The Play Place! - Modded Call of Duty Zombies Funny Moments

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Kim Taylor
$o fucking halirouis
Thats Relief
That clash royal commercial man funny as fuck
Shawn Yancey
I bet delirious was the clown
bo3 sucks for life
vanoss complaining about dying and losing his stuff but when his friends get down he dousnt revive them and they dont complain i swear
Some of theses comments about Moo not using Phoenix Up suggest that a lot of you either don't watch the video much or pause when you want to comment on something instead of just watching the video all the way through...
GcX Vlogs and Gaming
Looks a lot like my local mcdonalds hmmm
DLC 180
I love those Blink 182 posters😍😍
caleb brown
nyan cat love it everytime <3
Please welcome, Sunlight Varial Dusk the gamer.
DifficultTuber “EpicGamer25”
its rhode island dressing is the secret sauce
Bulletz4 Breakfast
I love how the starting pistol was named bush did (911)
Rico Lasika
lol their starter pistols where named Bush did M1 (911)
Someguy Who likes food
mpdarkside poo poo oh yeah
I'm better than vannos and wildcat I survived until round 14
NotCurry GT
Im eating mcdo while watching thie
Jonah Garson
Did anyone notice the sign at 1:06 said 'Free WIFRY'
Sciatic Peach
Pretty Kitty
What recorder do you use, Moo?
good video moo your awesome
Juggalotus17 - LiVeKid4986
So many crawlers wanting ur nutsack
Steve Strong
this is fun
Hoodiny 868
Did vanoss say three was a used condom
Cool aid
EI Diablo go suck a dick you mother fucker
7:57 there was a brain on the top shelf
Gafferboycommon PC
I have your custom controller is beast!
Love how the pistol is called Bush did M1 (911)
Gentleman W1zard
3:26 Song name plz
Ryan Christopher
Wow moo actually did the best that game
shcahr gaming
Grayxiph3r YT
I honestly think moo is underrated, I always find myself coming to moos channel instead of Vanoss now
Moo said i cant get you

has a phoenix up
Fluffychicken BOI
should've used pheanox up....
dj rockstar
i feel like me and terroiser share the same internet because i cant even watch any video's
Kelly Hansen
best ghrafs
Skull Daniels
Lui should of bin in this
XxmysterywolfxX AngelStrike101 (Nikole)
How are they sooo good at this!!!👌👌👌👌👌 love you guys!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗
Zake Micheal
The Customers [Zombies] Are so angry to the Employees [Moo Snuckel and Vanoss and Terroriser] that the
Customers attack the Employees and the Employees guns and tried to fight back from the customers
And tried to defeat the giant Customer [Boss]

New:they have tried to escape McDonalds they found an Anime posters and found a shovel to dig up the muds and found a electric chair on a mystery depths of the water and found a ray gun and an thermite to melt the iron down
xXThe VirusXx
Did anyone notice that the cost for the play place was 420
Riley McPherson
He had a Phoenix up use it
Blurr Luxe
I just knew at the end Vanoss would say exact change XD
4:10 Hes Has Pheonix Up!
even zombies want to go to McDonald's
Moo I think you are better at zombies
Storm ./GhostKing
all this time I thought I was watching terrorisers vid
Vape Nation
damm i only clicked on this vid to comment on that thumbnail. kudos to the graphic artist who made that
Benjamin Walkden
at 4:00 when everyone was down he had a phoenix up lol
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