Your Brain On Drug Policy | Rachael Leigh Cook (2017)

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Rachael Leigh Cook explains that the war on drugs is a war on people in a remake of her iconic spot

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A Green Point Creative production

Our nation’s drug war is leading us to lock up more people than ever.
Those charged with a non violent drug crime face fines and incarceration. More people are arrested for drugs than for rape, murder and robbery combined. And minorities are being railroaded into this system at much higher rates than their white counterparts even though drug use between both groups is about the same. 

At Green Point Creative we believe our nation’s drug policy needs a serious reevaluation, so we are using our skills in strategy, creativity and world class production to generate content that seeks to educate and inspire change. Whether through print, TV, radio or social media, we employ every medium to best suit the message that needs to be told.

Creative Agency: Green Point Creative, New York
Creative Director: Howard Bowler Managing Director: Jon Mackey Production Manager: Mary Valentino
Production: Motiv Creative, New York
Director Ryan Kleier
Shoot: The Shed, New York
Makeup/Hair: Abby Hayden
Sound: Chris Viall
Gaffer: Andreas Roalsvig
Director of Photography: Matt McClain 1st Assistant Camera: Matt Donovan Production Assistant: Josh Lee/Spencer Shafter
Animation/Post Production: Edit 1, New York
Producer: Dan Fuerst
Animation Creative Director: Michael Zimbard Art Producer: Diane Boston
Illustrator: Kevin Kobasic
2D Animation: Erica Jaffin Matt Trudell
Music/Audio Post: HOBO Audio, New York
Mix/Sound Design: Chris Stangroom/Diego Jimenez Music: Oscar Convers/Julian Angel
Social Media Consultant
Lawrence Lac

Young Nino
"it" targets black people selling drugs at the request of other black people who are part of the community being ruined by the drugs, so this video portrays the black drug dealers as innocent victims? HU????????
Steve I
Yes, I have a question. Do you talk so sexy in bed?
Si Y
Yes it's the socially engineered conditions that breed crime by design thoughout low income areas which's where drugs can flourish. A fundamental part of the problem imo.
Tee Zee
Wasting food to prove a point. People are dying from starvation you dumb bitch.
Shawn Chrisropher Phillips
Rachel, if the war on drugs has been a complete failure as you state, then why plagiarize the campaign that helped kick it off? Either it was somewhat successful, or you lack talent. Please stop the leftist, elitist, liberal virtue signaling, stop wasting eggs, do something useful, and make me a sammich. On second thought - mgtow. You go live in your socialist utopia, and I'll make myself a great sammich. A yuuge sammich. A sammich that celebrates the freedom and liberty provided by a strong military, and maintained by law and order. Tasty!
el chido
Atty's Thoughts
simple sollution. don't. do. drugs.
Racist liberals!
Wait is this propaganda against racism or against drugs?
Julie Bee
Showing once again how much we waste on useless PSA's. How did this become about race? Jeez... I've been warned about racism non stop, for pretty much all of my 33 years on this planet, as far back as I can remember, in school, on tv, video games and any other media.

She shoulda been kicking a horse corpse. "....and this is inserting race into every five seconds of conversation anywhere, about anything" "and this is.... beating white people over the head with guilt for things they never did, and wondering why so many of us suddenly have a bunch of emotional problems." lol I mean gosh... I'm not against equality at all, but when is enough enough with belabouring pretty thoroughly won causes? Laws are in place... dissenters are largely scorned 99% of the time. Racial integration is thoroughly complete as it can possibly be, without being even more totally politically contrived entertainment that's bereft of actual entertainment quality.

Do activists of this overkill really feel like they're daring badasses, standing up against some heavy storm? I mean my goodness. Get over yourselves. Trump supporters don't hate black people. They just don't want to feel bad for being white. No, I can't stand Trump. But I know his election seems to have fanned the flames of white people imagining racism under every slightly mossy rock even more so and it's building to a rolling boil.

This was the previous generations battle and their accomplishments. Stop rolling in 90s movements and acting like you're just now inventing the a new movement. Apartheid is over, ok? :-P
Brandon Silva
She's is very right on this. But I fell like she just got done watching kurzgestat's video on addiction.
lol defending criminals
Brent Owens
BTW, I still think you are beautiful
Brent Owens
How about donating that 47 dollars you made off of that to real victims
So that's why black people in the US commit ~8x more homicides and ~9x more robberies than white people, because they're just getting caught (ah the racist police).

I have an idea: maybe just STOP DOING DRUGS, huh? War on drugs is plain stupid but I adding race to the equation is even worse.
Fuck this race-baiting crap.
Coconut Head
Funny because the last time I checked oxygen is a drug, an therapeutic anesthetic (medical grade O2 anyway). Sure we as humans aren't breathing pure oxygen, but the fact that oxygen is a drug and there are actually people who claim to be against drugs then they might as well hold their breath. For that matter they might as well not even get mandatory immunizations or even be administered anesthesia when having surgery. The "War on Drugs" is misleading, it is actually the "War on certain Drugs".
Yeah, I'm sure the reason so many criminals end up in jail is because they're smoking a J on their couch and the DEA busts in. Why is Rachael making them seem like victims?

