12 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

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Narrated by : Darren Marlar

Emperor Coconuty
I always knew the Tostitos thingy...
Reggie Furnival
Princesses Iba
I love Baskin robins of u like it like my comment pls
wendy's has confirmed in the past that the "mom" in the collar was just a coincidence.
Wolf Studios
you that read wrong
Jacob Myrie
So cool and funny
I thought the , was fat legs
Isela Arreguin
shootingstar64 I love baskin robins 🍧🍦🍨
Karla nouge
scarlett cuellar
who else has not yet seen IBM
Harriet Gallogley
in the tostitos logo the i also looks like the pixar film incredibles sign
Alletta Valvano
ill never look at fed ex the same way
Christine Harris
"That's just as tasty" wtf I thought this was kid friendly
Red Panda
who else has never seen the smiley face in amazon,I always have seen an arrow.
Megan Rayner
who knew that FedEx has an arrow I did
Imogen King
in FedEx there is a spoon
S Mj
It's my first comment to vids I really want to try getting likes! I want to expirience it . Would anyone give mesomelikes plzzzzzzzzz ? Like how u guys got thanks if u did very much . :)
Karen Sartain
in tostitoes there is a bowl of salsa on he i
Doomlander 's glory Doom reaper
Middle finger and index finger
#star Fox
I been knew there was an arrow in FedEx
Alexander Harper
Bathroom hotel interaction mix influence experimental ugly CEO accomplish herb.
Anikah Webb
he said zee not zed
Elrond Rivera
I see al of that
lol Guy
my last name is McDonald :(
Vlogger 23
I knew the Amazon one
sees Tostitos hidden message

YT'er: "Now that you've seen it, your probably wondering why you have never seen it before."

Me: Who hasn't.
vaio is the illuminati
It's not just an M

It's an W
not only is it a W it's also an

E heh bai now
The destroyer
for the Amazon thing its both
In Amazon I never thought it was a smile face I always thought it was a arrow
Uni Coke
What I if told you,
you read the
first line wrong.
Addie Benson
My tablet is Amazon fire :-D
Karley Bonson
The Basken Robin's in Vicksburg has 41 flavors
...wtf is Tostitos

it has tit in it XD
holly quazneskua
the tostitoes logo has salsa to! it's the red Dot on top of the eye.
Rayan Martinez
judge background frequency not palm drum quarter hunter scenario.
winx club offical
I was thinking French fries too
Praveen Kumar
at number 5 he says number 4 wtf
Chris Falcon
basking robins also says 1312
i always saw the Tostitos sign
Robbie Sammut
I never saw amazon like that 😕
Mythical Ferret
I was breast feed I never thought about the Mac Donald one till now wow but no it looks nothing like boobs
It's Coty
That's cool
Paulo Oliveira
ğğ Hu Hu funciona. b ğğ Huffington veículos b. carolina☺😉😎👨👩😺✨🌟💪👔👕👓👖💬👤👻B-) 100000000000000000000000000000000000000???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!''!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paulo Oliveira
ir V u crucifixo dr cívica Ubuntu
Borderlands Expert
the Toyota logo looks like a disabled pokeball
Amber Richard
I noticed the NY skyline in the giraffes legs before it was mentioned
ashlin williams
Random videos kid
it is not a book it is a bibel
Anelise Duslak
Can I get 1 like like its my bday
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