THE NEW MUTANTS Trailer (2018) X-Men

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Official "X-Men: The New Mutants" Movie Trailer 2018 | Subscribe ➤ | Blu Hunt Movie #Trailer | Release: 13 Apr 2018 | More
The story of the New Mutants, a team of mutant heroes comprised of the first graduates from Charles Xavier's school.

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mus alif
i think i see arya stark
Jozsef Bogdan
It will be a shot movie
Alfred C Kumwenda
I'm getting stranger things vibes from this
shalaw best
After all it's Marvel's made
shalaw best
Wow X-Men I always waiting for new one
Is this cannon to the X-Men storyline?
Anthony Nicholas
Horror is so hot's been 20 years since the last horror cycle, seems about right...
Jasmin Jade
Jim Canterak
Maisie Williams? Are they like, casting GoT actors movie after movie?
Pensei que fosse x men
Ikhsan Darmawan

russell Cloa
X men is d3d
not sure if serious...
Angely Ly
wht the---- i thaught that was X-men movie.. but its look alike horror movies.. is this X-men???? helll...
Lame 😒
zax al ghul
this isnt x-men is it...
The Creepernator
People need to stop throwing a huge temper tantrum over this. The director and producers made it loud and clear that this was gonna be a horror movie, so stop acting so surprised, Also they’re using the story line with Moonstar/Mirage and her inner struggles with the Demon bear, which if done right is excellent for horror. I think this is a fresh new direction for Comic Book Superhero films and the X-Men film series on its own to take. Not all superhero movies have to be strait up light hearted tongue and cheek action as films such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Logan have showed us. I’m personally really excited to see this.
mustafa kemal güngör
Yuno Gasai
Jose Morales
Is that Arya!?
Cavin Tube
Arya stark???
Makinson TV
This marvel or horror movie
The Flash
When did a girl became mutant
Saurabh Sharma
Gonna watch this for maisie williams
Professor 254
So many people commenting without doing the tiniest research. This Spinoff is SUPPOSED to be a horror movie, thats why the trailer is looking like one duh. "The new mutants" is based on "Demon Bear Saga" which is quiet the horror material if you use it right.
Stylish Yak
was a great comic in the early 80s, and this looks to have captured zero of it's charm and essence -- ugh.
MiningPro3000 Aka money mover
Why is this a horror movie? Instead of a action movie
Nazia Malik
New faces
Stephen Gowins
number 1. xmen has always been about demonic possesion dressed up. think about legion number 2 they stole that from the bible. jesus cast out a demon who said his name was legion. legion is guess what jewish! they are showing you what it really is number 3 witch doctors have always had similar powers to the xmen . telekinesis, weather control mind control ect ect, the witches wizards warlocks just throw in xmen
where said to be what? in cahoots with Saten Lucifer ect ect. just accept that hollwood has been thinly disguising what they truly believe all along they just dress it up now they are showing you its just plain old demonic possession.
Turkish translate pls
Denner Silveiro
Oh, look. Arya Stark got powers!
The fuck did I just watch
baba praba
X-Men now becoming a horror movie getting darker every year, maybe we will see pennywise in this movie
Zefram Cochrane
Huh. Thanks Deadpool
Marvels finally got some balls now.
Wtf is this shit
Web-design Slinger
James Wan directing an xmen movie? Nice!
Jack Tomkinson
Really disappointed, that’s not a marvel movie
# SnoFootball
It reminds me of the cabin in the woods how they have monsters in each room
Official Zgibode
I've been waiting for this!
What does a haunted hospital have to do with x men mutants
I thought this was an X-Men movie, but it's not. However, I will still watch it, because this is the first time I’ve seen horror like film planning to come out and it's by Marvel. I mean, come on, when has Marvel EVER made a horror movie before? I wanna see how they do.
this is not X-Men anymore
Solomon Umlah
Architect 02
What if Anya Talyor-joy has casted as older version of X-23..It would be even better!!
Adam Mada
New movies logic: Insert game of thrones actor = profit
หล่อรวย วาสนาดีมีแต่สุข
อาย่ามาเอง อิอิ
Muskaan pahuja
It seemed like i am watching stranger things 2 trailer 😂😂
Crow Head
ANOTHER marvel mutant movie. I'm kinda getting sick of all these new marvel movies like chill out Marvel Studios. Chill out
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