SOMETHING JUST LIKE THIS - Chainsmokers & Coldplay | Sam Tsui & KHS COVER

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Grab our cover here:
Hope you enjoy this one take of 'Something Just Like This' with Sam :)

Oh and the secret word is "head"

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"Something Just Like This" - originally by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay  
Written by: Andrew Taggart, Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland & Will Champion
Published by: Sony ATV & Universal Music Publishing

Venice Lovegood
who else has a crush on Kurt😍💖
Gfriend_ Buddy
brilliantly filmed! like always :D
1:01 do you see it? :^)
Right Mind
1:05 2:01 cringe inc. lul :D I love this so much!
whoah.... sam singing in a lower pitch than usual is..... THE BESHT
Chin Bupphaphan
i saw tge camera
Rian Narvekar
amazing video Kurt! kudos👏👏👏!!!!
Tino Vino
Sam's deep voice is so beautiful
Lavisha Singh
better than original 😂
Jerrymar Agcaoili
love the location or view
Wow, I saw a fire extinguisher is 消火器。So, place is somewhere in Japan, I think....
Aditya Gupta
you guys rock
Zulfin Hariani
feels like look eka gustiwana there
Maya Farroz
i like it..nice is the song..😍😍
This music better than original.
Kookie-pineapple Pineapple
But these people are really 'super-human gifts' <3 XD
e l l e • w o o d s e n
I know it will be awesome before I even clicked on this video.
Yamin Ahmed
Am i the only one who noticed MJ's Black and White reference??!!!
Jason Chen
Look at the mirror at 1:00 when he's in the elevator, you can see the camera man.
Imogen Arthur
the camera in the elevator tho... and why dontcha put this song in the elevator cos woah...😮😮😉
Atharva Gadkari
what fuck are they doin @1:06
Andrew Malaeulu
not my favorite ....
Unknown Voice
Lol 😅😅😅
Ngoc Nguyen
i love this version
Waheed Amanjee
Oh my word! Love this!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol the cam guy tho
Jennie Nguyen
Sam never dissapointed his fans!!!
Marie Carame
nice cover photo
Devon Eddy
Favorite song off of the album!! You guys killed it! I'd love it if you checked out my cover on my channel and gave me some feedback=)
Jeney Godara
awsmmm song!!😘😘😘and sam ur voice Is just awsmmm😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍👌👌👌😉😉
hey cupcake
love the head-shoulder-dance break part
That head movement that they are doing is kinda cringe just saying.
krishna kumar
waaaaay better than the original version.
Cyndee Roanhorse
ur way ahead of the covers😍😍😍
Lily Biagini
My question is what happens if someone messes up at the very end XD
B. Fong
We rarely get to hear Sam's lower register, and you overpowered it with reverb effect. Sam is amazing, but perhaps not the right singer for this song.
Ch0c0ni7e Gaming
1:15 when you forget steps. See middle one
Michele La Montagna
semplicemente bellissima. Forza Napoli
Sania Singh
I don't like the original one so much. But Kurt and Sam, your version is really nice. I love this.
Mariya Fatima
i wish it was a offline video ☺☺
Mariya Fatima
amazing ❤❤
Ujjwal Mehrotra
Hey aren't you that gay kid from the O'Neils !
nayel bnj
the legends says that they still moving their heads 2:12
pls sing "symphony" pls because i'm dying to hear u guys sing this song
Atheist Everyday
No to the head choreography, bit I LOVE the song
Jacky Ong
1.21 i think this is the first time ever i see the camera-man for Kurt in his video.
Sibin Adhikari
best try
First time listening to this song i though:
I'm not looking for somebody
With some superhuman tits
Naemi Schneider
I love this art of videos ! Kurt is so amazing :)
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