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An orphaned red-tailed hawk that was adopted by bald eagles has defied expectations and survived, and now it's acting like an eagle. 
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Nicknamed "Spunky," the young hawk was spotted living in an eagle's nest in June. Experts initially thought his chances for survival were low. Hawks and eagles are normally mortal enemies. Hawks feed on small rodents, rabbits, and snakes, but Spunky was seen eating a flounder that he stole from one of the other eagles.  He has shown some signs of his hawk ancestry including swooping down and picking up forest debris, which young hawks do while learning to catch prey. Spunky's time with his adopted family may be short. Soon the eagles will migrate north, but hawks typically don't leave the region.

Footage: Lynda Robson, Hancock Wildlife Foundation
Christian Sasse / SassePhoto / www.youtube.com/Sassephoto

Click here to read "Why This Young Hawk Thinks It’s an Eagle."

Hawk Raised by Eagles Is Starting to Act Like One | National Geographic 

National Geographic

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So... that's it? Him stealing food from an eagle is what determines him acting like a eagle? And here I thought that would probably just be his survival imperative to get whatever source of food he could.
Better, alternative titles "Hawk Raised by Eagles"; "Hawk Raised by Eagles: Steals Their Food 'Cuz Laziness"; "Hawk Raised by Eagles: Isn't Killed" Relevance.
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Now we need a Disney adaptation of this, kinda like tarzan but with birds
Mayor Humdinger
No falcon?
Carrie Wagner
It's all cute and funny until he brings back one of his own to eat
The Lizard King mojo
This why nature is built to last . that adapted and overcome. And they do it well . this is cool to see. i hope there is updates on this even if not here. Cause if so that would be cool to hear more about it. And im pretty sure i will be able to find it.
Sonny Yates
Bet he got called runt a lot
"Black unprivileged female raised by white privileged male starts to act like one"
Alexander Harris
He is a new breed of super birds he is....... EAGLE HAWK
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Eli Martin
Possibly Awkward
Oh shit is Spunky going to migrate or not?!
verga johnes
this hawk its in deep trouble once he decides to take off on its on. hell be probably get closed to other eagles thinking its ok when the other eagles will have him for lunch
Adam Hammad
jungle book 2
I wonder what a hawk/eagle hybrid would be like. That'd be interesting to study.
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A Bet
This is the typical Nature vs. Nurture.
This showed literally no evidence of the hawk acting like an eagle...
Soon, he shall become jealous of his eagle brother, and then learn of his true inheritance. And thus, he shall resent his eagle family and want to plot against the world, conspiring with those that seek ill will against it. He shall desire to eventually rise to the throne of the eagles, and once and for all be the child the eagle parents never saw him as. POWER! is what he shall seek. He shall deceive many.....but ultimately fall to few. Or will he? Perhaps he shall rise again? WHO KNOWS. Little did they know....they have raised a monster. SOON he thinks.
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Brian Barg
How did it get adopted ?
did humans put the egg in the nest or a baby chick
...how did the hawk get there in the first place ?
Lol. This is so Sam Mitchell.
Cameron Riggins
Eagle father: don't talk to me or my wife's son ever again
Adele D
Music? No credits?
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Robert Van Groll
Hawks are raptors. So are eagles. I'm not sure how many behavioral differences there actually are.... I mean, I'm sure there are differences and there a plenty of people who know the details about what they are, but it's not like a chihuahua being adopted by panthers....
you are watching evolution in action here.
Anti Alien's 2nd Account
"I'm a true American bird, see!?"
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