I feel like everyone knew it was her already. Also damn, I really don't like that song of hers, but she did Jolene alright
Laquitta Nelson
This is a day after my birthday
Lizard Queen
pretty hard to not recognize her.
She's soo awesome! I love that all those people knew Party in The U.S.A by heart! It's also really nice to see things like this with everything going on in the world. <3
Alex Matthews
I saw the end now what happened to the kids singbing jooline??
Alex Matthews
Theres no way thats Miley that one has black hair! and thats not Jimmy his name is Bart!
The big cheer on 1:17, was it because they found out the singer was Miley, or was it a genuine appreciation for a good performance? Of course the latter would be the best.....
Pat Fitzgerald
Wussy Jimmy only said he'd do this bit if there were 15 armed bodyguards protecting his wussy ass. Like anyone gives a fuck about him anyway.
Grace Callery
been a massive fan of miley ever since Hannah Montana..she's matured so so much and she's so genuine and lovely! not many 'celebs' would do what she's done here!
Merve Buyukalp
I think they all knew it was Miley
Jesus Christ aka Pisa Rat
tinyurl.com/ONETOO I knew exactly what day retired Pope Benedict Said It Was His β€˜Duty’ To Resign From Papacy cause Washington changed his birthday to 2 22 exactly 222 years to the day of my birth. https://www.google.com/search?q=September+3%2C+1752
i am bart
Venus JCM
Love it.
Ann coventgirl
not much of a disguise
I would literally know that was miley. Her mouth, voice, tattoos...
Bodyguards in suits looking at the audience sort of gives it away if not her voice does. You can see them lurking in the background.
Miley Cyrus is Perfect, I loveeee you😍❀❀
fu... amazing!!!!! :) :) :) :)
Ali Ward
You should do this in buffalo....no one would ever expect it!
Lil Cashee
I like this song
Junae McGeathey
That kid was like β€œyyyeeeaaahh” πŸ˜‚
Amy Brewer
Her voice...chills!
Scarlette TTF
Hannah Montana has her Old Blue Jeans back on ❀️
Jenny Nguyen
That guy looks like Zach from Buzzfeed πŸ˜‚
Ioana Subasu
'Nobody knows we are here'. The security present there really gave no one a clue :) great video nonetheless
Bitch. How could u not know that's Miley Cyrus w that voice? Smh ctfu
Daniela Hermida
Love it love it love it love it!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
joan woo
who wouldn't recognize that beautiful and one of a kind voice of Miley!
Nemfa Quijano
ugh 😍
kevin 95
I LOST AT 3:09
It's Delux
I would know straight away it was miley like all of the people there
Serzh Serzh
How can you not love America
Maritoniflor Reyes
This needs to happen. Subway jams with stars.
Def Qon
nice street singers, could be stars one day
Justine Ona
And now they’re all late at their work.
Jedi Fart master
Her voice is so damn distinct it's bad ass!!!
Yuyun Firdausi
Miley is so cool with that suitt...!! 😍😍😍
Yuyun Firdausi
Miley is so cool with that suitt...!! 😍😍😍
ZeuS B
awesome work!
Quipt Training
That was nice of them to make those peoples days
A Vicario
no matter how many times I watched this it always makes me happy and put a smile on my face. and I love it so much when the crowd sing together with them
Serena Birkhoff
she makes so many people happy and it warms my ❀️
Her voice is too noticeable πŸ˜‚ you don't even have to like her to recognize her voice. Too talented.
Shannon Williams
Keep it up Miley your coming back. You look and sound great.
Pama Bume
Do more of these please!!
alex Lopez
That poor fat kid
Panayiotis Theodorou
mou arese poli!
Omer Berekzai
Your awesome Jimmy !
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