American Pie! :D
Widjaja Daniel
American Pie
Xandera m
christian bale..of course
Caelum Scalptorium
chirrut come kill that chicken lyko ren.
Deija Shkn
Amircian pie
Steven Edwards
Why is there going to be a movie about Tonya Harding? She wasn't even worthwhile as a real life news subject. Also, maybe lose the quiz aspect of your clips. Theyre not necessary for holding interest
american pie
Pre Retcon Beyonder
the problem is that bale showed very shitty fight scens no offence he is a good actor just not for batman
Shino Yagami
I cringe at his pronunciation
Social Reincarnation
American pie
Marianna zone
"A bombshell looking that bad "
Well your channel was escalated quickly.
Billy Pearson
was he talking about 22 jump sreet
Joseph Clevenger
what about the movie where ummm Anakin Skywalker turns into Vader and looks fat..
Solar Lord
So you say all the male transformations show commitment but when you get to Margot Robbie you say she looks horrible. Slow clap to you screen rant. I should have expected this.
The Great Chimera
Pretty sure everyone at ScreenRant wants to bang Margot Robbie.
blaž glasenčnik
american pie
Chase Mullen
🇺🇸 🍰= American pie
Alex Baker
I have to say this but that is not a piece of pie it's a slice of cake ! I still got the reference but still it's CAKE ! Lolz
oh give me a break! How does starving yourself for a movie make you a better actor?
Lassi Liimakka
american pie
Jonathan Mcneil
American pie
Hannah Ezell
Ummm there was Tom Hardy he actually starred in two movies in which he gained a lot of muscle for Bane in the Dark Knight Rises and another movie where he was a fighter I think I can't remember BUT YAH
Lemur Lover
My dad got it right right away
Pere Prujà i Magallon
American Pie
Olivia Chachere
American Pie
Wisco sneakers
You really didn't put 50 cent in this he had the best transformation
Gauthaman Koyamparambath
I thibk you should have included Henry Cavil too. His transformation physique wise is insane. His work out routine was incredibly grueling and would have made most ppl just give up.
Ms Chin
Driver's like the white Lee Kwang Soo
american cake
Tomás Ribeiro
american pie
It cant be very healthy, specially for heart.
Anupam Rana
Aamir Khan in Dangal
wolf master
American pie
i got it right ez
One Trick Rengo
American Flag and Junk food? Is the movie just America in general?
Bigdaddylong2.0 Bitch
American pie
Samuel Acevedo
what about tom hanks in cast away, and will smith in Ali?.....
Max Browning
oh the smoke ah that's a tough one 😑
Paige Harrison
America pie
Cookie Monster
American pie
Will Yorkin
Christian bale should be number 1
Beano c
wow!!! the ability to gain or lose weight, wow!!, i want my 8 minutes and 5 secends of my life back screen rants, dont make any more vids if this is your offering :(
Sponge Bobz
Charlize Theronnnnnnnn
American pie
They should've put down Millie Bobbie Brown. She shaved her hair for the part of 011!
Hey I got it right
Manny Davis
American Pie...
Joshua Bain
Christopher McCandless. That guy lost everything.
american pie hahha
NonViable Venus
@Screen Rant I loved your list. And I will point out pudgy is not a bad thing. Margot Robbie looks great PERIOD. Just because she does not look desirable to someone or a group of people means nothing other than that.
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