STAR TREK DISCOVERY Official Trailer (2017) Netflix Tv Series HD

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STAR TREK DISCOVERY Official Trailer (2017) Netflix Tv Series HD
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Only Me
god, nooooooo! it is a reboot-bullshit!
When you're more excited about Seth MacFarlanes "The Orville", there is something wrong in the Star Trek Universe.
Drowned at birth by politically correct casting.
Stuart Gardner
It's a Star Trek focused on empowering women. Great.
Alfonso Padilla
Am I the only one with a big silly smile on his face right now?
I don't think Star Trek fans actually like Star Trek.
Nora Emmerich
already a fail
Looks bad, sorry CBS.
Daughters and Dad
I sense a disturbance in the force.... ooops, sh*t, wrong universe..... Sorweee. Anyway I'm sure we can blame this obvious travesty on Jar Jar Binks (I saw him in the background) No seriously - I loved ST in most of its forms yet there are far better stories that could be told - Sci Fi fans need progression, new and exciting worlds, to boldly go where no man (or woman) ( OR ALIEN ) has gone before - Finally, the correct Universe. ;)
Adilson Reis Art
Sasha Trek
Pero que mierda de klingons... es como que no saben que aspecto ya darle a esa raza.
Mike Devey
you know what i want to see, a re-imagined BORG. "your species will be assimilated into the Facebook collective!"
womens captains gonna be just a drama, rip startrek on tv.
Philip Balfour
Another prequel? How delightful.
Sentosa1983 Robby
Crouching Tiger, Walking Star Trek
James Harrop
Should be named: Star Trek Diversity............
Jimmy Dee
Logically they would look more human than anything else, not like some
Twisted rubbish bringer are all
So close and have similar atmospheres so
How can they be so
Vastly different
NETFLIX - Literally replacing all other TV for an entire generation

Or NETFLIX - Imagine how powerful we'd be if most people didn't just steal our content.
Felix McGuire
Call of The elder scrolls: The wild trek
Cai Gwydion
This looks interesting. But, as many have stated, the Klingons look way too different if this is set before everything. I'm just hoping we get a Star Trek series or movie set after the others one day.
Jean-Baptiste Vauthier
Please, Netflix, if you could bring back stargate sgu !...
Trey Styles
Star Trek Disastrous , more like.
Looks better than the last 3 films.
"in a time where white males have long been extinct..."
Mr T
Ill watch the hell out of this
What a terribly put together trailer
this looks like deperate housewifes in space....
Yasviele Pacifica
I wish they could make the aliens truly exotic, they're all just like humans... They barely have alien's abilities! If you're exploring the universe, it's okay to be way more creative than actors with make up.
Steve Nixx
the annoying woman from the walking dead... meh
10 years before the enterprise? Jonathon Archers dad was still working on the warp 5 engine .. what's with the 'new' history? Paddle steamers in space? What gives?
Emma Jochum
I just need to know one thing...Will Jeffrey Combs be in this?
V Jaitly
Ohhhh ...!!! Diversity lol
Will Adam
Really disappointing
Arramu Maiam
Music doesn't fit.
Sorry, but isn't it being made by CBS not Netflix?
Great more women leads, boring... I will pass on the feminist star trek.
so, space is now full of lensflares and stupid people?
Star trek the old republic??
I love Michelle Yeoh, hope this is good, but I've pretty much given up ST. JJ Abrams, the Fred Freiberger of franchises.
RJs endlessmind
Its ma girls SASHA
I wish they would go forward instead of back. I would of liked to see;

"Star Trek - The Next Next Generation"
hazerdus man
waitim comfused i thought it was a prequal to enterprise looked like they had mad tech here
Cant wait to never watch this.
i kinda heard gideon's voice
Niki Atanasov
Chinese woman captain Black lesbian first officer I hope no one now will be offended and making accusations about race gender and sex equally No male white captain and no beautiful alien woman This show will be very hard and boring to watch And I love all kinds of Sci fi
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