River Treasure: GoPro Camera, Gold Ring and More!

aquachiggersearchingcollectingrivergoldsilverringsgoprogo protreasureswimmingdivingsnorkelingcameraolympusbeau ouimettehttps://www.youtube.com/user/aquachiggerGoPro Hero2 (Digital Camera)

This is yet another trip where I search for lost treasure in the river. I do not use a metal detector, just my eyes. This is the same GoPro that I have in another video from a few weeks ago. I included it here as it was part of this hunt. I hope you enjoy!

Cameron Amato
U are so cool
too cool how you put the GoPro's film into Your video
Timothy Clute
Hunter Gillis
Where do u go for this stuff, like what river, what country, how many river and gold mines
Kaziak Ch
aqau what river is this i want to go and fine some good stuff
John Plays
Brian Jones
funny seeing a silent vid from chigger LMAO "HOLD YOUR BREATH !"
alex smith
At 4:30 there is a coin laying against the rock that he missed.
Hal Barney
LOL good one, Chig!
Carter Mains
can you send a 🔪 to me
Ruaidhri's Fishing
Ruaidhri's Fishing
Laky Tv
привет меня зовут Антон
the only thing I don't like is that you leave the sound of the water in the video, I prefer music but that's just me. Love the videos regardless!
thats piss
the ring is bronze. good doesn't tarnish. that's why its used as a conductor in electronics
landen beam
where u found the golf ball there was money
Squisharella Slime
At 1:41 he missed a ring
Blu Ωhow to
Could I buy a few lures from you
make the knifes open when you find them
1000 subs! Without videoes
4:30 there was a coin looking at u
Haku ryuu
From now on I'll never buy anything, i just go dive some rivers 😂
Dabdog Dab
sup bros
vietnam flash backs at 5:20
Haiden Wales
that knife is mighn i lost it
The magic Gamer
heeeeeeey my nive!!!
Alejandro Ortega
subscribe 💰
Aulia Jasmine
U should wear a handglove dude-_-
pomskie pshycodelirous1678
that looks like a switchblade I hade from last year. never found it..
Maurice Smith Jr
It's a watched quite a few of your videos and I've enjoyed them all . so I figured it's about time I subscribed to your channel. keep on hunting for the treasures, best of luck from Lloyd, way up in Canada.
Maurice Smith Jr
Hey that is my GoPro
Evan Grant
RT Zedaker
Ive been watching your vids for a while now. Ive learned alot from you. but im curious as to what you do with all the sun glasses and fishing poles and other items you find.
Stumpy LawnmowerGuy
that orange handled knife is darned near a karambit....mebbe it was inspired by the Phillipino knife what fun
Stumpy LawnmowerGuy
ever consider going into the used Rayban bizness I'd love to find a pair of sunglasses with minimal scratches....the ones I see in the stores are for midgets. your hobby is similar to what I dream about from time to time. I snorkeled on the San Marcos River years ago and marveled at the stuff I saw from fishies to railroad spikes. good on ya
dj_pi Fitzgerald

Its a flashback to 'nam...
Battle-Scarred Karambit Rustcoat
James Kimmell
when has he made silent videos
Rick Perisian
my money is so tight I would love to get a GoPro wish I could afford one could you help at all my name is Rick Perisian
how would I go about you giving me that fishingpole
Love how you added that lil clip in there when you found the GoPro.
Sonia Mamser
This video has the best comment section i have ever seen on a video
Josua campion
im likingevery one of your videos brother. "dieded"
Francis Chevalier
your first find, the wristwatch, was still running. hakoolizzat
you should do a huge sunglasses giveaway!
centipeedle 123
2:40 looked like there was a statue of a man but it was a fishing pole!
jeri trent
is this all the same river? if so was there an accident or is this a dump sight? I just don't understand why there is so much junk in the river, unless it is in a heavily populated area. great vids though, thanks.
I like when you find a Go-Pro and show how it was lost. :)
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