Bowler Ben Ketola sets world record with fastest 300 game

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The 23-year-old two-handed bowler rolls 12 strikes in 86.9 seconds

Beginner's luck....
Wow 😱 I can try all my life and won't do it.

He could have even done it slightly faster. After lane 10 not walk all the way to lane 1, but hit 7 or 8.
nik nok
"A world record" ..??????
Ramsey Schaefer
wow that guys good
Daniel S
He could've save more time by not going to back to the first lane on the left.
Just go the back to the last lane he used before the last throw and continue to the left from there. But anyway it's impressive AF nonetheless
Linus Mosig
Wer hat es auch auf RTL gesehen und hat dann direkt danach gesucht ??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
That poor man. No matter how fast he tried to knock those pegs down they just kept coming.
tyler mayer
tyler mayer
just so you all know this record has just been broken. it's on new I'm about to post the link
If he had 12 alleies , I think he will be more faster than this
I'd hate to be the guy who went and took a leak and missed it
ahahahahah yessss BOSSS!!!!!
Ben Sliwa
I would have kept going! right?!amazing talent!
I don't think it's fake like some of you are saying, BUT a legit 300 game would be on the same 1 or 2 lanes. This is just 12 strikes in a row in under 90 seconds and thats it. STILL VERY IMPRESSIVE, BUT he's taking out the challenge of an oil shift. Oil shifts happen every roll. Anyone who loves and takes bowling seriously will say the same thing. If I could have fresh lanes every throw, i'm almost certain I could get over 200 every time. The record should state its a record throwing 12 strikes in less than 90 seconds, not the fastest 300 game.. What he's doing is a whole different game and sport of bowling COMPLETELY. Im sure if that's how people trained in bowling it woulda happened a long time ago.. STILL!!! THIS IS AWESOME
Tomas bravo
one punch?
Adrian Barnard
hehe amazing!
Jody Schwieger
Technically that's not a 300 game... you can only bowl on a maximum of 2 lanes :-)
Paul Morton
Berry McGregor
I am assuming the reason for not going to the lane just left of the 9th and 10th strike and going back to 1 and 2 is to assimilate a pot game? maybe? anyway very impressive , great job
J Biggs
And now starts the process of maximizing efficiency (i.e. not running the entire length of the lanes between the 10th and 11th; but, say, only running back to lanes 7-8. That right there would save about 3 seconds). Judging from the timing, you could probably do this using just 4 lanes.
D Hope
That's awesome. I've never bowled above a 240. Ha.
Susan Claar
According to all known laws of bowling, there is no way a person should be able to bowl a 300 game in 86.9 seconds.
Al Bundy!!
Da Skippy
He actually could've done it faster if he didn't go fully back to the left, but to like lane 6 and then lane 5 for instance.
チョコチョコチョコ.....ヨシッ! めっさわろた
Mirsad Kamberovic
That creep can roll, man!
Ryan Tony
This is not important but youtube i did not mean to put not interested in joeygracceffa hes cool i put it by accident
Johnny Davidson
Sorry if this is a dumb question but 12 strikes is 120 pins, isn't it? Why is it labeled as 300?
Her: "Come over"
Ben: "I can't, I'm trying to bowl a perfect 300"
Her: "My parents aren't home"

Very cool...until he sees the next utility bill since he's been staying up all night trying to do this over and over again for who knows how long.
Kim Jung Un did it in 4 seconds.
All hail Glorious Leader!
lol hes 23 years old but he looks like my dad
Gary Savage
So my question is how many years did the camera man have to film game after game after game to finally catch this one fluke event? A 300 game is a rare event even for the best bowlers in the world when they are taking their time and concentrating.

So did the camera man just happen to look in his crystal ball and know that today was the day and start filming from the first frame?

That's the clue that we're watching a fake. Every other three hundred game every filmed, other than in a tournament, you only see maybe the last three balls thrown. Why? Because no one knew in advance that a 300 was coming. The fact that the camera started from frame one is the clue that they knew from the start what the outcome would be. My guess is the pins were setting on a piece of film that could be jerked from the back when the ball hit so everything falls.

That's also why he ran all the way back to lane 1 to throw the 11th and 12th balls. They needed time to reset the lanes. Otherwise he would have just walked back one lane and thrown his last two balls on the nearest lanes.
Monsieur Spok
“Obviously you’re not a golfer.” — The Dude
Dave G Kelly
I've heard that people call him 'The Jesus'.
Zigge Da Flipz
Take a shot every time he says come on
Mark Keady
Pretty sure this is fake
Is this really a "game"? Do professional tournament rules allow multiples lanes to be used?
Saw a Bloke bowl a Strike in 2 lanes once a Ball in each hand !! :-) :-)
gabin dab
le fou
Someone needs to add Steve Buscemi going "woo!" after each strike
This guy fucks with the Jesus
hey cousin, let's go bowling
mike goulis
this makes me happy to be alive
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