AWESOME! Amtrak P42's Blow through a Snow Bank at a Crossing on the NEC!!


No trains were running today. That is, until I got word of this awesome opportunity.  I knew that track one would have snow on the crossing because 2151, the first acela of the day "had some issues" near Mansfield, MA.  Enjoy. 

I also added shots from a few weeks ago.

Erik Vince
that is so cool
Ahmed Ali
most of these are AEM-7s not really P42s why not show more of them since the video is tilted that or change the title ?
Erik Vince
well either not using their homes
Maine Railfan©
Nice! And the first clip has been in tons of videos ive seen!
Cool video!
Max Buskirk
0:27 The sound that the northeast regional makes just makes my day. It's just absolutely magnificent, for whatever reason.
Steven Michael
Samuel Aderin
this is the keystone line
Andrew Silva
Question: Aren't they supposed to blow their horns as they come up to a crossing like the ones in the video?????
I want my minute back mother fucker.
Snow TrainZ!
No, quiet zones are dumb. And what's that symbol for, flashing red titties or something?
Moh Monim
Where is this place
Zachary Harper
The first train has the p42.
Alex Batey
It's like the people who complained about the horns on the LIRR dual mode engines. Keeps the smartphone listeners on their toes.
That dont look like a p42......
Oh what fun it is to ride......LoL!!!
Ken Bird
Why no whistles at the crossing? Do they think the quad gates are adequate enough or is theer a local law against whistles?
0:22 THE TITLE LIES! You said P42s not an AEM :P
this video is beautiful :-) LIKE!
Cool, but if you really want to see what it looks like when a train goes through a BIG snowbank, check out 3:22 of this video: /watch?v=6OtQC263gVQ.
Frogspawn Man
Snow: I like trains Train: Vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm
Thomasbrainline. Productions
Thats Not A P42 YOu Lied!
Malik Johnson
no horn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monica Matos
I guess we are going to agree to disagree. You'd be surprised how many people will not notice the gates & bells while on their devices driving or walking. I know I don't need a horn, I can see and hear the cues, but often our public doesn't use common sense. The horn is still an effective part of the sequence, and in NYC with no grade crossings the only warning you get as Amtrak passes through a rock cut with no clearance.And if can save an idiot then its worth it
Robert Gift
"Most" is irrelevent. We don't engineer for "most". Nonsense. Pedestrians do not need a horn any more than drivers. They can see the (o)T(o) and hear the bells. It is trying to beat the train, fully aware of its approach, which can be deadly. Not a matter of missing a needless FIFTH warning - the horn. At typical grade crossings: 1 - Advance yellow (RXR) sign, 2 - (o)T(o), 3 - bells, 4 - gates, 5 - three bright locomotive lights. All of that is sufficient without need of blaring horn.
Monica Matos
Most people are not hearing impaired, and those that are going to check for visual cues. I understand that driving is mostly visual but if you aren't listening to music you'll hear the horn and not try to beat the train like I've seen often in video's. And I read somewhere that at quiet zones in LA there are a ton of light rail-vehicle, light rail-person collisions involving some deaths, so pedestrians also also more in danger at quiet zone crossings
Robert Gift
The horn is not moreffective than (o)T(o). There are deaf drivers who will not hear a train horn. There are also drivers who make themselves "deaf" with car stereo blaring at high volume. They will a horn until too late. Driving is mostly a visual talent. No one needs a horn. The (o)T(o) are enough.
isaiah walker
That last train reminds me of the coorslight train
Monica Matos
The point is the railroad was there first and you have to live around it. Either blowing the horn or creating an underpass is safest. The horn is a more effective warning than the lights & bell. But to cater to the needs of the people over the railroad is dangerous, especially with 125 mph trains passing through there!
Robert Gift
Quiet Zones are a good idea! They make life for those living and working close to grade crossings, better. "You need the horn to warn that you have about 30 sec to clear the crossing,..: The (o)T(o) activate a minimum of 25 seconds before train arrival That is adequate warning. Horns typically sounded give about 15 seconds within that 25 seconds. Idiots would get themselves hit regardless.
Monica Matos
In the Northeast people endlessly complain about train noises yet they move into area where the railroad has been there since the 1800's. You read about the stories about how people moan about the Garbage train in Williamburg & Maspeth which replaces tons of garbage trucks(which people complained about the pollution, smell, etc) which crowded their neighborhood. And NYAR has been there since the 1800's, you can never satisfy everyone!
Monica Matos
Quiet zones are a bad idea. Even with the flashing lights, bells, & a blaring horn all of those trucks & cars still managed to get hit by Amtrak or freight trains this year. So making the zone quiet only leads to more people getting hit since most people who get hit are trying to beat the train to the crossing. And this one is a fast one. You need the horn to warn that you have about 30 sec to clear the crossing,..
Monica Matos
easy to say when simulator horn is all you've gotten :)
this is gay
It's my opinion :)
Joeme s
Step 1-Take shovel and pile snow in front of tracks Step 2-Wait for a train
wow what a crap video
I think american trains are ugly
Awesome Vid!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought the entire NEC was grade-separated ? Or is that just between D.C. and New York?
Robert Gift
"Quiet zones are dumb." Flashing red (o)T(o), bells and gates with flashing red lamps blocking the roadway are not enough warning? You need blocks of residents needlessly disturbed by a blaring train horn? THAT is dumb.
Freedomtower Productions
Great Catch! It's weird to see grade crossing on high-speed lines.
Thanks, appreciated.
Check into Amtrak's Rail Pass. The food on the Superliners was surprisingly good. A ride on the Metroliner in the northeast is always fun, too. Winter would be fine. It gets very hot in parts of the U.S. in summer.
No trains going the other way then? Nice video, I've got it in mind to get an Amtrak ticket and ride American Trains; I'm not a great fan of very hot weather, would winter be a better time I wonder? (I'm writing from the UK, where we don't really have extremes of weather).
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