Andy judging the content others make as not good enough might be the funniest part for me
Thonwang Pamai
You’re stupid get a life idiot
Can that gnome... I dunno, get hit by a truck or something ?
Itz Trikki
Some say Ricegum still does owe Colossal that 10 grand to this day
Nirjhar Dutta
Im not even a fan for any of them but the fact that Keem says that RiceGum made many valid points on his response obviously means that he's biased on RiceGum's side. And I don't even blame him, he got fucked over by idubbbz's content cop last year and couldn't even defend himself properly. Keemstar probably has inner hatred building up inside him against idubbbz from the past year and has been hiding it from the public. I can 100% bet if he ever got shit on idubbbz he'd publicize it within a heartbeat.
Ex Brutalion
Poor Keemstar. What a victim =(
Kavos comment is such shit. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed he's getting a bit ego driven? His live streams are cringe AF
Owen Hales
I think Keem needs to rewatch his content cop
Owen Hales
Keemstar is pretty dumb that was a good diss track
Help me reach 1k subs without any videos
Just give colossal a 10 grand goddammit
Dakota Noonan
The Gnome beard gets longer each day, its amazing
Clown is fucking hilarious
Johnathan Steed
I love how all day colossal was spreading his 10k it was so funny
APK Xelda
why does keem always tilt his phone like that when he records twitter videos? its not that important but its weird
Dominio Effect
Keemstar played himself on twitter
The fact that people are actually JUDGING idubbbz distrack like it's serious is just mind boggling. Idubbz and boyintheband obviously were joking around with it but still wanted it to get the point across
Kavos is so annoying...tbh
Ricardo Mojica
Fuck keemstar
Bradley Johnson
Of course Keem is going to find a way to insert himself into it. It's the only thing he knows how to do to stay relevant.
cody banks
Dude keem stupid.
The only disstrack better than Ians was W2S ksi disstrack
Retrifuryfire Mage
Lmao the “you owe me 10k”
John Kramer
-Keemstar acting like a massive faggot
And in other news, water is wet.
Keemstar trying to be fucking relevant again smh.
Lol all this hate toward Keem for having different opinion LMAO.
Ricegum owes $10,000.00 a clown
DMG Report
Andy milonakis saying the rap was bad is hilarious. It was pretty good and probably better than any rap andy has ever made.
tottie banana
u can tell keem and andy sucking rice dick really hard
Keemstar's point about the diss track was pretty weak. I think Ian's was better thought out and he's spitting facts, whereas Ricegum is just throwing insult.
Lachlan Van Essen
What is the song name
Lotus Abagander
Fucking love colossal just coming in and mentioning his ten thousand in each post, #10grand4colossal
Arc Trooper HD
Stfu keem pussy want to get another content cop on your ass?
Kavos sucking his own dick apparently
Ben Hammers
Makes me think Keem needs a little Content Sheriff to knock him back down... Hes getting a little cocky.
Arinbjörn Helgason
Why are you telling people to buy your Sheep merch
Beep beep lettuce
For once, I agree partially with keem
Keem's just glad its not on him this time so he just tires and stirs the pot more but he as idbubbz mentioned is so dumb, he's one step ahead of keem, idubbbz could care less about ricegum, more fish to try in other words.
I can’t believe I actually agree with Keem on this. The diss track was funny and accurate but sounded like shit and had no flow. RiceGum is obviously better or has better people for making his music sound good. He just happens to also be stupid as fuck.
Who the fuck is colossal hes fucking hilarious
Lmao toxic cunt calling other people toxic. He needs to fucking vanish off of the platform
The local rapist
Keemstar is a fucking cock sucker piece of shit
Jacob Anderson
I don’t really like kavos, I think he believes his opinions are more valid then others
Adam Carbo
Haha no flow? Jesus Christ man
Jackson Grubbs
Keemstar are you really friends with ricegum though? Or are you just in the DM's?
No Vaseline is the best diss track in hip hop history. "Where are the sheep Walter?"
"They crying in that corner over there".
Thomas Vincent
Keem is the Trump of the internet.
tbh keemstar had wise words. Good job keem!
Is kavos even on any side? All that dude does it talk shit about everyone
A Person on Youtube
colossal really just wants his money
edwin pinera
Best part is at 2:07 shit kills me😂😂
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