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Outro: "Nyan Cat [Bunnymajs 8bit version]" by Bunnymajs

Did moo still have Phoenix up??
Jayse is watching Trailers
They start with 420 points XD
Daani_ Boy
Is vannos huis name evan
Ime Quehol
! isaa
Jamilya Viravong
Jamilya Viravong
da da dadida brocks a here da da dadida he saved us all dadadidida they are going to burger king
Bryson Bledsoe
he had pheiox up lol
paint war19
hey moo I'm only subscribed to your friends
The owl is greater then the gun
Snm Gaming
Gatorade is only in subway
Mel B
Dylan Ray
lol look at the name of the gun it's says bush did m1 (911)
Jug a Teddy
You had a Phoenix up the whole time
Rebel Ac3
Anyone else notice that he had bloody valentine on the PPSH and it didn't come out until 7 days later? Or is it just me?
Fay Woodward
3:50-about 5:00 he had pheonix up auto revives players when activated
Jai Tru
he had phoenix up
Kort Juarez
u are a pro at zombies
PORKYPINE Im your fucking daddy
Vanoss voice Crack at 1:13
Lennon Jordan
broc use phoinix dumas
Anyone else see the M1911's name
Mik Prankster
Isn't the pack punch camo The Bloody Valentine that realesed last month on console
Dalton Lucas
get out of here cat videos
you guys are op at cod I can't pass round4 by myself
Imagiine Stiicks
the moment you realize Brock had Phoenix Up when he was last one left at 4:10
that music around 10:40 was awesome lol my bass was thumping!
Lilbola 18
This has to be the greatest channel
Dej Michelle
you got a new car 🚗 to be your friend
4:20 he had a Phoenix up.....
chall of chall Eduardo
daniel cazares
loved your video it was really funny.
Zeriff Gaming
Did anyone else get an add for McDonald's before the video?
banana_colada 2.0
the video got 666k what does that mean?
The RelaxingFox
Mcdonalds Wi-Fry
Jesse Tennison
Cobby master 139 Pro
Camo Roblox & More
You deserve a lot more subs
LevinTale 4
Which one is this? Like which game.
Geo Gonzalez
moo i wish i could meet you 😃
lol 9:07 Moo: OH! I found the ray gun I found ta rayguh!! 😂😂
mister springtrap
mister springtrap
Robert Wolf
Notice how Brian's ping is good because they're where he gets his internet.
MultiGamer 12
Moo did you notice that your starting pistol was named: Bush Did M1(911)?
ironkid 200 lisario
bajin killer2585
How are u on xbox1
Raider 5000
Moo you honestly went ham in this game. I applaud you
Keyonna Stovall
that was cool
Kim Taylor
$o fucking halirouis
Thats Relief
That clash royal commercial man funny as fuck
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