It's finished and for a random idea i had it turned out great. Now this project has caused quiet a stir and even been called my most dangerous project as digging in sand is risky. It was sad to take it down as i couldn't leave it there as someone would prob take a dump in it and it would collapse at some point but we shall remember it as the best beach hut the east coast has ever seen................cut to old people crying. SUBSCRIBE as next week its just as crazy.
I was half-expecting him to go down another level into a larger area and reveal his new portable quantum tunnelling device
I would so live in that
Shaun Needham
now it must be time to build a bigger one thats tall enough to stand and long enough to lay down in
It's cool
0:42 Ot Saunders like he says " We got a Cock "
pro Minecrafter
You have that much space yet you don't have a toilet
ipac 5
What if a kid fell in the hole and couldn't get back out of it.
Road Trip
I recognise that beach! It's Anderby Beach (Chapel Six Marshes) Was there in June.
Jackaxe Gaming
You’ll probably suffocate under there
Grant Keller
Nathaniel Mathies
Where do you keep getting the fake hands?
He can finish a 3 floor hut in 2 days, I can't finish a 1 page math homework in one week
King BRZ
Now we know where to look when a kid goes missing
I Will eat your soul
Jude Close
I hope there's a tsunami 🌊 coming πŸ˜‚
The Electric Bungalow
That is really cool
Allen Burbank
Having Children is not what you thought it would be? High tide will Wash all your problems away.. lol Jk every one
Jordan Waite
Is this near Sutton
Jason Benham
Don't look safe
antonio vitkovszki
It's like one of those dumb minecraft 2x2 houses that turn into a house bigger than the trump hotel.
Bobby San
The British are still making quality content but the Americans on the other hand it's gone down the drain
Kiridurpa Kazuto
hmm wonder what happens if you turn this into a 5 story beach hut xD
呆η₯ž Karry
colenol MD sues
And then a storm comes along and washes it all out.
England is my city
Kshatriya Shandi
@colinfurze please can i come intern for you!!??
who goes to the beach to stay out of the sun?
Sniper Wolf
I really hope he has kids why would he just have a kid thing wtf
Doggy sytle!
It looks uncomfortable as shit but looks great
The Super Spowart
1:26 Colin_Furze has stopped working.
Close the Program.
Wait for Program to Respond.

eli louie
I would have put the adults room in the middle kids stomp and are to loud
How much would you like for the beach hut?
Itz Minecraft Wolf
ok wat someone get in the hut MAKE A TRAP
haikal pasha
U know what. It would be nice if u put some kind of submarine scope to see outside the beach from the bottom of that place. So u can see the beach while inside hahaha
2:41 not forward, downward
I kid you not, I have that exact wallpaper on the wall of my spare bedroom
Zoro master 1738
Das some fallout shit
i would be in the most bottom one because im the biggest autist and i dont like to be in public.
Hello People
1:51 lmao he hit is head
deebobdo t
there is always a way
Toby Burwell
What beach
This is very crazy enough to be a good idea in the future Maybe
Dan HS
How can people dislike that?!
alan maziak
What if a kid thinker that that's a toilet and opened it then did not look down and sat on it then pooped on they're parentsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Loc Nguyen
At first I thought this was a mini toilet.
Jimmy Baer
What if an adult is in the basement then a kid in the kids quarter is on the trapdoor that goes down to to the basement DOES THAT MEAN THE ADULT IS STUCK THERE UNTIL THE KID GETS OFF THE TRAPDOOR THAT SEEMS DANGEROUS!
I like your British accent.
Kirinin Kiri
How does the bottom room get ventilation
I hope to have one like this house and in the beach I like it
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