Ed Sheeran - Small Bump [Official Video]

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Official music video for Ed Sheeran's 'Small Bump'. Lyrics in the description!

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'Small Bump' Lyrics

You're just a small bump unborn in four months you're brought to life
You might be left with my hair but you'll have your mother's eyes
I'll hold your body in my hands, be as gentle as I can
But for now you're a scan of my unmade plans
A small bump in four months you brought to life

And I'll whisper quietly and give you nothing but truth
If you're not inside me, I'll put my future in you

You are my one and only
And you can wrap your fingers round my thumb
And hold me tight
You are my one and only
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb
And hold me tight
And you'll be alright

You're just a small bump, I know you'll grow into your skin
With a smile like hers and a dimple beneath your chin
Fingernails the size of a half grain of rice
And eyelids closed to be soon open wide
A small bump, in four months you'll open your eyes

And I'll hold you tightly and tell you nothing but truth
If you're not inside me, I'll put my future in you

You are my one and only
And you can wrap your fingers round my thumb
And hold me tight
You are my one and only
And you can wrap your fingers round my thumb
And hold me tight
And you'll be alright

Then you can lie with me, with your tiny feet
When you're half asleep I'll leave you be
Right in front of me, for a couple weeks
So I can keep you safe

'Cos you are my one and only
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb
And hold me tight
You are my one and only
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb
And hold me tight
And you'll be alright

'Cos you were just a small bump unborn for four months, then torn from life
Maybe you were needed up there but we're still unaware as why.

Maxi GonzΓ‘lez
Epale epale, mi piernita :'v
hello 19999
Simply Bracie
My mum had 9 miscarriages before she had me πŸ™πŸ˜­
miguel and kristen
I just found out I had my third miscarriage this song does bring tears to my eyes
Angie Agra
I started crying without even knowing why :'(
Kristy Alcorte
I was so scared to listen to this but it's my reality. I gave birth to a beautiful forever sleeping baby boy in 2008. I've also lost 5 other amazing Angel's in my second trimester. Through all the tests everything came up fine with no cause to why. In a second your watching this prefect life suck their thumb to the next day holding your baby that's gone. RIP My sweet babies never forgotten.
asha graham
At this moment crying and holding the test knowing he or she is gone😭
Fatima Alsaleh
I cried like a baby, thinking about my miscarriages πŸ’” I had 2, I lost one on October 15th 2012 at 10 weeks, the other on November 28th 2013 at 15 weeks, had they lived, the would have shared the same birthday, June 18th within a year of each other, even though I lost them too early in my pregnancy, but I had a feeling that both of them were boys.
Ive given birth to a healthy baby girl on June 25th 2016 hlwho I'm extremely crazy about, as well as her elder sister whom I had before my miscarriages, but I will never forget the two angels I lost... πŸ’” listenting to that amazing song proved that πŸ’” I've come to love most of Ed Sheerans song because they touch my soul ❀️
This song and video never fail to make me cry. Sheeran really knows how to touch the right strings in my heart. And I've noticed, the videos of his songs are not just music videos, they each tell a complete story. So well made. Keep going, man!
the best
Courtenai Leverton
just a month and a half ago I miscarried... thanks to youtube, I was folding laundry just fine with my sick boyfriend asleep while I listened to music and it played this song... tears started to roll down my cheeks as I put my hand on my stomach remembering that nothing is there anymore... my baby is gone... this was a sad, and tough reminder that I miscarried not long ago...
My name is not Logan it is Phogan. Bam
Self portrait

Jonathan Rojo
dam that last part was fucked uo
Natalie Hillier
This hits home way to much. My son and daughter in law never wanted kids then surprise came my 3rd grandchild. At 6 months into pregnancy the placenta stopped working and sadly we lost the baby, it was a girl my one and only little girl my baby's baby whom he never thought hed have but wanted more then his own life. she was stillborn and she was beautiful and perfect in everyway why he must have needed her more than to let us keep her ill never understand. thank you ed for this song and giving it so much true emotion.
Sean mills
he has a beautiful voice i aspire to be like him (girl,13 ;)
Justin Murphy
this song is so sad
My name is not Logan it is Phogan. Bam
Pause in the middle of the video.

It feels weird right?
Premanshu Roy
this song touch my heat
Tina Ditte Thomsen
It was only when I listen to the very last sentence that I realized this was about child death.
Coolios TV
Syok Time
This leave me heartbroken somehow...
Kioni Cruz
Kiss you ed Sheeran
Muhammed Chavoos
Rocket League ftw
The pain of losing a child might just be the hardest thing in the world. For nine months I carried my sweet Ivy Rebecca. She was perfect, but died due to a cord accident the day after her due date. 1/22/17

Im still not sure how we are surviving....we miss you SO much baby girl. :(
Rheianna Messier
Is that the same sweatshirt he wore in shape of you?
Robert Price
this song makes me hurt so much because. I don't talk about it but it hurts. still a great song though
Fanny Alexander
You were just a small bump unborn
Just four months then torn from life
Maybe you were needed up there
But we're still unaware as why
Lili Maya
This song makes me cry every time...
I lost my brother when he was still in my mumma...
Think of him every time i hear this song...
Miyuki Yamamoto
bolachinha voa voa
Tally Girl
M/C yesterday, 9 wks. Thank ed helps to cry let it out
Seth Hultquist
Great song But so sad.
Mitchell Price
God, I wish I was that baby.
Nikki Hill
i just lost my baby had a dmc at 4:30 p.m today. this pain is killing me
Alli Boo
God damn this song hits home. My son would've been thirteen months old. I lost him when I was four and a half months.
Abigail Taylor
the last lines sad because she had a miscarriage and this us sad
Aryana Elmore
This is one song I'll never read the comments on
Dominic Martin-Cooke
This song, reminds me of my stepmom and my dog, my guinea and 2 pigs and 2 cats. My stepmom died of cancer on Christmas day. My dog died form epilepsy and brain damage. My guinea pig form natural causes the cats from natural causes too. The pigs form Cancer. My heart feels shattered. I need something...
kishor thapa
It is very emotional songs.
Madeleine Williams
Listening to this song on repeat.. never thought I'd go through this but now that I have with my first ever pregnancy and it's Mother's Day today - it's so heartbreaking πŸ’”
Tamara&Maddie Tamara&Maddie
Precious Mitchell
Taylor Michael 04/25/12 πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
GT5 Tutorials Android
is Beautiful!πŸ’•πŸ˜’
PenPenPlays MSP
love this song
This guy is what Bruno Mars would've been like if he hadn't sell-out
Jamie Bruiser
Briahna Belford
i just heard this song for the first time its so sad😒
Yuki wolf
I love u ed sheeran
Susan Daniels
Omg. First tome listing to this song:(
who was this song written for? is he an uncle already?
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