every person laughs at this video

saltyevery person laughs at this video

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we can all agree this is funny, a little too funny, simon is.. funny and a savage.
Outro Song - P holla - Do it for love

Instrumental produced by Chuki.

Did anyone not actually laugh?
Chad Broussard
No l did not laugh
Amy Barnard
love Donut's kidd do you even have any feelings
Amy Barnard
I agree with Megan Price
Amy Barnard
I agree with Megyn Price
Amy Barnard
I agree we gaming Central
Amy Barnard
I agree with Gaming Control
Greg Middleton
I didn't laugh
Joelfry DIY
Simon sucks
Maximillion $kills
I seriously made it through the video
Maximillion $kills
I made it through the video
Stepp Hen
Simon a****
Lola Carmen
I made it. No seriously. I'm dead inside lol.. But I was SO close to laughing at the before-during-after weight watchers and "did you eat them?!" 😂
David Bootay
i laughed on 13, please pin
I past
Stephanie Keller
eat ghost pepper
Alexis Lyle
me I dindent laghg it was hard
E Ryder
I didn’t laugh because it might be funny to you but I’m a kid so doesn’t make sense
i sumtyms luff but i don't
Coltin Rodgers
me to
Coltin Rodgers
me to
Coltin Rodgers
me to
Coltin Rodgers
me to
Coltin Rodgers
Coltin Rodgers
he's saying this meen stuff to God if you don't thank so thank again...
Coltin Rodgers
he's saying this meen stuff to God if you don't thank so thank a gin...
Space watermelons
I only laughed at #13
Honestly I didn't laugh but Simon put them to sleep permanently
Gracie Elshire
Yo peeps! Still chilling with my friend and oh my gosh this video really did make us laugh!
Prince Patel
I did not even smile
Prince Patel
That's not even funny
I promise I didn't laugh but I really wanted to hit Simon! He was savage but so mean
kittybrine gamer
David Fahim
I didn't laugh. You should make a video like this and have the challenge to not be annoyed, get mad, or feel bad. Because I was all of those.
kittybrine gamer
Good way is to stare at his picture its EASY
Zak Pax8
i did not laugh
Ellie Hurm
I beat this no joke I almost laughed though.
Layla Hayes
I won u know why because I'm mucuer and I don't know how to spell that because I'm 9
I got to 4:44
blu dragon
I WON!!!
Kylie Williams
I don't even get how it's funny because Simon was being so mean to those people
Kylie Williams
I hate Simon he always judges people even though he's a judge he judges too much.WAY TO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edwin Godinez
This is not funny at all that is just mean and rude simon can go kill himslef cause all he is is a jerk
Edwin Godinez
I thought this was suposed ti be funny
Symphony Ramos
I didn't laugh at all and I put that on my grave
Graham Thompson
i didnt laugh but i want to slap the shit out of him
Galaxy Wolf
Salty, you need to do a part 2
Suraj Alshamary
I just didnt laugh i almost laughed at the end of the video
Terrence Gray
No, Simon is a jerk
kristy mckay
I did not laugh through the whole video and also hi salty
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