Shaving My Eyebrows

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Paigey Miller
9:01 Ik they've been dating for a while but ugh it's so cute
Liliann Gonzalez
What u smock girl crazy 😜
Amina Shah
You know what i actually feel like shaving my fucking eyebrows now. Thanks
Bangtan Forever
Get a mans that helps you shave off your eyebrows
Lillie Acker
0:12 threw 0:48 is peach trying to get marbles consent to have sex but failing
Heyits Hekla
This is why i watch youtube
Graymay Gaming
5:13 shanaynay?
Owlawesomeness 2005
0:23 look at the background. The dog is sleeping and being licked
Alex Calcraft
Jenna u look like u eat meth
colette Sparks
lol at 0:30
ToxicSharpie VEVO
How long does it take to grow back
LoLiKitty x /2nd channel
jeffree star is trembling
Danielle Feldmann
I literally watch this video at least once a week. It's my favorite video ever!!
George Edison
Who is here because of xxxtentacion?
Julien should've written Von Dutch across her brows lol
Cassie Best
The bad thing is, is that she actually looks good...
Sofia A
I shaved the tail of my brows for years. And i loved it!
I rarely wears makeup now, so that look doesn't really work πŸ˜‚
ImVeryFatAlso O
Hahaha it's disgusting.
Is peach licking Marbels? Assesses 😱😍😍
omg she should've put fake lashes where her eyebrows go
Rose Butler
Why was Paesh eating Mango in the intro
Ashley MacLellan
If I could draw eyebrows that good (pink ombrΓ©) I'd probably shave mine too tbh
Skyler Novento
Omg I've watched that Glam and Gore video (Mykie is bae btw)
Why does it work with her though?πŸ˜‚
Henry Pires
I still think about this a lot
naomy garcia
Julien is supportive I love it he's the best
Faith lmao
I'm really upset that she didn't glue eyelashes in replace of her eyebrows
Awe, peachy is cleaning marbles so cute!!
Megan Paish
You should try going vegan for a day like Shane Dawson did watch his video
Angelw Goddessw
Peach cleaning Marbles
The Fandom Queen
Literally for the first 48 seconds of the video I wasn't listening to Jenna I was just watching Peach lick Marbles
When I'm a old fart I wanna shave off my hair & eyebrows so I look like a saggy ball
Samantha Zimmerman
Brow estate
Lauren Copeland
My sister pretty much looks like she doesn't have eyebrow normally. She also wears glasses though so it doesn't look too weird
Bella Bozied
Rachel Walker
wait did you think i was actually gonna shave my eyebrows? well you were right, so always judge a book bye its cover πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Rhonda Haughton
U're so fucking funny πŸ˜‹
Rhonda Haughton
U're so fucking funny πŸ˜‹
Rhonda Haughton
U're so fucking funny πŸ˜‹
Steven Goldie
JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexa McHugh
Peach licking marbles face
never judge a book by its cover
Ruby Walker
Suddenly my eyebrows feel so fucking heavy
Did you really think I was gonna comment about the never judge a book by its cover challenge? Well you were weird never judge a book its cover
Shevaun Feser
I've watched this video at least fifteen times in the past year and it's still so funny
Nikko Shinigami
I am sooooo ded rn!!! yaaaaaas
Olivia Witcher
this is the second time i've seen this vid and i've honestly never been happier in my life
Anna Eline Berg
I watch this whenever I'm having a bad day. It always cracks me up.
Lilshorty Puente
All i have is this Razor that i shave my legs withπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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