Stingray Feeding Time!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote visits the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum for Stingray feeding time! 

The middle of the desert is not typically the place one would think to visit for an up close Stingray encounter but that’s all about to change. While visiting one of their favorite places in Arizona, the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, the Brave Wilderness team learned about an exciting new exhibit where visitors can actually touch and feed Cownose Stingrays. So on their day off from filming the team decided to give it a try for themselves and oh boy was it incredible! 

Get ready to get up close with some amazing Stingrays! 

Big thanks to the staff at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum for making this episode possible. For more information on how to plan your own visit please check out their website -

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i am wonderstruck
I hope you can visit the Philippines :)
Rainbow Rider
5:27 oFISH-ally about to feed the rays!
David Hurtado
lol it had to be so awkward for her. she went in for a hug greeting then almost let coyote eat a fish, then the stutter back and forth in the outtro
Christeah Adams A.K.A Bubble Lady
How does a single comment get 1.1 K likes?
Looks at name and avatar......
My god, Coyote is also a psychic wizard
Alexis Garcia
there are so cute 😍
Adam ElDaya
I am hungry I want pancakes
Y'all are so hetero that you think a man and a woman within 10 feet of each other want to sleep with one another.
Best job ever.
zion adams
she is cute tho
zion adams
Kat was flirting with coyote :-)
"I get so excited as soon as I see something I could potentially eat" same
lazy parade
i believe these are cownose stingrays! so cute
Hari kiran
nice time with cyote and cat
Here we see a natural interaction of a coyote and a cat feeding stingrays
Mitchell Cianfarani
that chick was so down coyote
Mintella Plays
You got bit by the 3 most painful ants and stings and your nervous about feeding a sea pancake flap flaps ?
Mintella Plays
Do they sting or bite or are they trained not to
phoenix 306
floppy little sea pancakes !!!
Emely Portillo
Coyote do pup stingrays have stingers
Marlee Davis
They are so cute
Marlee Davis
Are you educational?
SeaHorse Animie
Magical Squirrel
That's so cool how we're we open our mouths they have like a divider of skin and what is that divider even for
nazir khalid
stingary tail is very danger it can kill
0:19 ooh it's suctioning my arm
Nick A
Dark joke 00:13
Stacy Ingle
they eat like a vacuum cleaners
Lizzy Is Amazing
awwwww they are so cute
Supercargamer 2006
threre really cute
Block of Tofu
kat is really high
Malia Dorasami
They do look like raviolis NYANCAT GAMES you are right to me !
Isse Pisse Tomtenisse
Peta is triggered
Chrischen Garraway
i wonder what the lady was thinking when coyote asked if he could eat the raw fish
master mage
thay are sssooooooo cute
When you put the part where they were feeding the rays in white noise it sounds really uncomfortable
Epic Wolfa Craft
Bryan solari
is cat a cat?!!XDXDXD
Eris Lokken
there soo cute! :3
Female Nightmare Sans
You guys are oFISHally going to feed rays
Nyancat Games
The thumbnail was like "why thank you kind kind sir!"
Kwesi Kerr-Yearwood
I swear I thought he was going to say Steve Irwin at the beginning
Sharon Kaczorowski
Love the Sonora Desert Museum...
Robyn Kelly
That girl had a crush on coyote definitely


Haxorus Imp
Majestic sea flap-flaps~
the vanisher
kat is beautiful
I've been there in Arizona a few years ago
Mohamed Haziq Mohamed Rosdi
he's in love 😍
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