We Surprised Priyanka Chopra With Puppies And Then She Adopted One

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"Don't try to be like me, be like you." 


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Priyanka and Diana 3
Priyanka and Diana 2
Priyanka and Diana 1

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Alzen a
she's sooooooooo gorgeous
Arthur Workman
Wow Priyanka Chopra has really nice feet. Sexy feet plus a beautiful personality to match.
Princess Morgan
lol y are ppl idolising ppl they haven't even met.. everyone can pretende to be nice behind the screens TTRRUUSSTT NNOO BBIITTCCHH
Inab Aamir
Omg 😂 I just noticed how alike she looks to selena Gomez
Zzapple !
Who came from Emma wastons cat one
Hrishi Baney
For everyone wondering,
She's had multiple plastic surgeries and nose jobs.

She wasn't pretty before the surgeries at all.
Taekook_ ology
is proud to be indian pc :3
M Khannn
Aww the puppy chewing on her shoelace 😂❣️🐶
Anugraha Raman
she tortured the fluffy one
Becca K
wow she's gorgeous both inside and out
Angela Ursino
Idk if anyone was like "pls stop" when she kept picking up the black and white dog he was like "HELL NO BITCH"
Divya Aikat
everyone is talking about how beautiful and inspirational she is, and i mean, I AGREE, but i'm also in tears because she keeps holding the really fluffy black and white one and it just WANTS TO BE FREE AND i'm
Shona Mullarkey
Omg I have a cocker spaniel!!
that one puppy she's holding was trying so hard to get away
This was the most straight-up title i've seen.
Lyron Aguiar
How am I subscribed to this channel..I thought I was watching buzz feed blue 😐😐
After I found out which one she adopted I went back to the beginning to watch how both her and the dog were with each other
hahah sweet christ i'm sure the producers told her to keep the puppies in the shot but that fluffly one is way too restless and energetic to be kept in place.
Very cool
Priya L
I'm named after her
Melody Summers
am I the only one who felt kinda sorry for the fluffy one? She kind of grabbed the puppy all the time even though you could definitely see that it wanted to "escape" from her arms
Rimsha Khalid
I'm so happy they have made buzz feed caleb
Annie Hebert
she's so fucking beautiful
Naveah Mullins
me as a celeb
Tea Leaf
The Buzzfeed audience has discovered yet another Buzzfeed channel. The comment section will be complete shit from now on.
"I lost one. Man down, man down" hahahaha soo good!
Ashwini Aigale
Awesome !!
Weeping Willow
I thought she was going to adopt the one she was holding the whole time lmaoooo.
That one puppy chilling in her lap has the right idea.
Jo Montanee
For many years I didn't get why cats are much more popular on internet because puppies and dogs are so cute too. Cats' popularity amazes me. Now I know why. Watch Emma Watson with kittens comparing to this vdo and you'll get it why that gets 3.6 m views and this gets 1.3 m views. It's not about Priyanka VS Emma at all. Puppies here are freaking adorable but kittens in Emma's video....OMG they are professional scene stealing!!! They are naughty, quirky, hilarious, super-unpredictable.

I almost die laughing watching them doing their darnedest thing.
Celia H.
Awwwwww. I want a puppy!!!
Sennette Gaoses
I loved the advice she gave to girls to just be themselves, and try to find themselves and what their strengths are! she's beautiful and while I love her acting, I love that I glimpsed the human being she is!
Fahim Rahman
My mom met her. They took a picture to !!!
Britney Spears
she is so gorgeous omg
I just came here to see the puppies
Raj Chheda
Lucky puppy
Nicole Pinilla
I came here from Lily's clogs from the bloopers to the video where she came right from the shoot with the puppy 🐶 🐶🐶🐶❤😂
Ajay Bananas
And then the insulting faggots are going to be like

"Wow look, its baljeet's hot aunt"
Bella wazzup
no one's tryna be like you
Amna Zafar
the poor dog tryna get out of her arms the entire time XD!!!!
ugly lipstick color
Princia J
priyanka is so ugly
michelle alvarez
<3 <3 QUEEN!!
Jahnavi ramprasad
that dog kept chewing her shoelaces off
Hachiman Hikigaya
1:50 That dog in her hand is all.....
LET ME GO WOMAN. Release me.
Manisha Bhatt
My daughter and everyone says that I look like Priyanka Chopra 😂😂😂
Love Donuts 100
She is a great role model 😊❤
Anna Ko
Oh my goodness i work at the shelter the puppies are from and I used to take care of them!!!! How come they didn't sponsor the shelter in the video? (North Shore Animal League America)
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