Bigfoot: The Convincing Evidence

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Is Bigfoot real? We decided to find out!

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Big Foot
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Phil Thompson Measures Bigfoot Footprin
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He's got decades of experience in the field
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Legendary 'Bigfoot' Creature
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Expert Says Bigfoot Exists
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Stack Of Stones On The Top Of A Mountain
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Hominids of the Australopithecus robustus
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Twisty Road
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Created by

Michael Fox

Hector Felix

joey lim
I've seen big foot it was so damn big and that was just some bs and some hairy guy wondering but when i looked at it it turned and started chasing me
Im interested. Does Shane believe in the Loch Ness monster?
Marianna Fontejon
What if it's actually a damn gorilla?
Muffin Cat
"Yowi"? lived in Australia my whole life never Heard yowi before? XD
Cristian Tomaquin
You know what they say about big foot😜😅, big socks
Shane is 75% leg, 10% torso, and 15% arm while Ryan is 35% leg, 32% torso, and 33% arm.

Shane is all leg
laz martel
I feel like ryans spongebob and shane is patrick
the savage DUCK
Shane looks like robertidk
I want to laugh but at the same time its soo creepy
Greenery Green
What if its just a similar species to Gorillas native to America? The matter of fact that they are hiding their existence can mean that they know how much endangered they will become if they will be exposed to the human world
EmmaDaly 0
moanna and Bigfoot stack rocks, moanna is big foot.
Metaluna Zombie
the reason we will never have evidence is because he has heightened awareness to detect if people are around, especially those with any recording devices. And the witnesses that do manage to see him are looked at as crazy. When his awareness fails he has a backup power to blur film footage.
They should make some sort of Buzzfeed Unsolved calendar
Cheyenne R
Okay but the Bigfoot who put the little boy on the side of the road is so nice lol
nicholas farster
13:48 why are the trees next to his head blurred??
That one Girl
Finally something Shane believes in but Ryan doesn’t
Leah Eve
“I’m not a Bigfoot”
That’s exactly what a Bigfoot would say.
Irfan Chowdhury
Do the Loch Ness monster
Bella Richie
you guys should check out the kingsley inn in fort madison, there is extreme paranormal activity in that hotel.
Aaron Ines
Jean-Luc Livingstone
Do the loch ness monster
Norsk Minecraftboy
Whats the name of the music at 5:50?
Tim Gunn
ok but ryan looked way less creepy with the stache than shane
Clara Griffin
i love how this guy jeffree meldrum basically went to school to study bigfoot. hes like, ah yes im going to major in apes and evolutionary stuff, and minor in foot stuff. this is exactly what i need to be a bigfoot expert
Celso Robles
Aidan Calhoun
this is scor00ry
Jason Ung
Have you guys checked out the series Finding Bigfoot? Maybe that can help it from being unsolved?
Stephanie Joseph
Sasquatch smashes rock on Ryans head next episode "Bigfoot: true crime"
Is chubacka bigfoot?
Rosie M
Are we not going to address the fact that they're staying in a Sims 4 neighborhood?
In the beginning when they put the red over the screen.......anyone else think it looks like one of those flamin hot Cheetos
Elijah Sturm
Joe Bigger
( W H E E Z E )
Bonnie Belle
I fucking love this series! And this duo! (Not as a ship thing it's just your guys personalities work really well together). Your fucking hilarious.x
8:00 face in the water
Eskild Gundersen
Plot twist: Bigfoot is looking for them
I’ve never seen Shane so passionate in an episode before.
Cloud Music
buzzfeedblue make the unsolved micheal jackson death
Funky Kestrel
What if bigfoot has watched this video😂😂
His reaction will be:
"Oh my G!! Im so famous!!
Gotta start my youtube channel"
S Killman
11:05 Bigfeet "take pleasure in using their strength"? Does Bigfoot lift?
Nicole Rodriguez
petition for cedric the salamander to become a full time member of buzzfeed unsolved
Tony Cerino
I want to see one.😱
Tony Cerino
Man bigfoot are real bros.
DJ BassMic
I wanna see y'all so the Skunk Ape or Mothman.
Leitrabi Parody
here in Manipur, North eastern India.. We call them LAUDRAOBI..
Why do we not just assume big foot is an ape based species?
Aniyunwiya Ageya
Ryan, it's "Skah-May-Nee-Ah" Ska and Mania, like, manic. Now try Wahkiakum. Niawiakum. And we don't have any venomous snakes in Western Washington.
Aniyunwiya Ageya
Fucking hate people saying, "Reports since 1500..." Natives have known of, spoken of, sasquatch for THOUSANDS of years. Thanks for fucking erasing us from yet another goddamned narrative.
The salamander looks so cute
Mr Chent
He probably died bigfoot
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