Injustice 2: My Honest Thoughts On Fighter Pack 3...

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Injustice 2: My Honest Thoughts On Fighter Pack 3... | unCAGEDgamez
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As much as I'm excited for new character for Injustice 2, I have to be real with you guys, and talk about my honest thoughts on Fighter pack 3. Some of you guys will agree, other will disagree, but these are just my opinions. Anyways I hope you guys still enjoy the video.

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Now that I have taken a few hours to relax and think about the trailer, here are my honest thoughts on the Fighter Pack 3! But let me know what do you guys think about the new characters?
Eli Moody
Where's spawn??
Rest in Peace Gabe The Dog
I like the turtles and the atom but not enchantress. I was hoping for beat boy but oh well
Mohammad KaØud
Guys when they released
Kyubi NCB
i like the characters but if i had to change anything i would have liked beast boy instead of enchantress. but the trailer was awesome
Abdul Shakoor Azeez
What fuck are you serious ninja turtles holy shot
ryan townsend
Raphael is the BEST turtle!!!
Kid on the phone
Aren’t the nice ninja turtles getting a new TV series
Kid on the phone
I was thinking beast boy could be a premier skin for cheetah
Killer Croc should be a Bane premier skin
Leonardo's my fav! Team blue!
That movie Enchantress "hoola hoop" dance is what I got me interested in her, take that away now she's just a generic Sorceress, thanks once again Netherealms for fucking up one character I was looking forward to, oh but guess what, Harley's has the movie version which I also hate, I liked her Injustice 1 outfit way better, I'm startting to realize that I will always be in the minority no matter which way I go, Netherrealms is BS.
I am actually really excited for Atom. I will play the hell out of him
This guy is a fucking fag
bryan conserve
guy i just thought of something... what if they put a dbz character into the game that would be dope
37 Pimplup
I just hope that you don't have to open up the mother boxes to unlock the other turtles, like how robin is between his staff.
Johnny cage7800
I accualy like guest characters
Maybe for the turtles the character power could change between the 4
Spazmo games
What if the ninja turtles ability is to switch turtles
i hope that the turtles play like noob saibot mixed with triborg you get to choose your turtle and the rest are supporting moves or you can switch between them via circle button
Strafe Gaming
I think they would add one turtle logo in the character selection but when you click on it it would split up into the four different turtles then you click the one you want to play as
Strafe Gaming
I loved the turtles when I was a kid .... hell I just loved any thing to do with super heroes
Jonathan Gordon
I think that the special ability for the turtles will be switching between the 4 of them.
nana chris
I’m just imagining their gameplay
alesha Bullock
They will add skin pack for ninja 🐢 s. Master splintet
Nizar Alsaidi
Elektra is a marvel character and Mileena is dead (looks like there is no sequels for her)
Anthony Aguilar
My mans, change that haircut. Or atleast stop combing it over 😪
João Adalto Ranckel
The way u switch in between the different ninja turtles is by ability
All I'm getting is Ed Boone and Netherrealm are a bunch of trolls, because of the tweet Boone sent: 'You wanna see Watchmen characters in Injustice 2?' got millions of fans excited just to be slapped in the face and being told no. Unless there will be more characters released (which I doubt) I'm a little disappointed but I do welcome Atom and Enchantress.
Josef Alzubeidi
I just hope they don't make changing turtles an ability like your playing Leo and you activate ability and you you switch into like Raf you know it really just sounds boring and easy for Netherrealm to make and really makes all the potential for the abilities bad!
cody burt
Remember Beast Boy, Rorschach, and Spawn still has a chance because Ed Boon said there is more characters coming. The Ninja Turtles are hype though I love TMNT! So I’m very excited for it!!
Joseph Fitzgerald
Like you said I think they overkilled the fact mk was in the universe but I think they are warming us up for a !!!Mk vs DC COLLISION Again!!! They made so many refrenses in the dialogue about the first game that midway dis I would be surprised NetherRealm took a another shot at it
ChefChris Kkk
Wait How Will The Ninja Turtles Play?
Ultra instinct Ant
Next fighter
Jason from friday 13
Manuel Rodriguez
I dont think we Saw this coming, With Enchantress. She's honestly a fan favorite. She really had hype around her. I'm glad she's finally in the game.
Nick0712 Gaming
Why turtles
Angel Flores
Ninja turtles suck
Instead of Enchantress maybe we should've had Raven or Beast Boy? If there's Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin, why not have them?
Raven should be a premier skin for enchantress
Is it possible for Netherealm to realize a fourth Fighter Pack?
Dominic Hill
Truthfully after playing as hellboy spawn could be a decent premier skin for him. It would work but unlikely
RJ Wallace
i think that the character power will be how you switch between turtles
Still a little salty beast boy isn't here but I got the mean green brother team so I'll deal
Kid Uchiha
So siked about tmnt im going to spam them online
I'm calling a raven premier skin
cameeluhh cabello
oh I almost forgot my favorite ninja turtle is Michael Angelo but maybe the supermove is 4 of them at the same time attacking the enemy
cameeluhh cabello
i thought that beast boy was gonna be in fighter pack 3 but that's okay I'm okay with the teenage mutant ninja turtles
Rising Hound
I know I m late, but I think that the TMNT trait is going to be switching between the Turtles.
J Man
It’s going to be their character power
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