead is too small.
Clover Kent
Linus Homeire
I haven't seen a Yuteuber before
Alli Games
oh yeah I was meeting my favorite YouTubers ( specifically Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Pewidiepie , and other rlly famous ppl) and I managed to some how cut my hand, as well as wearing a short sleeve shirt that revealed all of my scars, cuts, and bruises because I played sports ( Football aka Soccer) at the time, so I was rushing to one of the bathrooms when I Was supposed to be meeting Mark ( I was going to line up like 30mins before the actual signing thing) , so the stupid Britt ( at the time) that I was, decided "I'm going to line up without washing my hand and getting medical help because I want to be one of the first in line" so I want to the signing booth and there was already like 40 people lined up. Now when I was going to get my shirt signed, my hand was STILL BLEEDING AND IT WAS ALL OVER MY OTHER HAND WITHOUT THE CUT SO IT WAS JUST A BLOODY MESS. I was TRYING to hide my hands and just ask him to sign my shirt so he did, on the sleeve, and he was like open for hugs so I gave him a hug, AWKWARDLY PLACING MY HANDS POINTING UP WHILE BENDING MY ELBOWS SO IT WAS LIKE A REAL HUG. so when I pulled away from the hug, i hid my hands again, said thank you, and just ran off. Best way to meet a YouTuber. ( I was being sarcastic in that last sentence there if you couldn't tell)
Jake Williams
Holly Kuntz
I LOVE jacksfilms!
Angel wings by ayla and faith
Joseph Samayoa
I never knew back films liked twenty one pilots, I love them
Kelcie Ann Borchardt
mines was with aphmau
so my friend and i were in an elevator and i randomly got a bloody nose and for me it NEVER stops bleeding, then aphmau enters and we froze my friend didnt care but i did so i hid behind my friend the whole time
Game Guy
Why does James think jack is some sort of god when they have the same amount of subs (BTW I love jack too but c'mon)
Finn MacLean
u have more subs than jack now xD
jake smith
I like this vid
best dude77
James you know that u have more subscribers that jackfilms
Richard Obr
lol you now have more subs than jack
scøtch tape
When ur tøp t shirt has a flipped logo
GreatGrizzlyGaming alvarez.
Use the other hand
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