Japanese Pool Billiard Player Gives Great HILARIOUS CRAZY Interview!!!

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"Englis Arito No Problem Only So!" "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" Naoyuki Oi 大井 直幸 Classic Hilarious Interview !!! World Pool Masters 2017

meme lord
daut Σ
Kou- sti
That guy needs help
Liam White
absolute living legend
Those Seagull Things
This guy stupid, he shot the 8 ball and then the last ball
Hahahhaa good on him
Andika Arkan
Apple pen
Hannah Lafayette *Hillubecknaomi16*
I have a pen, I have an apple... ooh eeh apple pen!
Tommy Santoso
go to hell son you are drunk
Evan Surya Akbar Evan Surya
funny !!! Hahahha
Anthony Gunawan
My spirit animal
"i have a bear i have a ball"
Brian Jia Yan
The interviewer: wtf?
anyone notice he mixed the pen and apple wrong
ashton whaa
0:51 I don't what he says but im hoping he said "fuck off"
David Rais
you can win for this tournament? No Problem, R.I.P English
Devicraft :7
English thank you no problem lol
Theyou2befreak V
Ian Ngai
like this guy 😆
is this on Reddit yet?
Wraith King
When two nukes weren't enough
Terence Tee
Dear interviewer, as soon as you identify your interviewee doesn't speak your language, please stop. You are being rude. Thank you.
Sabri Kuat
( ・᷄・᷅ )私は英語が嫌い
5963 HR/HM
rafa nada
this is Japanese
Suwardhana Muliawan
High as f*u*k wkwkwk
Kanato Takeuchi
Wu Jacqueline
Best interview ever!
Mansur Ali
i have a pen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adhnin Zul
I need his confidence to get through my life !!!
Jona k'ho
my God. .. i love this guy ready
Quyên Phạm
I love you ^^^^かわい〜い笑った声(^-^)
I hope i can meet you ^^^ i come from hanoi ^^^^
chace A
He's cute. I love his confidence. I know it is not nice to laugh at someone english but he make me happy.
野菜マニア IIDX
Neil Odyssey
Neil Odyssey
Ku Ikram
You white cunts making fun of him speaking english. How about you white people try and speak his language on air? #stopwhitepeople2017
Li Ern
Reply like a boss
baik punya jawapan
dan_Hak D.Hakimie
When you realize that you've been humiliated as a Englishman
Huda Roslan
the look on his face is soo confident, its too funny hahaha
Wang Boy
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