chloe's life
I’m sorry, I don’t got extra fat hangin around☹️
HOLO babe
I like the girl with the accent better
_ CityIsMyEngland _
2:24 that is straight up a bright red novelty bong in her room
Rose Vampire
I’m a D cup and I’m 14. I feel like my boobs are really small because my friend is a G cup and also 14 and she calls me flat. I wish I was flat chested tho.
Candace Lunsford
I want one!! Lol I need bigger boobs...
"I like you the way you are" CAN I DIE RN PLS
Kayla Boyd
1:38 I have the exact same phone case
Beth Gelder
I’m 15 and a 32f... big boobs are overrated
does it matter ?
This is horrible,,, im 28 with a dang a cup number unknown... Can never find a dang bra that looks ok on me and im so self conscious about it....
tome blue
That is small !!!!!!!!
Steph Leong
Right said. Men stare as though they're groping u with their eyes.
I have a 42'' bust and i don't even have much cleavage.... might have to get me one of these just for the cleavage
Steph Curry
I bet you more than 20. Dudes jerked off to this LMAO
ł î ł ÿ
I wish i had small boobs... 😔
I need boobs
Damn Chloe's bf is a keeper. Need me a freak like that
Zolla Zinn's
I'm 10 and I already started and my mom and dad were really open about thats why im watching this
Sergioapj Channel
Those breats are boobtiful
icy fray
This is me... this is real... i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be.... #noboobs
Bruh my breast size is a 38DDD
harsh deep
I have trust issues from now.
Laire Aganessi
I'd really like to see one with women with bigger boobs with this bra, cause I need sth I can trust to know if it'd be good to buy or not
At least you have small boobs I’m tall but very skinny and I have 32dd boobs it sucks and I’m so so insecure
Taco volador Wells
I'm so gay for the curly hair girl
Your average piece of Bread
Is it weird that my name is Chloe and the Chloe girl on here had the same boob situation as me. I have small boobs and when I was 11 they were growing and then they just stopped and then they stopped and they won't grow and she's Chloe and I'm Chloe and we have the same situation.
bri bri
I want it
where do i get one
Mia Cat
Why do you want big boobs? I want your boobs 😭😭😭
I feel like it hurts
Olwethu Mkhwanazi
Am I the only one that loves how oblivious the boyfriend was.😂😂😂💯💞✨✨
When they hit the wall at 35 they Will be Desperate For it
Zoe Brent
"What do you notice about me today"
"Your wearing clothes"
What have you guys done..
Aida Pangilan
looks at my chest
I'm 12 but tbh I think I havw bugger boobs ;-;
goal pop
Boobs are a love hate relationship.
I feel like that would hurt your nipples so much XD
Maeum test asian makeup
I use That since around more than 2 years and I use always it with a bra and I wear a fluffy shirt. And it is very good it's a Asian product and it just arrive to us
Personally I recommend it
Rachel Spillane
oh god I had the same problem with my stomach when I wore a demi cup pushup. it pushes on your sternum and ribs and pancakes everything inside of you >.<
swag cat
okay so im 10 and i have bigger boobs than my teacher...
Gogow gadjet dans ta GUEULE
women with big boobs have problem too. and this stuff can five you a lot of problem of skin... its a bad idee be hapoy like you are and stop looking others
Yeaah... with boobs you notice people looking. Realized my work shirt under certain lights is somewhat see through. Thanks guy at chevron!
Small boobs are cute dang it! At least that's what I tell myself...
Firemaker 2468
Thought this was buzzfeed
윤혜령Abbey Mateo
I hate my boobs. I hate my cleavage, I want small. XD it's really annoying once you start running and daning at sorts.
윤혜령Abbey Mateo
I hate my boobs. I hate my cleavage, I want small. XD it's really annoying once you start running and daning at sorts.
Ely Jaeger
Kristyna Gordon
Wore this to ball as a strapless, backless bra and it was amazing
I just want to say that most of us are perfectly happy with, and I personally prefer, ladies that have Cs. The perfect size. D+ start to look really bad when you hit 40, Bs just aren't quite big enough.
Token man.
Mr. Aloha
I think the whole society judging me thing is just in a lot of people's heads because they themselves feel uncomfortable. No man I know says he wishes his girl or that girl had bigger breasts. I personally like smaller. And implants on girls look unnatural. But hey, whatever floats your jugs...
nameless_ gamerrr
2:44 oh no she got the sperm brows
AthaneziaTz Greek
The first boyfriend aaaahahahaha !!
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