I Took My Dodge Viper to CarMax For an Appraisal

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I brought my Dodge Viper to CarMax for an appraisal. Here's what happened.

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King Rino
Rip viper there not getting made again
GoDz DeTrOiT
The cat in the background at 4:14 like "what in the actual fuck are you doing my dude"
Kyle Koster
that's why they call dealerships " stealerships" and it's only legal for company's and corporations , banks to steal from people.
Who watches this crap
shoulda bought a chev.. give ya 20 for it
Maple Shade? I think there's one in Williamstown or washington twp... think they'd give a different price?
Tyler Hamm
yeah right he drove the shit out of the Viper on the road test. you know that mf hit 160mph
Bennett Briggs
WTF? Either show Car-Max or get to a good story!
Danny F.
I will trade you my 72 Dodge Dart Demon 340 for it?
Alex Trip
It's overheating as most american cars do lol
to be honest who ever replaced your radiator the first time should have at least recomended replacing the hoses too.
Kibbles Enbits
lol dealerships don't value cars on "enthusiast" value...they value it on market trade-in value..hence the $12k difference :P
Anon ymous
and the gayest car of the 90's award goes too
Or stop buying crappy non reliable cars for image
Chester Copperpot
Drinking Game:

Take an ego shot (of alcohol of choice) every time you hear "MY Viper". Half a shot for anytime he says Viper without using MY and drink a beer every time he mentions his other expensive cars.

Then shoot yourself so you don't have to hear it anymore.
Anthony Mendoza
25k but they still have to make money so it only really dropped about 5kish. not worth it even for 25k
Mike Mullinix
did you seriously just complain about the reliability because of 20 year old hoses, lmao
Big Mack
In my mouth
Big Mack
I like men
Maxx Weber
Britt is very attractive and so out of your league. Friend or paid model?
I find it funny how somehow the public doesn't like the sound of real speech, wants this fake, enthusiastic, over pronounced speech.
Butch Tyrone
For sale, Dodge Viper. Always garaged, babied, adult driven, never seen snow.
once he said maple shade i said i live their
That alley way must have one break down per day and you've been there twice so I guess that is the daily evil alley way car break down for the day.
that's what the car would bb for what do you want 50k?
And what was the point of this video?
Rob C
American cars, ladies and gentlemen, made to crap out before warranty expires!
Nyx Ulric
thx for the Laugh XD
Chris Moore
I think he thinks he's Jay Leno.
Its all a lie
pile of shit
korgpa4x korg
$25k? sell that before it packs up lol
CarMax gave practically retail?! That's not my experience. CarMax offered me $4k less than the Kelley Blue Book trade-in value.
ThomasTheSailor Chubby
You should have compared it to Kelly Blue book and gave us other comparisons..
Personally , I think You paid too much to begin with, car max low balled you, So we have 2 wrong values, Crazy video.. But I like the car,
Donald Johnson
when did you even look down.. at the gages
Derrick Temple
Dude its a viper!
You look and feel a little like a young Jay Leno
david sanchez
boy, alot of issues for alot of money.
3:55 Supercharged Regal..
Joey Gordon
Nice way to ruin your car
Sean G.
You would be lucky to sell it to anyone for 25k.
I went to carmax in Carleston, S.C. with my 3 year old 4x4 pick up with under 50,000 miles in near perfect condition. They offered me $7500 below wholsale for it arguing they could buy the same truck at an auction for that much.
If you need a mechanic to fix a coolant leak, or can't tell the difference between steam and smoke, you have no business owning a car like that. I hate rich wankers!
Jose Rodriguez
You're fucking annoying
Silky Jones
Chatty Cathy in the video. Stuff yer pie hole and get on with the show Jay Leno Jr.
Vincent Valentine
20 year old Chrysler? Death on wheels...
marksman 5150
Stop buying expensive shit cars.
Henry Walker
show me the cash
Henry Walker
lots of luck dick
Henry Walker
all mopars are junk even when they are new
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