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Dalton Lucas
get out of here cat videos
you guys are op at cod I can't pass round4 by myself
Imagiine Stiicks
the moment you realize Brock had Phoenix Up when he was last one left at 4:10
that music around 10:40 was awesome lol my bass was thumping!
Lilbola 18
This has to be the greatest channel
Dej Michelle
you got a new car 🚗 to be your friend
4:20 he had a Phoenix up.....
chall of chall Eduardo
daniel cazares
loved your video it was really funny.
Zeriff Gaming
Did anyone else get an add for McDonald's before the video?
banana_colada 2.0
the video got 666k what does that mean?
The RelaxingFox
Mcdonalds Wi-Fry
Jesse Tennison
Cobby master 139 Pro
Camo Roblox & More
Phillip Braslawsce
Hey you guys are like my favorite and funny gamers
You deserve a lot more subs
LevinTale 4
Which one is this? Like which game.
Geo Gonzalez
moo i wish i could meet you 😃
Shakira Plays
lol 9:07 Moo: OH! I found the ray gun I found ta rayguh!! 😂😂
mister springtrap
mister springtrap
Robert Wolf
Notice how Brian's ping is good because they're where he gets his internet.
COD Mstr12
Moo did you notice that your starting pistol was named: Bush Did M1(911)?
ironkid 200 lisario
bajin killer2585
How are u on xbox1
Raider 5000
Moo you honestly went ham in this game. I applaud you
Keyonna Stovall
that was cool
Kim Taylor
$o fucking halirouis
Thats Relief
That clash royal commercial man funny as fuck
Shawn Yancey
I bet delirious was the clown
bo3 sucks for life
vanoss complaining about dying and losing his stuff but when his friends get down he dousnt revive them and they dont complain i swear
Some of theses comments about Moo not using Phoenix Up suggest that a lot of you either don't watch the video much or pause when you want to comment on something instead of just watching the video all the way through...
GcX Vlogs and Gaming
Looks a lot like my local mcdonalds hmmm
DLC 180
I love those Blink 182 posters😍😍
caleb brown
nyan cat love it everytime <3
Please welcome, Sunlight Varial Dusk the gamer.
its rhode island dressing is the secret sauce
Bulletz4 Breakfast
I love how the starting pistol was named bush did (911)
Rico Lasika
lol their starter pistols where named Bush did M1 (911)
Someguy Who likes food
mpdarkside poo poo oh yeah
I'm better than vannos and wildcat I survived until round 14
Im eating mcdo while watching thie
Jonah Garson
Did anyone notice the sign at 1:06 said 'Free WIFRY'
Sciatic Peach
Pretty Kitty
What recorder do you use, Moo?
Juggalotus17 - LiVeKid4986
So many crawlers wanting ur nutsack
Steve Strong
this is fun
Hoodiny 868
Did vanoss say three was a used condom
Cool aid
EI Diablo go suck a dick you mother fucker
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