"Go for my shoelace its just burberry"
Assila 97
She looks like Kylie. Is Kylie indian?
Lauren Brady
she is... so perfect? is she even real
B Murerwa
2:19 That one puppy was having the time of its life chewing on Priyanka's shoe lace.
im very mad that she isn't playing jasmine in the live action Aladdin movie
JaneRblx&Sims! :3
OMG SO CUTE :D :3 :3
Vasu Singla
the bitch got some puppies to play with
Sahej Tiwana
Isabella John
Best ending ❤️
Bryan Garcia
she has a cocker spaniel I am in love with her
Radia Bourbia
her hair is everything
Tiffani Linde
Love her she's beautiful and fun
Shes a indian actress
Kiara Animefan
What has she been in? Her name isn't familiar to me.
Emily Simmonds
lol she's just forcing that puppy to like her
Kiara Pinto
My cousins live in Mumbai
She'll call you a regressive hindutva fascist if you brought a cute little calf to play with.
Slime Boss
she sounds like Gal Gadot!!
sanoja lakmali
I love this actress
that dog is going to town on her burberry shoe laces
Rexx Bailey
Majd Al Yahya
I love priyanka Chopra
Cheese Lover Girl
awwwww the little puppy fell asleep on her lap
Sharanya Khubchandani
omg and after that she went to collab with my queen LILLY SINGH
Narendra Nayak
That is soooo damn cutest pup vedios
Chivukula Bhavana
who came back for diana????
after this she went to film a collab with lilly singh
Magical Unicorn
She is such a inspiration!!!!! Btw the dogs know style XDDDDD
Alyssa Seal
Luna Star
I didn't know she hid her accent in Quantico! You could still hear a little of an accent, but it's so much noticeable here.
fun time
who thinks that she looks a bit like Selena Gomez
Chib Rajput
Finally Priyanka drops her fake American accent and speaks in her normal Indian accent.
Irecal The Cat
The ending music kinda sounds like an instrumental of "Anything I Can Do"... Anyone else notice this?
Alana Waller
Surprise Lindsey Morgan with kittens.
mansi gaba
she kind of looks like karsashian here.
steven paul
I was here for racist comments against ( us Indians ) from the Whites
but most of the comments are good
thank you
Zohra H
i love herrr omg she's so down to earth
James Woodard
I don't like buzzfeed, but you had to go and make a video with the most beautiful woman in the world and puppies! You've won this round buzzfeed.
Riley di Angelo
She's so pretty 😍
Che Nupet
I LOVE her so much!
do with snakes
The Pamplemousse Beauty
omg to be honest when the question of "advice for girls who wants to be like you" pops up i immediately points at myself and then when she answers "dont try be like, be like you" im burst into tears wHY IS SHE SO LOVELY AND ADORABLE OMG I LOVE HER SHE IS BAE I LOVE HER PERSONALITY SO MUCH
ally patel
I am a big fan of Priyanka Chopra and Dwayne Johnson
Akshay 28392
That one puppy feel asleep in her lap from start to finish
aww no fair i wanted to adopt the one she adopted lol :) cute name though
Diana Marcum
>.< I share a name with her puppy.... That's fucked up. Lol
Cynthia Padilla
Lord she's just the most beautiful woman I have ever seen <3
It's Fucking Raw
I discovered this Channel today
and I'm binge watching all these celeb videos
Zena Nesbit
Superwoman would be fangirling so hard right now 😂
manish chauhan
I re-watched the whole video just to understand why she adopted the brown puppy.
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