We Surprised Priyanka Chopra With Puppies And Then She Adopted One

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"Don't try to be like me, be like you." 


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Priyanka and Diana 3
Priyanka and Diana 2
Priyanka and Diana 1

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Cynthia Padilla
Lord she's just the most beautiful woman I have ever seen <3
It's Fucking Raw
I discovered this Channel today
and I'm binge watching all these celeb videos
Zena Nesbit
Superwoman would be fangirling so hard right now πŸ˜‚
manish chauhan
I re-watched the whole video just to understand why she adopted the brown puppy.
she's literally the most beautiful person in the world
Inner Machinations
"live and let live" is like the saying of my life.
Rose J.
I love this woman!
Nicole Crafts
i knew she would pick that one because since it was with her it never left
Jeethu varghese
I can relate to what she says bcoz I'm constantly being asked by my religious relatives to pursue what they think is best for my future i.e to become a nurse. The aunt even told me to do it for her, then I would be successful. I wanted to study literature.That just left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Yes I hate it when people crushes your dreams and tell you it's not gonna get you anywhere.
NoΓ―l Paprika
Poor puppy;there's one who is trying really hard to get away from her and she just won't let him,as if he were a toy . Sad part he probably just really really needs to pee and this is torture for him x)
Ravinandan D.B
I am here to see praise comments
Ashley Elizabeth
I went from watching Josh Gad on Jimmy Kimmel talking about almost running over Hermione, to Emma Watson and kittens, to this video πŸ˜‚
Abbas Raza
i love the puppy playing with her shoelace
veena nair
she is best and my favourite actress
Maddy's Channel
AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO WANTS A BUNCH OF LITTLE PUPPIES SWARMING ON ME!? (I'm just kidding, everyone wants a bunch of little puppies swarming on them)
after this she went to film a collab woth iiSuperwomanii aka Lilly singh
Bubbly Puppy
I have a cocker spaniel
Apoorva choudhary
Wait ...did one of them just fell asleep in her lap??😍😍
Yasmine Alali
she’s amazing i love her
Debra Dias
People who only watch quantico don't see her complete potential in acting. If you're interested, watch barfi and Mary Kom. Both movies which she acted amazingly.
She is trying to be an American wanabee. Nobody in India loves cute puppies. They love cows and monkeys.
Nidhi Gupta
How can EVERYTHING Priyanka does be perfect? Like, her outfit, her lipstick, her approach towards the questions asked! Just wow! πŸ‘‘
Holly Rose
May I please adopt a puppy?
Gaurav Pangtey
Priyanka u rock.
Siddhi Uppaladadium
All this peeps like "oh my god I love her from quantico " and I'm here the go lover like "I love all her Bollywood films and quantico "
Zabitah Resha
she adopted the brown one..Daina chopra
Jam Slam
I hope she shows her puppies in Baywatch.
I was expecting to adopt the black and white one she was holding the whole way through but the one she chose was my favorite so yayyy! Although they are all adorable, I want one!!
She should do a film with jeffrey dean morgan
Naya Papaya
Can somebody tell me the breed of the puppy she adopted?
Madura Prasadani
She really loves puppies!I also thought she would adopt the fluffy one,but instead of it,she had adopted the least pretty(all are pretty) & weak looking one! So for that, I respect her more!
Divya D
The title should be "We surprised these puppies with Priyanka Chopra"
Joti Mann
Shes gorgeous!
Bubbles Lutchman
priyanka is so kool I don't know her personally,but I would say she looks like a real down to earth person,love her.
Indiagurl's Outlet
"You never shined so brightly" πŸ˜€
Monika Lawati
her adopted a puppy. omg i'm starting to like her more and more.
sa ra
priyanka is so beautiful
I think Aishwarya is overrated
Kimmy Howell
2:40, that puppy chilling in between her legs tho :-D
princess diana
my name is diana omg aw
chicken nugget goddess
She's so gorgeous omg
Soumi Das
Priyanka is a total liar. She is a total fake person. She unashamedly lies about her plastic nose, her fake accent, her academics, how she loves America. Americans are really gullible, because she bluntedly lies about almost all in her interviews. Her expressions are so animated. She is not that talented as she claims at all. There are a lot of brilliant actors and actresses in this world who are far worthy than her.
Zeeshan Ali
she's so cute
Shubham Jain
just type priyanka chopra without makeup before commenting
Adviti basu
OMG even I have a cocker spaniel ( 2 of them)
Natalie Banooni
Who's here because of Lilly?
moody beasty
well if i didnt knew she adopted diana i wud have thought she adopted the happy black n white one puppy 😍😘 anyway priyanka luv u loads
omg i have a zoomer dog toooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alzen a
she's sooooooooo gorgeous
Arthur Workman
Wow Priyanka Chopra has really nice feet. Sexy feet plus a beautiful personality to match.
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