Here's an easy solution to not going to prison - DON'T SELL/DO HARD DRUGS! MJ is largely decriminalized, no one ends up in jail for smoking a blunt (selling, on the other hand, is a felony, as it should be!)
fede jenkins
so you go to jail still when you want to get a job you are not allowed. LET ME EXPLAIN WHY THIS SYSTEM IS SO FUCKING STUPID. someone who leaves jail has , on the eyes of the law, pay its debt to society. the act to get a job means you have changed and want to apart to society and you are sorry. not giving you the job will lead not only to consume drugs, but to sell it so you because you need the money. a years pass and your actions leads you to kill people and be even more consumed with drugs. so for punishing people who consume drugs by sending them your are creating a murder and a drug dealer. there so many ways to help these people, but you throw them in jail. its nice how this video tries to show that doing drugs is bad, BUT IN THE END SHOWS THAT THE PUNISHING SYSTEM IS DUMB DOG AMERICAN SHIT
Best Pro Marijuana Commercial...Do more please
Hollywood Undead Fan
we are all secretly eggs
Too Edgy for you
Why is the innocent egg white and the black egg guilty
Adam Davis
Rachel Leigh Cook has aged phenomenally. She's absolutely gorgeous.
identity politics within the first 12 seconds. god damn it.
I have a solution. Don't do drugs, duh. Leave it to liberals to blame anything and everything but themselves for their failures.
ive seen alot more white people getting arrested for weed around where i live then blacks. making it into a race thing is just stupid as all fuck... but i agree, noone should be locked away for a plant, we got tobaco, whats wrong with weed?
How about let the brown eggs into Israel? See ya Kyle.
Brown eggs are more likely to commit crime which is why they are more likely to get caught.
That fucking bitch needs to be raped by a pack of hiv-ridden niggers.
DOREEN Harrison
libral mentality to keep the narritive your saying its ok to do the drugs or crime .. but make the sentence lighter to make the playing field equal... how about accountability for doing something your not suppose to do in the first place.. neither should be in a court room.
Quorra Po
Why would the egg police break in without an warrant to scramble
Dagwood W
"This is your career when you're past your prime and can only get hired for the kind of trash that goes directly to video."
Richard Burger
It's all good, except when you portray white people in a racist way, and then tell people by example, that they should feel like wanting to bash white people with an iron skillet. Otherwise, good message. I just don't think it is right to tell anyone how to feel. That is their business.
aber dunsky
Pretentious and privileged Hollywood liberal types are so annoying. Preaching from their million dollar fenced in private communities. F off
Macario Patrick
Minorities are several more times likely to be charged with a drug crime because they are a minority. (Yeah, it's racist, we know that already.) Minorities have always taken heat for something. It's time for the minority to stand up and fight back (through the over throwing of the United States government), but legalizing every drug will not solve the problem. Just because you say it "doesn't work" doesn't mean it doesn't work, drug crime will always be a thing no matter what you do. Rachael Leigh is a white cisgender female, an actress with an estimated networth of $1.5 million that will never have to worry about any kind of crime because she doesn't live in the normal world. She lives in a gated community somewhere in California with a white picket fence around it.
Clark Stuart
So it's racist if "people of color" are arrested for breaking the law? so if your skin is darker than evil white folks then you should be immune from prosecution, got it. thanks Rachel Leigh cook!
this is total hose shit.

legalizing crack and heroin is a good idea though...lololol
Many people are over analyzing this in the wrong way. The war on drugs is racist as hell. In the 1930s, there was propaganda that said that marijuana would make white people like jazz (aka black people's "satanic" music) and that weed would make white women want to have sex with black men. If you didn't know the war on drugs started with race, then hello to 2017. It's no secret. No one is pulling any info outta their ass. Black and whites smoke pot at similar rates, yet black are arrested for it at higher rates for it.

"How bout don't do drugs?"
True, but do you really believe the government should have a say in what mind-altering substances you can/cannot consume if you are not harming anyone else? I don't think so. That's dictatorship.

Anyone that says this video is somehow "racebaiting" needs to research the origins of the war on drugs immediately. Read articles. Watch documentaries. The drug war is blatantly racist as fuck. This is America. 🙂✌🏾
The Spaceturd
This washed up hag needs to get her dentures refitted - I can heard her tripping up all over them bitches.
Rick Baugh
less bitchen and more kitchen
Rick Baugh
less bitches abdominal more kitchen
Rick Baugh
she is bat shit crazy
Rick Baugh
liberal propaganda or just pure ignorance.
Robert Kiefer
Great video and rebuttal to the infamous 1980s commercial! Thanks!
Actually, it's not a black vs white's a rural vs urban thing. See in rural small town a police call involving teenagers and pot goes like this - Sheriff Deputy: "hey, aren't you Johnny Smith's boy? I went to school with him. Let's go over and have a talk with your Dad." Now the urban city drug bust goes more like this. "Get on the ground! You're going to the lockup." So on the face of it it looks like a race thing but what it really comes down to is small town vs big city.
The White Knight of Justice
Another libtard snowflake making something anti white male.
Gs Wovoka
Some pretty idiotic comments on this video (you know who you are) considering the original was stupid beyond belief. Thanks for a saner way to look at it. Now the Donald is putting a scum bag in charge that wants to have drug incarceration hospitals that will "treat" you for marijuana, like it or not. Not a fucking joke!

President Donald Trump is expected to nominate Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) to
be his director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy
(colloquially referred to as the “drug czar”).
iam white and trust me. cops are not easy on me either. and i have a Question the frick does she manage to look THAT good after all those
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