I haven't listened to this song in years I always thought it was so cute until today when I realised what its about... I feel for anyone who has or will go through this.
Leeah Brown
I lost you one year ago now, little one. I think of you every day. I love you so much.
Always cry when I listen to this song.
Just Endri
I love you mom!
Jaqueline Frias
Georgia Hayes
This song means alot to me as I miscarriaged a couple of months ago 😡😰πŸ˜₯
GangstaSquirrel YT
Ed sheeran did infact have a child that died. He wa defistated
Row P
The inspiration behind the song is so sweet but also deeply upsetting . The song was created after a friend of ed sadly lost their baby 5 months into her pregnancy πŸ˜”my heart goes out to all the mothers but also fathers who's babies were taken from them before they entered the world β€οΈπŸ‘ΌπŸΌ
jose caio 38
Eu amo esta mΓΊsica muito linda
Artemis Wayne
It's sad but most (not all) first pregnancies are miss carriges.😞 It's really sad, my mum's fist pregnancy was a miss carriage.
mrryann bber
Jim Hoang
16 August 2017 8.00 pm was the date I lost my son due a miscarria. He became 4 months.. we named him Evin Hoang.
Jack The pocket toast
My mum was aspose to have twins but it was miscarriage I miss them so much
Hannah Banana
This is such a beautiful and sad song <3 I've never had a miscarriage, but before me, my mom had two miscarriages and a week or two before my 14th birthday last year, my older sister had one. So, I have two other older siblings and a niece or nephew that we've never met. It worries me when I have kids if something like that happens to them.
Megan Pulliam
This song hits home with me, I lost my baby girl at 20 weeks in October due to placental abruption.
Mistress Menyon
To Sebastian. 10/16/15- 03/03/16.
Eugeniusz DupczyΕ„ski
He is so wonderfull...
Robert Velden
Ed Sheraan is By farr the best artiest of thiss moment.
Juan Lemus
I love my nephew so much he's almost 3 months already time goes by fast
I love this song😍😍
jamile Souza
Cade os BRRRRR?????
I know this is about a misscarage I'm sorry for you ed😭😭😭😭
Sharon muirhead
I love this song so much πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜˜but i feel so sad that someone had to go that πŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ˜Ÿ
ll Tezren
last line will always send chills down my spine
Cookie DoughXxX
This was 1 month after my brothers birth
this is what i call a amazing song
now a days most artists make songs about stupid shit with no meaning put into them whatsoever
but ed sheeran puts his heart and soul into all his songs
which truly makes me respect him as an artist
Donald Douglas
This song mskes me miss my little one in heaven so bad. Daddy loves you baby
Tiziano Natale
One of the best lyrics I've ever read. Superb song in my opinion, so full of meaning about a true tragic situation for every couple, but first of all for every woman who suffered such a pain.
Colin Noble
I listen to this song when I want to think abt my baby daughter I lost its painful to listen but it reminds me she was meant for something bigger
manuela gonzalez becerra
Claudia a pugcornio
greyΒ΄s anatomy
Terra Chaney
Love his acoustic version soo much better!!
Bianka Hidalgo
Like si ablas espaΓ±ol y no entiendes ni uno de los comentarios (algunos los que saben mucho ingles)
April Fulton
Why do I torment myself listening to this stuff. I wanted you more than anything, but you was torn from my belly at just 22 weeks gestation. You was born asleep. Part of me died with you that day. I love you my sweet baby boy with all of my heart and only hope that I will be able to hold u again one day.
Auddie Harper
I was 19 when I found out I was pregnant an had a miscarriage due to stress an it hardest thing. When mothers day came around i didn't feel like a mom an I just cried that day. Now I have 3 healthy children my oldest daughter is 3 my son is 1 an baby girl who is 5 months old. Please don't say anything negative about my kids being close age. I'm on a good birthday control an my kids have changed me for the best. To families have delt with a miscarriage I'm very sorry ur thoughts are in my prayers
Melissa Casali
In loving memory of my 15 week and 5 days old unborn child, Lucciano Dean Parra Casali born August 5th, 2017 born @ 3:00 p.m.
~ Mommy loves you..
Luluh Pereira
uma das músicas mais triste que jÑ escutei 😒❀
Sayda Corea
Ed I Love Your Song.
2017! 😍😍
Shifa Ahmed
Calling all weeping Sheerios!!
Why hasn't this video reached 3 billion views ? ☹️
Zekhethelo Mkhwanazi
My Mother lost my younger brother who was only 3 days old.. I was one year at that time. I knew nothing. I Only got to learn what happened now when I'm 19 years old. Everytime I listen to this song tears roll down my face. I could imagine the heartache she endured. I don't wish for anyone to lose their child. Strongs to everyone who has lost their Little Angels.πŸ˜’πŸ˜”
This song gets me every time, We lost our daughter at 22 weeks old... She was born alive and tried to take her little breaths but her lungs were just not developed :'( A day doesn't go by that I don't miss her, it's very hard as a male to speak about this with someone so this comment section will help with that.
Niranjan S Reddy
I wanted to be a song writer ... sometimes I feel I haven't learned English properly ... coz I'm really out of words when I listen to Ed's singing ... love you Ed ... <3...
scott kane
This is my favrite
Thomas Keogh
This song was on the radio 20 mins after my daughter was born while I Sat with her an my girlfriend in the hospital, brings back the best moment of my life every time I listen to it, Ed my friend you are a legend
Ty A.
I just lost my baby boy yesterday 17 weeks 😒 saw his lifeless body and everything. I hope I never have to experience this feeling again.
Chris Davies
My mum and dad eight children and one on the way .nine months and fourteen days later mum went to hospital because baby refused to be born .Four days later dad comes home and says its a boy but things were a little complicated doctors were suprised he was not disabled .Mum went into labuor but baby bro had a big head if he had been in there ten seconds longer he would have died but instead he sufferd a broken arm he was born 11/11/11 one minute passed one couldnt live with out any of my family
Rachel Smith
Joseph harmony πŸ’™πŸ’œ
Aldo Giovani Arevalos
Eres el mejor Ed Sheeran 😍
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