Tampa Tom
That viper is so sexy
WOW this guy is annoying
Aman Basanti
4:15 is that a stray dog?
Roy Lane
You seem like the kind of toolbag that would own a viper.
Glenn Smith
Where do you get your music? Tired looking already for a couple pieces... no luck
that alley should be named break down alley
Angel Arroyo
Its not steam, its clouds.
Does anyone know if Doug has reviewed a Dodge Stealth?
Allan Kithinji
U talk too much much just go to carm ax Jesus I thought was the point of the the freaking video
It's a dodge. What did he expect?
lookin at all the views on his viper video, its already paid for itself many times over
You still selling it?
91 TA WS6
Why so much hate on Doug?
Chrysler is fast and cool but once they get old even a few years old you will have to fix something
Privileged White Male
Why can't Doug just get a fucking Tesla rather than a sports car that breaks down in every 2 weeks
ivan moody
would 30k be a reasonable offer?
Krazy Kidz
So many voice cracks
Derogatory Name
Carmax is a joke, their employees think they are professionals...
Doolin Danger
Carmax is for lazy, lay down suckers who can't negotiate a simple car deal. FACT: every fucking car dealership on the planet has a "no haggle" price... in new cars its called MSRP and in used its called the asking price.
anyone rembers viper racing ? great pc game .. i finished the whole game 5 times ... last time was just a few years ago .... great car great game ... great everything ... though sad he had some bad luck here
trust fund baby
spoiled little rich boy
A. N. R.
What is CarMax? What is Turo?

And does anyone know if Doug has a website where we can read articles further detailing his thoughts on the vehicles he's driven?
David M
I wouldn't pay much for this car really.its just a dodge.actually I wouldn't even consider buying a dodge at all
ElectroPals LLC
25k, for 17 yr old car, great deal
Reptilian CCCP
Big fucking mistake never let a woman driver fucking Viper!!! That's suicide!!!!!
your friend is phit m9
Steven Williams
I saw one of those for sale for 23k on side of road so it's pretty good appraisal from them
Earl Rogers
I wouldn't pay 2500$ for that Viper.
Marco Charles
What does he do for a living
Joshua Turner
Not true. Cars like this and heavily modded cars are to much of a liability and Carmax will not cover it under it's warranty. It's not that they don't want your car they are not going give you what you think it's worth vs what it actually is. And you'll never not get a car guy or girl who doesn't know cars appraising your cars.
Justin Doherty
Does endless videos about cars and cant change his own radiator or hoses? Come on bro thats little lame. You need a tow truck to change a tire too?
SRT8 Nation
thats why it broke down haha shuld never let a female drive your car specially if its stick shift and specially if its expensive like a viper lmao its not ur ordinary honda shitvic
Honestly 25 grand for a 20 year old car that apparently is breaking down on you really isn't that bad, especially considering average blue book on them is between 30-33. They lowballed u a little, but not alot.
Carmax appraises from 25-33% of their actual value for profit reasons.
Morad Fares
And wtf did you expect?
That is more than I can buy one for now. A 97 Viper can be had now for 20k in average, taken care of, condition. The high end today is only about 40k...maybe 50 for something low mileage and mint.
Demeri Lowery
Tf Is going on with his mouth lol
Danijel Kostić
You are annoying!
Kevin Hibbard
There's a $121k Porsche 911 at Carmax right now. 2k miles, who takes a car like that to Carmax?
carlie robinson
Unless it had low miles for a 20 year old viper that was a good deal.
tom sam
Hate on Chrysler if you want but they own 14% of the market only behind ford (15%) and GM(17%). Doing something right. FCA products are extremely class competitive and some are class leaders. I do agree, reliability could be better.
Michael R.
20 year old German hoses wouldn't have failed? That is the problem with having multiple cars, keeping up with hoses, belts, gaskets, etc that go bad with age even if you don't drive the car.
Jesse Fisher
You really should have started the video off with the breaking down part, and said "That's my Dodge" and then cut in a cut scene of an old Dodge commercial with that jingle.
Tuner Gang
The video where the guy had 1000 hp supra and he only got offered 15k from carmax lol
byron barnes
face it dodges are just junk......go get you a chevrolet corvette ok
Jdhdjd Jfkfjf
He needs a better warranty. One with less quarks and more features.
It's biggest problem is it's a Dodge.
Mingdian Li
2:23 - 2:26 lol what a knobhead
JC Mac
"My Viper", "The Viper", "My Viper", "The Viper".....
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