Only thing insecure is him while talking
Michael Carter
"Hacker". Hes' an engineer and a coder. He's no white hat though.
Joe Mckirdy
Batteries in a gun. Ya, because when you're in a life and death situation, you really want to wonder if the batteries are charged.
Well what he did was smart and cool, it is still not "hacking"
samoan_kid 14
The colt over this
But to think of it... who would carry magnets?
lol a gun that takes double A's, fuck that
seems unlikely the person who picks up your gun and tries to fire it would have these things on hand
Chicago Bulls
How about we stop making "smart guns" stupid ass liberals
Who needs a gun anyway ?
Luckily most people don't walk around with stacks of magnets
ziploxian Aslanyan
Who would want such a stupid "smart" gun. Even if it worked. Not even going to get into the stupid flaws and annoying things about it
what is there stopping you from ripping the gun apart and disabling the safety mechanisms? How much would it take to completely dismantle it and let it fire strictly mechanically?
People would be more willing to accept "Smart Guns" if they weren't always hideous baby toy looking pieces of plastic.
Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
you telling me that these flaws was not found while testing the security of those guns? is the developers raterded? did they even test the security of their "smart" guns?
Based God
liberals are so fucking stupid they dont even understand the basics of firearms if you have to fiddle with your gun before you can shoot it that could very well kill you. Many dont even like to cary guns with safeties because it can be the difference between life and death. We dont need more stupid impediments on our guns.
Letaupe Brune
Sounds like this narrator is in pain or is too nervous.
Bobby Derran
lol you don't need a gun to shoot bullets.
this is nothing new
Patrick Flynn
real life adian pearse
Dumb Comment
i need a gun that fires whenever i need to, I'm smarter than the smart gun that's for sure
"Smart guns" For dumb people.
Parsa Jz
Why does the speaker like he's holding a big shit inside
there is another way to not fire a gun acident....just don't buy a gun =D
Good on him for making this flaw public. Can you imagine laws being passed and smart guns somehow being issued to the military, only to one day have an entire group of soldiers suddenly find their guns inoperable because of a terrorist cyber attack?
Murky Blaze
pretty sure the idea behind this gun was so that if your life is in danger and someone restless the gun away from you, they wont be able to use it against you.

perfect for Cops/Army
I'd rather buy a hi point then buy this piece of shit
Swifty Zero
Be messed up that when someone tries these tips while trying to commit suicide and the gun doesn't work because it's locked even though he/she used these tips to unlock it.

I have a messed up mind and say the most important information ever
andrew T
just stick to thumb prints where each gun is specified to each persons thumb print so in the middle of a battlefield, the gun requires someone with a piece of plastic and some luck to be able to use but because of this time constraint, it would be a determent for anyone to use the enemies weapons against them.

mister smooly
Buys gun* this gun is so safe!
*Watches this
Modzz Gaming
what a bullshit
Edward Anthony
Adrian Layne
Why does the narrator speak like he's got a gun pointed to the back of his head like he's so on edge
MrCricetus XII
fucking narrator sounds like he is 5 seconds away from dying
heres a scenario for ya.. robber breaks in kills dad before he can kill the robber then wife dies next because she cant fire the gun then the kids die because they cant fire the gun either. not a very smart gun if you ask me. they need to stop making "smart" guns and start making smarter people...
Fuck me a solenoid locking mechanism. I've seen the same mechanism in cheap electric safes and the magnet works beautifully to open the safes. Since these were held in place with a spring you can actually bash the safe on one side and for a brief moment the solenoid mechanism is disengaged. Can you get the gun to fire by bashing the slide with a potato? Lol I want youtube to be a place where there's a video titled "Smart gun hacked by potato"
lol until this video, i didnt even know that these kinda weapons exist. and now i even know how to go around its security thing. dosnt this make the whole thing even more dangerous when u make it public? just wondering why there is always videos that explain u how to steal a car or go ariund security systems. and always saying how dangerous this is, that its so easy and in the same time making it public. thx but i feel like this is kinda stupid

edit: and i mean like wtf, i dont like the look of the gun either and i wouldnt buy it. but lets say i find this shitty gun or a kid or whatever and dont get why it wont shoot to kill my father for example ^^ wich would be the point of this security thing. well easy, just go on youtube and lets go buy a magnet. the existence of this video eliminates this gun completly..or atleast its use
Why offscreen voice sounds like crying 70 years old country singer with voice tremor ?
John Graham Doe
Watch proximity lock: Bust your watch, can't shoot. Jam signal, can't shoot. Magnet, physical hack. Etc.

Finger ID lock: Scanner gets dirty, can't shoot. Damaged finger, can't shoot. Gloves, can't shoot. Etc.

There is no such thing as a "smart gun." A gun has no brain. A gun is a tool. We need smart people, smart parents, and smart kids.
Typical Sniper
The real question is who carries magnets with them while doing criminal activities?
a gun... that can be hacked...... ok.. just get a fucking Rifle.
That Guy
That is one ugly ass gun, this shit is just completely obvious to me that the government wants to have a kill switch for everyones firearms. Fucking tyrants
Dolphin Rider
A hacker? Hacker man
It looks so ugly
Failed Machinimas
Titanfall confirmed
we need swiss gun safety laws
the reporters voice cracks me up it sounds like hes got a gun to his head whilst reading his lines
smart guns are retarded for retards. the only reason they exist are for people who dont use guns and dont like them lol
The youtube comments here have less forethought than this pistol.
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