River Treasure: My Mega iPhone, GoPro Collection. All Free!! MOAR!

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My collection of GoPros, iPhones, Samsungs, cameras and other electronics has grown HUGE this past summer. Join me to see and identify my River Treasure finds. I am also giving away a great working GoPro Hero3+, just follow the rules to enter. It's free and I will pick a random winner later this month.
I wish to offer special thanks to the following people and businesses that help make my channel possible:
My gear:
Adventure Gear: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
Camera  http://amzn.to/28RCDVy
Diving Mask  http://amzn.to/299dMfW
Magnets   http://amzn.to/2ff3N8y
Lights: http://amzn.to/2hRKWBU

John Sweger
Hello my name is john I would love to get a go pro that would make my day
Azariah Brown
iPhone 6+ is my text on my channel I'll give u my information thanks my picture is on the front but I think I changed the to the ocean setting
Water bottle Flipping guy
Isn't it amazing how much phones you can find in a river
Atziri Lomelín Azanza
I would love to get the GoPro, I want to film my little trips because theyre cheap and I think theres a lot of people out there not traveling because of money. Good vibes, youre cool man.
Emilee Richard
My family and I love watching your videos!
Emilee Richard
My kids and I love watching your videos! We'd love to win your gopro!
Emilee Richard
I love watching your videos!!!
charlie philp
charlie philp
Can I have a GoPro please
charlie philp
Can have a go pro, I've got all the stuff for it
Andrew Davis
For an original comment to win the go pro I would like to say, aquachigger is the goat, thanks for the giveaway, good luck all
Peyton Lanter
Can i have a gopro from the giveaway because i want one but i cannot afford it
Andrew Davis
Gotta go pro or go home! Thanks for the giveaway man!
Peyton Lanter
may i have the gopro giveaway please
Andrew Davis
I would love to win so I wrote you a song. "When I'm feeling down I watch aquachigger, he makes me happy and makes my heart grow bigger" (hope that was original enough) good luck all!
please let me win the go pro!
Peyton Lanter
can i have one of the gopros that work
Ion Racer
Jeeze, 35k worth of comments, most I've ever seen, could use the GoPro for my mechanic videos I'd like to start doing and my motovlog. Fascinating what you find, keep up the good work!
Bryant Sanchez
I want a go pro pleas 🙏🙏👀
Connor Gravelle
May I please have the gopro
Connor Gravelle
I love ur vids
Hi I'm new to the channel and I'd LOVE a go pro because I love kayaking and I don't own a Water proof electronic!
Haha, nice to see the whole collection at once. 🍻
Maria Varela
I've been wanting a GoPro since last year before summer so if I do have a chance to win the GoPro it'll be the greatest thing and I'll be so excited too
jacob sheedy
Could I have the go pro to start my YouTube channel
May I have a go pro I'm going to Mexico soon and would like one
jacob sheedy
I don't have a camera please can I have the go pro
jacob sheedy
I need the go pro 3 I don't have anythjng
Danger Games
I need a go pro
Danger Games
I hope that you will have a good soul and pick me
I need a go pro 3rd comment
1 need a go pro 2nd comment
Danger Games
You should pick me
I need a go pro
Faith Lunsford
🙏🏽iPhone 6 please🙏🏽
Faith Lunsford
I would love an iPhone 6 my iPhone 5 broke and not aloud to get a new unless I pay it for myself
Faith Lunsford
That's really cool I want to get into somthing of that sort
Cooperadams 4444
I hope I can win the GoPro please
Cooperadams 4444
I hope I can win the hero 3 gopro
Cooperadams 4444
I hope I can win the GoPro
Mdw312 Fishing
Actually I would like anything. Cool dog. I can't swim but your videos Rock.
seth boling
how the hell do you find all those phones😂
Mdw312 Fishing
I would love one of the fro pros🎥 I could really use it to make videos with my kids😁
Mdw312 Fishing
I just subscribed 👍
seth boling
i like this dude
Xbenx 1
I would like a GoPro to go underwater with cant get one because of the price
Aiden Tinsley
and hope you have a great year
Aiden Tinsley
I love ur vids
Aiden Tinsley
ur the best YouTuber
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