LaMelo Ball vs Zion Williamson WAS INSANE!! Lonzo Ball, Dame Lillard, OSN & INSANE CROWD Watching!

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LaMelo Ball and Zion Williamson faced off for the first time EVER in the most hyped match up of the year! Both players lived up to expectations as LaMelo finished with 36 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds and Zion finished with 31 points and 8 rebounds. Lonzo, Damien Lillard, Thon Maker, Andrew Wiggins and OSN were all there watching!
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These kids annoying af
ΛLΛΠ 1993
BBB is a team full of shooters that can't play defense or rebound a ball. they can't man dunk neither lol
Anthony Yang
At 1:43 did that ref in the backround break his own ankles
Menelik 123
number 11 of bbb looks like lil uzi
luke riordan
that face @ 5:10 needs to be memed.
We're going tenpin balling, don't come to my lane, stay in your lane
Lixin Z.
Is this team cant make layup vs. team cant shoot?
so wait second this guy Lavar Ball owns his own school team???
lamelo was WEAK AS SHIT.
first dunk his head almost passed the rim.
TheTruth Abr
Osn has become a big celebrity
Poo Boy
okay can we please stop talking about these kids until they get better? Im not a hater maybe they;ll improve but They arent ready to be in vids with 2M views. this is garbage AAU bullshit basketball and each of them had 5-10 AWFUL basektball plays. Go back and watch high school vids of ANY top 10 player in the league and this looks pretty underwhelming
#11 looks the most impressive in the whole court
Samiul Basit
I swear, American teens are some of the funniest people to be around 😂😂
Hard Working American
Ugh! LaMelo and that daggone half court shot! Ahhh! Annoying!
Armando Reyna
Looks like a lebron type of player #12 sc Supreme
Justin Castillo
5:10 and 7:16 were the only reactions from the crowd that made me laugh
ajilon quinn
LaMelo & Zion both play like trash the media just be gassing they highlights with all that flashy shit 💯
When are we going to admit ball sux dick?
Cameron Elliott
Lamelo is no better than the average guy taking bad shots and playing no defense at the YMCA. He will get destroyed If he goes to play for a major college. Why does he run like he has a disability?
Rumble by KO
LaMelo is so fuckin ugly.
Every time after a dunk, "AYYYYYYY"
Pierre Heinlein
what the fuck are these kids doing screaming after every play into the camera?

are they stupid?
Tice Rippy
Those kids reaction is proof homosexuality is increasing amongst teens
Jarod Jackson
"Yea, make sure you film all of your friends' dumbass reactions after every big play. YouTube loves random screaming teenagers."
Jake and Leila
He made him fall but he missed a layup right after
Chino hills number 4 and 11 are some good shooters
Aden Kyle
Lamelo will have a hard time in college
Cannon Anderson
Everyone plays defense but melo
nick bowie
this delayed audio is annoying af
Angel Sanchez
Tf at 1:42 the ref got his ankles broken😂😂😂
WellDone WheelDone
lamelo can't dunk... ?
Parata President steez
Zion would be a beast at the 1
Da Realist 8 Mix
All the kids in this video are such hipebeast 😂😂😂
Brian Davis
Big ballers have some whack ass jerseys
Jairus Watson
Zion Williams is wack miss that many dunks big for no reason
Akhmad Bilal
big ballers tried so hard to making zion wont make highlights. this is remind me when suns did the same thing when westbrook really want to broke a triple double record
Viva Dominicana
The female referee is HOTTTT!!!!
Pratham Kumar
Bruh on the thumbnail the guy on the right look like ugly god
Donovan Adkins
So we goin act like we aint see the ref fall at 1:42 ? 😂
Ball Life Studio
LaMelo is my cousin and to all of you hating just remember at 15 he's already ballin on and off the court... just sayin
Ball Life Studio
Zion is my cousin, if he heard all y'all hating he wouldn't say anything he'd just dunk and laugh in your face.
YOLO shot at 14:55
Tom Meneses
My wife was watching over my shoulder and pointed out that the only female in frame is a referee. 😂
Angel Beltre
For those of you saying lamelo is trash , he carries his team in almost every game and these games compared to his hs games he actually gives a fuck
Klaus Kinski
wasted Ball-Family, they suck so fackin´ bad! Gay Haircuts, bad teeth, wide mouth,....just leave this planet BBB
احمد عبد
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