Ghenghis Khan
bhad bhabie is on all charts in usa and canada,usa with her smash hit with atlantic records
Jonathan Alatriste
Teshaun One time
There’s no way she 13 years old
Burnett BBQ
Time machine. Kill her mother.
Angel Maciel
Is this
Angel Maciel
hen tan
Our standards are so low
Wtf this is a awesome diss track
Lisa Hernandez
Kodak need to stop talking like this I cant
White Gurl
Princeton Jackson
If he did a real video with some actual pain and struggle in it the song would hit way harder💯
Kevin Aguilar
All I see is a shorty hustling, Lip singing showing her style off to some real lyrics by Kodak black. Stop the hating. Keep the jokes coming though
Christina Cowles
why i don't understand is why shes offending my nostrils with her legs wide open...
k Litty Antonio
Just wait a couple of years fam. I'm sure when she is past the age of 18 they'll release a sex tape. #herebefore2021
price YT
Cash Me Outside
price YT
Cash Me Outside
Ethan Eide
She's an autistic bitch who is probably gonna be on crack in the next year
Stephii Loveless
This is the worst shit I've ever heard. People actually listen and enjoy this shit? That's fucking sad.
Adrian Williams
Follow my reaction channel, I'm the next big thing! and I won't forget about all of my followers when I make it big.
Dylan _Fishing
Her legs wide open 😂
Kaia Johnson
I got the same slides as her
whiteplains minime
So he didn't do a song with nicki Minaj but this wack bitch
whiteplains minime
Kaven Hearts
On the end of the day she will sign the contract of course they will split her open thou nothing come for free baby girl enjoy the dark side.
mitchell dent
Kodiak black your fool to have her on your track views went down like y'all's life gonna be in the trash we're u belong this my comment diss so you don't know my face for wen I run up like a boss i whip your ass like a white Floyd Money Mayweather I'm no joke like Isis I walk in your fucking home let that ak blast living a mess body bags for you and your family they got me on the news high ass fuck like I give a shit (lil redneck) 2017 no 2018 for you I'll burn in hell don't care l
Rebel Queen
honestly I respect her
Liliana Weatherford
Why in the music video there is a dog shitting wtf 😂
Frederick Paulino
Watch doctor phil,she got famous for that
Jesse Hagler
She's bad as hell and ain't scared of anything
Shawn Salahzadeh
close ya legs hoe
Jacob satariifnwifn has 5 brain cells. That's 5 more than Danielle.
Bre T
Thirsty trash
Linda Myers
Right here
she thinks she is hard wit the hunnit and the ones :)hahahaha
Scott T
just dumb
nuclear9 3leven
Who's the child prostitute?
Jim Moody
1:04 Damn she ballin..... keep flashin that 257dollars
Dead •_
She sounds like Kodak Black
Mike Sanchez
Meth is a helluva drug.
Mike Sanchez
That is some awesome video work man. Especially that back and forth video work. I bet it cost about 40 dollars to make this video. 10 for borrowing the neighbors car, 20 for all those dollar bills, and 10 for the ho in the back seat.
Mike Sanchez
More proof that you can get places in life by getting on your knees.
Jeannie Wheaton
they love ny
The video is worth 5dollars why did I waste my time watching this
Supreme Gaming
Kodak prolly gave her that money and let her use the RR
ASAP victor
Nick Kiggins
She is holding like 200$ haha
My ears and eyes are bleeding 🙄
Boba Fett
this is such garbage
Her mom shouldve took her to beyond scared straight
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