Elizabeth Joseph
1000th like !!
Linda Pilgrim
I would like to know about brain cancer
Alberto Cruz
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Paxton Hanna
Polo avise in c Sharp minor op26 no.1 by fryderic chopin
Vinna Chambers
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i love google
מרגש הפעילות המשולבת אמנות עם יוצר אמן, רעיון מייפה במראה אורבני, ויישום פורה מחבר עכשווי אנושי, ישר כוח.. גרי קלי.. תודה
andrei laurentiu
why i have lag on google games? is not my pc is proffesional
there can be only one
Dheyaaوحش الشروحاتDilution
Abbie Ruperto
I love Google, and I want to work at Google someday haha 😊
Alex Sharma
whoa I loved to hear stories from a Googler!...
Iowa, Greetings and love from Minnesota to Google.
Milena Lara
se escrevevam no canal do authetic games
Raheel Abdulrehman
Google No 1 Data Center
Abhishek Karmakar
Google Rocks...
abdi reya
i am using google
Bald Eagle
Google love u.
Tim Adams
Very cool videos. 👍
there is no gyroscope in my phone.
New Vake
people:where is Google data center
me:see that drawings on the wall
That's a great work! I Love Google!
Alvin Tossler
Thank you Google and Billy Bob Thorton!
Phillip Senn
Lenoir, NC represent!
Suleman Onyx
Great work
I like the idea itself, but the picture looks... outdated, imho
Luca S
such an amazing video :) it must be so awesome to work for google!
Денис Лаворчук
где русские субтитры
Christopher Mahn
2:00 I'm a simple survey technician.
I see a surveyor, I press thumbs up.
if anyone ever needs some new fire Hip Hop/RnB/Pop music for their channel(non copyright of course) come give me a look! Just helping promote smaller artists and helping youtubers use better music for their videos!
Vinnie Sims
Very cool, Google!
When ur 4mill channel is so dead it only gets 38 comments.... Now 39 xD
Mandhir Singh
Simply great !
Francesco Frosolini
Very beautiful, but... Why is it left to right?
Lillie Dillon
Ahmet abdirashiid
why Google and Microsoft are same colors in there song
john waddell
Bubble space telescope
lina olga celiz
admiro excelente proyecto !
Maria Bojte
Szeretném a YouTube a filmeknél Legyen felirat
marcus Free
Bill Bob Thornton is from Iowa?
Ice Wolf
His voice is lower than my grades.
Bhupathiraju Pavan Varma
That was awsome..... GOOGLE
Lucas Gabriel
esse vídeo e do Google msm né eu queria falar q eu não lembro a minha senha é vcs pergunta quando eu criei sendo q é antiga eu nem lembro
Billy Dee
pretty cool
Michel G
This, is why I love google! <3
Sach Baath
Amazing Work Google lOVE U
Pro Gaming
Amazing Work Google
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