Virgin bar
what is BR
Chris Lopez-Moreno
the VAIO logo?
The noob files dubstyle
"I think it was a couple of french fries"
hahaha we share the same idea
Radny Canoy
In Baskin Robins i found one more secret The "31" In BR Is Pinked
JReeana Ray
So basically the Toyata symbol is the modern deathly hallows?
i just figured out the tostitos logo in a second
James Zamora
I thought it was just me who saw the mom in Wendy's
FeuiAetGames Plays
Well The Mcdonald's Logo Is An "W" Not An "French Fries"
You forgot the Starbucks logo being a bitch with her legs up!
Daphne Revellame
TosTiTos looks like sharip a chip but it looks like a clown to
Daphne Revellame
M wait W
Caleb Coelho
The IBM one was very underwhelming
XxTransformers_4life 801xX
The M is not a M it is W for wonbo
Shibendra Das
IBM = bullshit
Amit Dhingra
4:59 looks like 2 people
Gogn Man
Warhammer 40k's double headed eagle! At first glance, it just looks like a double headed eagle, but if you look at its eyes then you will see there is only one eye, and it's on the right head: This represents mankind's dark history, the eagle refuses to look back into the past, it only looks into the future.
Starx Ally
"if u haven't had tostitos,u must have sent Them in the store" me:what If u haven't been to a store
The Amazon logo was explained to our local viewers in a gameshow because I think that no one guessed it right or something.
The M on McDonald's is not just an M, it is your hairline.
Maris Tiu
my classmate said the logo about mcdo
Maris Tiu
THE legend gamer ave
I subbed >333
you said by the 5 the 4:
Austin The Nerd
Did you know that in the Xbox symbol the "X" represent the x in Xbox
Ananta Gupta
I thought that the prespatarion church's logo had some thing to do with the KKK
Bahyy ;3
this voice scares me
Rosalia Castro
the last number of this like is you
1. Mcdonalds
2. Baskin Robbins
3. Wendy's
4. Burger King
5. Viao
6. Amazon
7. Tostitos
8. Ibm
9. Toyota
0. Your mom
kiwi bruh
I love Mcdolads
Lauren Ward
My dad works at IBM
Chris Lopez-Moreno

Chris Lopez-Moreno

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who the fuck would see tits in the mcdonalds logo which is literally just an M
TheweirdGuestYT Industries Lake
mc donalds logo used to be wc donalds in the 80s
iiDevJoke xx
I thought the M means of McDonald's means "MrDonaldTrump"
Sophia David
I knew about Wendy's logo because when I was a kid, I stared at the logo long enough to see the word mom. BTW if you flip the Wendy's logo upside down, and then look at the coller, it says wow, probably for how good their food is.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Zahida Batool
Lindsay Lam
Ummm I'm a computer nerd and i have a VAIO computer
Keristin Taylor
some of these are just plain obvious. who didnt notice the Tostitos before?
Briana caylen
it the picture it showed McDonald's and it said it's not just an m and I thought no it's not it's also a w 😂
The Amazon logo is a bent penis. I'm not sure what their message is.
Gracie Niebuhr
What's The Name Of The Song, & Where Can You Get It?
Tian zee
oh i see the mom
Tian zee
i didnt see any mom on wendys
Danny Santa
I like Tostitos
Ta Blet
Amazon arrow is a cock
Aemilia Coffin
Why do I have 2 know that dark secret of McDonalds
Cornea Diaboli
I always thought the golden arches were suppose to be subconsciously religious
Abid Khan
ella kindashin
guys it's a M W N
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