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This is your feed, now in the Google app. It’s where all your favorite things live together. 

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venugopal lingamchetty
What is [RH-01] in Google+ search ?
Magetote Gebbilo
Sameera Rahman
Wow uhhhm idk
Cảnh Nguyễn
MA Milián
Thumbs down from the 331 people who still use Yahoo search.
Elisa Huberman
0:34- puppy
Larry Witcher
"Is that a shark eating eating cheeseburger?"
Ghost Geist
Beautiful and my favorite
Magickarp Contact
They finally put a full version of this
Annihilator Archon
Please stop playing this and the other shitty remixes of this song in your ads. Better yet stop showing me these stupid ads. It's annoying.
bob smith
0:42 I see you Fallout boy

That's probably the wrong time
Door bells and Slay bells
I only searched this up because I keep on hearing the different versions the og is always the best :D
Grand Admiral Thrawn
At first I liked the add, I really did
But now, because of over play, now I hate the add and the Sound of Music, thanks google now I hate the Sound of Music
Horatio Nelson
Stop forcing this ad on me Google, I hate everything you show me on this, this ad gave me AAAAAIIIIDDDSS
0:24 Sara beauty corner
Father Gasoline
Only good ad I've ever seen.
whispering pixel
What is that song I want it
Alex Hao
First ad that made me went back and watch again.
A classic
Google App, the best app ever.
an egg
can someone tell me where I can find this version of this song
I'm a simple man. I saw Bumblebee I came back.
Laurina sherman
Aw i wanted the little kid
chookie Gamer
The first google ad not to be annoying
Mad Tech
Cung sensei
Alright now it is time for a rock version not metal.
Nikola Vonfulton
I don't know why but I love this ad. Never thought I would say that about an ad.
Juana Juárez Arroyo
Esta bonito pero lo quiero en español si
Laura Bowman
who is the dancer at 0:10
R. Kurita
I freakin love this commercial. Well done Google, well done 👍
Onika Shiba
One does not simply skip on the sound of music
Ricky Smith
Tesla my favorite thing.
Caleb Spencer
I normally hate ads but this is amazing and I watch the whole thing every time it comes on.
Belongs In The Trash
Granola Bar
The only ad i don't skip😊
Lilz Sunda3
This ad is kind of awesome.
Sound of music
BB and MLP React
My replay button broke💗💗😂😀😁😄
Spencer Han
0:09 and schnitzel and three blonde Bavarian barmaids bouncing!
Marshmallow Midnight
encre :P
Yes google my favorite thing so I could read some good lemon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Audrey C plays mc
OMG sara beauty corner
Vault boy
Senketsu Is dead
This is probably the most least annoying ad in the history of YouTube
Salamander Spook
I saw Dua Lipa and screamed
Jack McFord
This is the ad I would let this play on YouTube.
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