River Treasure: My Mega iPhone, GoPro Collection. All Free!! MOAR!

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My collection of GoPros, iPhones, Samsungs, cameras and other electronics has grown HUGE this past summer. Join me to see and identify my River Treasure finds. I am also giving away a great working GoPro Hero3+, just follow the rules to enter. It's free and I will pick a random winner later this month.
I wish to offer special thanks to the following people and businesses that help make my channel possible:
My gear:
Adventure Gear: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
Camera  http://amzn.to/28RCDVy
Diving Mask  http://amzn.to/299dMfW
Magnets   http://amzn.to/2ff3N8y
Lights: http://amzn.to/2hRKWBU

Please use this affiliate link to my friends here to purchase your metal detector or other gear. You will get the best price and service anywhere I guarantee. Plus, it helps support my channel. I really appreciate it… The ‘Chigg
My affiliate link: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
AverageJoe DirtBikes
AverageJoe DirtBikes
4:26 Mayor West
Stephanie Cline
Stephanie Cline
Stephanie Cline
bmx for life
I like your diving skills
Flavia Lobo
And i also subscribed
Flavia Lobo
And all my friends have but i dont have
Flavia Lobo
Can u give me one iphone
RAFiY Majid
give the iphone to me
Evan Scott
One of the go pro hero 4 is mind
Carson Conley
The third white one in front of the GoPros with the full black screen
LegendPilot Legend
Your a great YouTuber
Jimmy Celtic
Bummed i missed giveaway sons been asking for one to vlog
Cool vidI love ur vids#awesome
One of them is mine I lost it a year ago on July 29
Rhys Corrigan
Sick stuff mate
Rhys Corrigan
Cool things
Rhys Corrigan
Wow that's a lot of stuff
Fran Fuentes
AND the iPhone gray one too
Fran Fuentes
the big Samsung Is mi
your so cool
i love your videos
Toni Manley
can I have a go pro plz so I can get some shots of me doing wakeboarding
José Luis Caraballo Negrón
i allways want one for my sport 😔
José Luis Caraballo Negrón
i want the go pro 😩
The iPhone 6 sliver is mind I fought where I lost it because it was a while ago I have been in the USA
Jeanis Maldonado
so mich iphones
Jeanis Maldonado
i want to go to thst rover so bad
Jeanis Maldonado
ur so good
abraham hutauruk
can you give a phone i don't have any phone please :(
Courtney Ardilla
Courtney Ardilla
Can I get one.
goose Hughes
hey Mr chig may I have a go pro I would really like one I'm and action sports finatic and I need a go pro
Mike Gacus
if I win I go to the rever we're you find the Groupo..thanks
Elijah Sherman
The I phone 6 s plus that workes is mine
EvantheBoss 85
Me want things
Kevin Mejia
i dropped it in augusr
Kevin Mejia
can you give me a iphone 6 please though instead of the of the 4s or do i just get my iphone4s?
Kevin Mejia
the first iphone 4s is mine i dropped it in the water a year ago
Kurt Merling
Kurt Merling
kevin alayon
pls can u give me phone im from philippines.i will take care dat phone .pls i need phone..email kevinalayon00008@gmail.com..😐
Xristos Poursanidis
i want one iphon6
John Hutchinson
Hope I win one
John Hutchinson
Love metal detecting videos
John Hutchinson
Love the videos
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