UFC MMA Instant Karma - Instant Justice

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UFC MMA Instant Karma - Instant Justice
I post 3 times per week UFC MMA compilations ;)

Garrett Parker
why does ronda rousey always try to put that fake sneer on her face, she just looks like a pouty 5 year old LOL
i dont like these shit!
Ferhat Kaya
Fake legend .. everything is organized .This is a fucking fake show to hold martial art market.İf mma project will have completed , fucking assholes will have earned billions of money and brought billions of dolar to their country. also this shit(mma) will have became unquestioned truth,All martial arts will death.You should know that Martial art sector is immortal so There are two sector which is never die; first is health sector, second is defend(kill) sector.If you take steroids and train every day of the week (8 hours a day, maybe 12 hours a day), you can beat any style with worst style even. shortly, wake up! and see the background of this shit.if you want to know true legend you can research MAS oyama
why is Conor vs Aldo in there? Conor was the one being a dick during the entire pre fight scrum, even months leading up to the showdown.... The guy harassed Aldo at his own house for Gods sake. He followed him through villages and called him a pussy in public. How is he knocking him out seconds into the first round karma?
I don't consider the Diaz/Silva fight instant justice. Diaz was doing that because Silva is the king of douchebag show-boating in the octagon. Funny how John McCarthy was more than happy to bitch at Diaz but nothing gets said to Silva, who is constantly committing fouls (taunting, unsportsmanlike conduct, excessive avoidance of the opponent and refusing to engage for minutes at a time).
6:34 when everyone realises you have chewing gum
samuel figueroa
Great Malenko
hehehe bob the fat sapp
scapachekid 1986
Rhonda is such a dumb ass bitch
Why are the black boxers so cocky? lol
mike hightower
why can Negros never play fair?
Justin Paris
This is a stupid sport
Hutchynetwork Gaming
Anderson was scared of nick
Jesus is Muslim
Disgusting... Christians LOVE violence, hate, animosity, strife, hostility, divisiveness, and murder.
omg bitchfight on stage
So, it's these faggots that teach kids & other cowards to hit someone while they're down, nice work
Dane Chew
Prolonged karma more like it
Josh H
That Diaz/Silva fight was bullshit
Soundwave Superior
Ronda should just do porn already, prob won't even be that good but that's all she has left that haven't been beat up is that pussy
The Golden Thing?
I don't really see how this is karma.
Bilbo Baggins
love how these niggers and spics get owned after talking shit
Klitschko is always so fucking composed.
Pat Fitzgerald
Rousey strikes me as the type that when something goes wrong in life she'll lock herself in her room, whimper quietly for weeks and eat 5000 bags of doritos, come out 6 months later and weigh 400 lbs. Very weak minded.
Pat Fitzgerald
Personally I would like to see a Fred Rogers versus Bob Ross fight, but it's too late for that since they're both dead.
Wait so Ronda and Holm squaring up like all UFC fighters do is considered worthy of karma? Pretty sure the grand majority of the competitors get.. competitive.. This is a sorry video lol
Bob Sapp, Bob Crap
Han Solo
whats the song at 0:33
La vitrina de Aitor
Dislake for Aldo!! This not Karma
Does anyone know the name of the song at 4:37 ? Shazamed it but no luck. Thanks in advance.
Brian Spruill
Klitscho U.F.C.?
mayweather also run around the ring, a great lier without punishment
3:10 that height difference tho
Carlos Alvaro
Who are the guys at 5:40 ?
nate+ nick Diaz are both fucking assholes!!!!
8:03 that left punch would destroy the final winner!
Michael Henkle
No Bisping vs. Henderson really???? Bisping did all types of shit talking for months and months and months. Hendo shut Bisping up and even took an extra shot after Bisping was clearly out.
Yoshiki G
7:57 That is one of the ugliest tattoo I have ever seen, totally ruined his face. Idiot.
Yoshiki G
God Holly is so damn sexy. ^_^
Oscar Ft
Legends don't need to brag, they are usually the ones who kick opponent's ass by action not mouth.
3:32 HUMBLE FUCKIN PIE...........................................
Judes Von
klitschkos is just class, be it being slapped, spat at, they just show them who is boss in the match instead where it actually counts
Bob Sapp is the biggest bitch. He goes down quicker than a $2 hooker.
mik mik
why most of the time are those black guys are so fu... LOW they will never be a PRO fighters cuz they dont know what is an respect for an opponent
I love watching showboats get destroyed.
Walkabout BASE
wasnt the big nigger a nfl player? whats he doing fighting lmao
Of all people. One person that we see twice on this list is Aleksander Emelianenko. What kind of dumbass do you have to be to challenge the last emperor's little brother that was in Russian prison.
conway fan
words can't explain how much I hate bob sapp
Vincent VG
Equalize the fucking audio in your fucking videos. Fuck you.
The guy with a mask looks like ksi
Phantom Wind
They fight like faggots.
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