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An orphaned red-tailed hawk that was adopted by bald eagles has defied expectations and survived, and now it's acting like an eagle. 
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Nicknamed "Spunky," the young hawk was spotted living in an eagle's nest in June. Experts initially thought his chances for survival were low. Hawks and eagles are normally mortal enemies. Hawks feed on small rodents, rabbits, and snakes, but Spunky was seen eating a flounder that he stole from one of the other eagles.  He has shown some signs of his hawk ancestry including swooping down and picking up forest debris, which young hawks do while learning to catch prey. Spunky's time with his adopted family may be short. Soon the eagles will migrate north, but hawks typically don't leave the region.

Footage: Lynda Robson, Hancock Wildlife Foundation
Christian Sasse / SassePhoto / www.youtube.com/Sassephoto

Click here to read "Why This Young Hawk Thinks It’s an Eagle."

Hawk Raised by Eagles Is Starting to Act Like One | National Geographic 

National Geographic

Pickle Rick
Wow, a wholesome video on YouTube? Finally...
Mouse raised by Rat meets Worm raised by Snakes catches sardine raised by whale to feed cat raised by eagle as seemingly every idiot bird video believer has a claim.
Artemis Sin
I actually saw this place, it was cool but the nest was high up so it was kinda hard to see
SNES Stuff
When America invades
Matias Carpio
hes going to try to mate with a bald eagle now...not going to be a happy love life :(
Zepic 619
i love spunky,, protect him, get him a page on instagram, make him famous,, all hail spunky
It was never easy for me. I was born a poor bald eagle.
Ultron - 15
Hawk is starting to act like an eagle? The fuck is the difference anyways?
Agent Critter
Honestly, he just seems like a regular hawk to me, don't know where they got the oh it thinks its an eagle idea.
spazy smalls
who are you to place such a barrier on spunky? When the eagles migrate north so will spunky.
The poor "red tailed step-child" LOL. This is interesting!
He is an honorary freedom pigeon.
Could you not come up with a better fucking name than "Spunky"? Duh.
9miler 9milerz
Birds will be fooookin birds
Ricky Ticky
How Did The Hawk Get InThe Eagle Nest
Dan H
I thought my family was hawkward
Jack Azz
Poor Hawk. The poor thing was probably bullied a lot in Eagle school.
Jacob Cano
This is going to be a disney movie
lily lily
Animorphs, anyone?
JDM Honda516
GARBAGE music take off
Will Grello
Alexander E
It's better when there's narration.. stop cutting costs
Nicole Bela
Wait this isn't right where are the boobs and ass CAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOUTUBE IS NOW 😡
wait! I want to learn more about Spunky!!
I am not Dale Gribble
Now we will start seeing trans- eagles.
Britney Swift
I love you💚
This also happens when White Chicks sleep with black men.
sammy lee
Promoting Homosexual agenda?
aiste bia
Adopted is not the right word. Like the Cuckoo Bird, it will hatch first and push the other eggs out of the nest. Mother bird don't know that is not their child. Bird Brain name for a good reason.
God dang it, I can’t think of that book name, it has the same storyline as this...
Watch the hawk migrate and be king of da north but secretly be the heir of the entire kingdom, the last true hawkgaryen
Hawk is eagle in heart.
space bar
He doesn't know who the fuck he is
Light Yagami
John McKinney
I've got a family hawks nearny my wife saw a larger ird feeding lat week an osprey i think has returned... its like a zoo here .... where country meetz rhe city.
grunt life HORNO
Now I wonder if a child "raised" by gay parent's won't mimic the same behavior?....
Jason Jepson
What's with that cliff hanger? Please tell me there is another episode? D=
Eagle Tribe Productions
Let us know if he follows them or not please. I'm dying to know
Dave Schozer
BOTH are birds of prey !
How Unfortunate
Am I the only one wondering how it got in the eagles nest?
gender fluid nation geographic idiots
hmong_champion vaj
So cliche. Baby Hawk sent in to kill rival Eagles but falls in love and will betray Hawks.
Hawk Hawk
Will the real Hawk please stand up!
Phresh Ideas + Designs
That's a cool story.
See when he finds out that those eagles killed his parents.
hey the next video is going to be a pigeon raised by a dove and starts acting like a dove..amazing!
Madd_Hatter 101
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