If glow was so great in the 80's it wouldn't have gotten cancelled so quickly
Ken Nechee
Jesus Christ is the only true God!
♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥
The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.
Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.
also heal their bodies.
Lisa Mena
Trudy Campbell you´ve really changed!
great serie
Sony William
Whos here because of Bayley?
Sarah Sittinger
Watched the entire first season in one night
Saket Arora
Mallika Dua??
Gina Leahy
Relativity Media
FilmNation Entertainment
Evolution Film & Tape
Sal Tim
Both adoring 1980's and L.A.
Normerican 321
Not gonna lie, watched the whole thing...Fell in love with it
ღ ღ
Love this show 😍
Louis J. Prez
This show is pretty cool but i find myself fast forwarding a lot of these scenes that are boring as fuck. The only times i stick around and watch it through are when episodes are focused more on the group. The individual sub plots like Debbie's marriage issues are a drag. If the show focuses more on the drama around the wrestling show and less on these relationship boring drag sub plots no one cares about it would probably be a bigger hit.
Elcid Abiera
this is so good. i love this show. love the humor. love every single character.
Michael's Wrestling
If i like this show i just probably wanted to see more built up on the fueds and matches but overall it's fun and classic im just curious what's the next season plot is gonna be
I love it !!! It's got the athmopshere , it\s got the right interesting faces and the idea. I'm really looking forward to the next season !
GLOW>>>>>>>>Orange is the New Black
Pancake Report December 16 1991
I loved the series! One thing they could have done better in the trailer though was make it clear what Ruth had done to cause the tension between her and Debbie, it wasn't shown clearly in the trailer but other than that I really enjoyed the show and it was very binge-worthy, I really recommend watching this!
minhee lee
I got just introduced to this awesome drama through one of the famous korean entertainment shows in my country. I am so glad the 'Infinity Guys' went to the us and auditioned for this drama. This is an amazing, awesome, sensational, historical drama in this time. Love to watch it soon
"You are a big black lady/ What the fuck you said?" ..... Truth hurts or what? Why fat black ladies act always so agressive when someone calls them what they are? :D :D
This trailer makes it look like feminist propaganda like (((Orange is the new black))) but this show is pretty good
Just watched episode one - liked it very much.
That dude look like Bernie, not Sanders, the one from "Weekend at Bernie's".
2:13 como se llama la canción
Nátali RCA
Quero a segunda temporada 😢😢😢
Hector Kayman
Really beautiful show, loved it. I'll be eagerly waiting for the next season. Awesome job Netflix.
Tony Nguyen
I was and still a big wrestling fan of 80s GLOW but this GLOW netflix was bland and boring..
Mrs. Patronus
I love the show! Waiting for season 2!!
Enchanted Sloth
I just finished the first season I absolutely love it I wish Ruth and Sam were together though x
Helena Zhang
Crash Crash
A netfix series that does not propagate homosexuality? What happened to you guys? You're not the old either!
alexsa 456
"The fuck you say?!" 😂
Beto McKnight
yes, yes, yes!go WOMEN!
Spehmaster G.
.. and here was I think Netflix couldn't get any worse. I didn't even make it half way through the Pilot.

Horrifically bad, tragically unfunny... Entirely forgettable.
Daniela De Avila
song at 2:15 pleasee?
When you love the 80s but hate wrestling... Feel like your'e not part of the target audience at all but still enjoyed Orange is the new Black.
The Netfix series is about a short-lived female wrestling show before Total Divas and Desperate Housewives there's Glow this campy show from the 80's has Saturday Morning stroylines with PG writen all over it there's a promoter Sebastian Howard[a Stan Lee wanna-be] come up with great ideas and storylines trying to out do Vince the orignial wrestling storylines but this Netfix series is about a out-of-work inturn trying to make ends meat so she out to compete for the female wrestling show the plot twist Howards wants her to play a gimmick character like the other girls a babyface or a heel the series it's not just Glow it's about the rise of Ruth Wilder a main character and Howard has his storylines for her to take the fall you think what happen when Vince screws Bert Hart it's nothing compeared what Howard will do to Miss Wilder.
Adam Warren
If I saw this trailer first...I'd give it a WIDE birth. Looks pretty bland and run of the mill... That said, i didn't watch the trailer first, binge watched it and... it's actually one of the best TV shows i've seen in a number of years!! I can't wait for season 2!
Player Juan
The actual Glow was pretty bad though...
"Are you hiring actresses to play wrestlers, or are we the wrestlers?" - "Yes."
Netflix has Orange is the New Black.
Netflix has Stranger Things.
Netflix has Lucha Underground.
And now Netflix has the bastard lovechild of all three. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.
Minnie Mouse
This was hugely enjoyable, way better than I expected.
Kadrien Parnell
My girl Kong/Kharma looks good loving her role in GLOW...
Looks kind of fun, still feminist propaganda, and I don't see how this being based on a real thing makes it NOT propaganda, just now they unearth it right in the heart of the women's rights LGBTQ clusterfuck of our age, EMPOWERED! guys are evil because they recognize women can't do the same shit they can...see but noow we're equal because men are brainwashed idiots and fat slobs who even grow titties, so there's few men to call this shit out.
Artisankat Studios
This was amazing. Especially that last 5 minutes of the first episode. One of the greatest moments of TV, ever. I watched the original GLOW and I was amazed at the strong, sexy, funny women. If people don't think that there is a level of reality to 'fake' wrestling, many wrestlers end up in wheelchairs so... Go ask them :/ Thank you Netflix for bringing GLOW back into the spotlight. I also hope that there will be some benefit to Mountain Fiji! She was the heart of GLOW and has had a rough time after.
Rei dos Vermes
Naomi approves!
improvisor 1
This is better than i expected, The acting is what did it for me. I came in thinking the acting will be horrible but it turned out above average.
Roberta Moshe
Is that the guy from Memento ?
Watched the first four episodes tonight. So good! Sheila is awesome and is my favorite character. She won me over fast, even more so after the motel scene with Ruth.
This show is so great, WHEN IS SEASON 2?!?!?!
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