Stingray Feeding Time!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote visits the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum for Stingray feeding time! 

The middle of the desert is not typically the place one would think to visit for an up close Stingray encounter but that’s all about to change. While visiting one of their favorite places in Arizona, the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, the Brave Wilderness team learned about an exciting new exhibit where visitors can actually touch and feed Cownose Stingrays. So on their day off from filming the team decided to give it a try for themselves and oh boy was it incredible! 

Get ready to get up close with some amazing Stingrays! 

Big thanks to the staff at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum for making this episode possible. For more information on how to plan your own visit please check out their website -

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Imhotep Tafari
hahah he made a stingray joke
Arthur Flores
find us a eagle ray
Omega Skull
"Where going up close with sting rays. now, I know what you're all thinking..." That lowkey Steve Irwin joke...
the jacksmith j
Brass Jake
RIP Steve Irwin
You can do it all night long
Creeper Universe
I freaking love rays. They're so much fun to play with!
Rax The Dinosaur
I know he's married and has kids but

Nitro Gaming
if you play close attention around 1:12 you can literally she the moment she falls in love with coyote lol
Nitro Gaming
I know i'm late but def shipped
Minecraft pe rail
I have fed some stingrays before too in adventure cove Singapore actually 4 times
TheTruePUN1SH3 R
Those stingrays are like puppy's.🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
Jooshu 45 gaming
I'm sad because I looked at the subscribe area and I was not subbed:(
I remember once when I fed cownose rays in Florida
Rad Chad
This man's child-like enthusiasm really grows on you.
123 please kill me
they look Like broken paper plates xD
Assassin's Creed Expert
Is it weird that I find this adorable?
Siya Patel
Kat looks like she could be marks sister
I swam with baby lemon sharks and stingrays in costar rica
Coyote:these sting rays are so majestic
Coyote:what's your name though?
Girl:uhhh, yeah!
Eevee Army
When me and my 2d grade bff went to the zoo to pet stingrays, it gave her a high 5 and both of us a splash... we aren't friends anymore cuz I forgot her name, smh
That girl is suuuper cute
John Doe
Stingrays in a desert museum? Very cool though
Simple Clean
this girl is not his type . his future girlfriend will the type of girl that bite his forearm
in your big fan
Insaniz 7
they swim around like weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Samantha Kangbateh
Hay hi five by sting ray
Samantha Kangbateh
Thay look like puppy on the mouth
INB4 Comments Disabled
Hockeypro 2005
The rays like you lol
I ship these two.
Melissa Means
Kat loves him
Bob Wilson
They are both named after animals!!!!!
There sooooooo cuteeeeee😆
Aaron Chavez
Poor things locked up in a pool
Mia LaRuffa
In the Cayman Islands you can get wild stingray on your back, you can hold them, and pet them. It was soooooo cool.
little puppy rays x3
Sunset the Snake
so cute!
Abigail Jeong
Coyote, she likes you 😂😂
Destiny Hysell
kat and coyote kissing in a tree 😍😍😍😍😘
Dovishai Skop
COYTE Does The STinGrAy Bite Hurt
NovaCore Gaming
Coyote is super nice to his camera crew not like most people.
Asher :3
so if Coyote's subscribers are called the Coyote pack, and he has 5 million subscribers... that's a pretty big pack of coyotes 0_o
I like the way they fly underwater
Since 1999
She's beautiful af 😍
Lps *Funtwins*
Awwww I want that in my Big tank I LOVE THEMMM AHHHHH
"Now, I know what you're thinking."

(Thinking of Steve Irwin)

"This is gonna be awesome!"

That wasn't what I was thinking at all.
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