tom houk
Because criminals always carry 15 bucks worth of rare earth magnets. Shit, I thought everyone knew that!
tom houk
Stupid,stupid,stupid! Omg! Talk to a real gun enthusiast! This is bullshit.
Just Your Everyday Pig
Oh look, an item that has no need to be connected to digital technology!
It be a shame if somebody... Hacked it
Bob Jones
It is important to point out such faults. I have reported to Dr. Pepper two times that their safety/tamper seals on their bottles are defective and can be slightly unscrewed which could alow someone to introduce another liquid, etc.
Of course, their are many other easily tampered with products out their and nothing can really be done until something happens.
The gun and watch system relies on the main factors of possession/proximity and control . If you could gain that with a normal gun, then why not this one ?
UoY Era Lla Zrekuf WTF
Get a 1911 it will surely fire
UoY Era Lla Zrekuf WTF
Anything that kills is not smart at all, its always a murder and killing weapon
Newtype 0085
Awesome, bravo! There's no substitutions for responsible ownership practices.
Will Smith
Everyone seems to hate smartguns, but surely they see how a future iteration could drastically bring down weapon robberies, and in turn gun violence accross the world
Eli Fuller
Alright, lets ban magnets.
Nathanael dufur
Why is this fucking relevant, no body's gonna buy this piece of shit anyways
Spoiled Bungus
I got a gun safety ad before this vid. Anyone else?
New Superhuman
CIA-sponsored "Wired" wants you to believe guns are too dangerous for you to own. They want your guns. Repeal the Second Amendment. We are CIA! We control you!
Anthony PC
seeing people complaining that they hate the idea of a Smart Gun because keeping it charged and having the watch on you is too inconvenient to bother with in the "life or death" dramatic scenarios they're getting into...
I think the safety trade-off would make it acceptable if it didn't fire some time, because almost never are "good guy" civilians the ones shooting firearms in life threatening situations. (excluding cops - but they less commonly get their firearms stolen so wouldn't need this.)
if you're someone who cares enough about having a gun on you all the time, then you can keep it charged if it means your children or other people are even a fraction of a % safer.
maybe this will change in the future... but I think few criminals will carry around the specific jamming devices or magnets probably.. lol so this concept is prob a safer bet than no personalized lock, for that incredibly slim chance you may actually get to fire your gun in actual self defense like a hero, maybe once in a million lifetimes.
Wanderson Alves
Hmm.. better have a colt single action revolver.
Why does the narrator sound so scared? Oh no he safe gun got cracked!
Nobody has all those complex tools to build a signal transmitter but a magnet is surprising... I'd rather have a manual safety if even that and have insane people put where they belong than have to rely on all these electronics to keep them from killing the innocent anyone else agree?
Leandro Abaurre
Fucking magnets.... How do they work?
Infernal Sword Gameplay
Stupid gun more like.
think about it this way. If a cop is trying to arrest some guy, but that guy tackles the cop and is able to get his gun. Will that guy just somehow happen to have some magnets in his pocket?
Glazed Shades
I highly doubt these people even know what hacking is.
Why the fuck is my grandpa narrating this? This is so fucking annoying.
dustin Dembinski
omg guys this is so dangerous, i also did my own experiments with this some gun but my ways, ways less complicated, so what you do is you take the mag in this gun and you take apart the triger mech then modify it to a metal barrel that you can buy at any local store, ANY STORE, then you modify it to take the clip and trigger, then all you have to do is shoot it at someone, its super scary guys how easy it is to hurtsomeone with this peace of technology you could do it by completely accident
SNES Stuff
That gun looks Badass...
The narrator voice's sounds like somebody is pressing his testicles
The narrator sounds like hes being held at gunpoint and being forced to read a script against his will. Can someone replace him please?
And the point of this is?
Why would you realease this
TilDeath1776 US
Any gun that's electronic is a fail, period.
Elder Maxson
This narrator sounds like he's shaking
Zen Rhees
Yea, but how many people that are going to try and take your gun are going to be carrying magnets on them? And yea, this gun is straight up stupid.
John Jessa
👉 this is my safety
They should make it explode when unlicenced owner, like in Dredd :-D

But good luck with adding smart technology into repeating arms, like bolt action rifles and revolvers :-D
world of tarantulas
Ok so i respect the guy but in what world does a mugger pull out your smart gun also by chance he has a magnet with the exact frquincey as the maggnet on the gun and starts shooting at you?????? Wtf
Salasa Boy
Anything smart is basicaly stupid... Been saying that since day one.
I actually really like the look of this pistol but i don't really think that you can call it safe
Sure smart guns may be not really safe but i have to say i kinda like the shape of the pistol itself
pointless pistol, unreliable.
Thumbs up for a great hack . Thumbs down for thinking you can make a smart gun. Are you joking me. Some things are better left alone
Gracie Hendry
No gun is the safest gun
If this turd wasn't so fucking expensive, I'd actually buy one just because it looks cool and I'd use it as a SYFY prop.... But let's be honest here, libralism is a fucking mental condition.
its a smart idea terrorist wouldnt be able to use american weapons that way unless they know how to hack.
Makszu The Traitor
the fking voice
Kobra Freeze
Why does the narrator sound like he's about to cry?
And where is the "interesting thing" about this? Anyone with a bit of knowledge about signals and engineering could understand how he did that..
thanks for proving our point.
Peter Marino
This "smart gun" is the stupidest thing ever.
Gavin Reddig
Why go through so much trouble. Just by a high point and have that not work
Derek Steiner
The magnet trick is definitely scary but the other stuff at least requires effort that most crooks wouldn't have the discipline or knowledge to pull off. Especially since there's plenty of non-smart guns for them to steal anyway, at least at present.
F Jon
Great! Hand them out to liberals. They aren't very smart either.
That Guy From Target
Home Invader comes into your house, and you pull out your smart gun: This is what I would most likely do...

Me: Pulls out smart gun and takes aim
Me: "Sh*t... I forgot my watch!"
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