River Treasure: My Mega iPhone, GoPro Collection. All Free!! MOAR!

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My collection of GoPros, iPhones, Samsungs, cameras and other electronics has grown HUGE this past summer. Join me to see and identify my River Treasure finds. I am also giving away a great working GoPro Hero3+, just follow the rules to enter. It's free and I will pick a random winner later this month.
I wish to offer special thanks to the following people and businesses that help make my channel possible:
My gear:
Adventure Gear: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
Camera  http://amzn.to/28RCDVy
Diving Mask  http://amzn.to/299dMfW
Magnets   http://amzn.to/2ff3N8y
Lights: http://amzn.to/2hRKWBU

Please use this affiliate link to my friends here to purchase your metal detector or other gear. You will get the best price and service anywhere I guarantee. Plus, it helps support my channel. I really appreciate it… The ‘Chigg
My affiliate link: https://goo.gl/jmpNNn
big pito
Ever find any human remains@aquachigger ?
big pito
So what's your favorite color @aquachigger
big pito
Great channel😁
Scott Collins
The mind boggles at what you may or may not have seen on them SD cards, that would make an hilarious episode. Love the videos, keep them coming.
I wish I can have an iPhone
Chris Pasialis
Hi! I want them! 😂😂
Rrobert Burrell
The green iphone is mine its a 5
Jonah de KONING
I recognize that the green iPhone but on the table near the top is mine the address is Ontario Ottawa 2350 thank you for returning it please return it please
Halie Mooney
omg my phone!!!!!!! can I have my iPhone back!!!!
Will Dodge
Will Dodge
Will Dodge
Rick Hanlon
I'm not saying any of these are mine because they're clearly not...but I did loose my gopro 4 in a river this year...it was 2 weeks old...fml
Isaih Haas
I subscribed to you I will like every video that you make and watch all of your ads I am a very honest person and willing to pay a bit for anything but money is limited like I said.
Isaih Haas
I need a GoPro for my metal detecting adventures it would be very useful if you could send me one I know it's a giveaway but I can throw in 20 bucks my name is Isaih and I hope you reply because I am desperate for a GoPro I also want to know if you have a working iPhone 6+ that I could possibly buy from you I am limited on money but willing to make a deal.
ezzio Ezzio
nolyraine kryzel
Can I have one pls I already subscibed to your channel and I love your video's
nolyraine kryzel
Can I have one
Den Garil
test the gopro or phone, still on or no
Wayne Utuberz only!
can I have those iphones please I want to have it
Judson Dickson
Hi there cool video I'm so jealous 🤣
MC big
puts sera q so eu pensei fazer isso na lagoa da comunidade aki
MC big
so eu de br
Wanda Steele
The green iphone is my uncle's I swear on good please return it to me I swear please
LilandAmez lilandamez
You have found some great item well done
Anthony Stewart
I would like a go pro
Anthony Stewart
I like the go pro's
Gavin Crow
can i have a gopro plz i am begging you t one
Ellijah Pelfrey
The green phone is mine
I need go pro please help me sir
Maira Careaga
That's my iPhone6
Hairel Ammar
OMG you found my fhone it's the green iPhone here is my number so we can contact : 011-1304-7200
Callings jr
Can I hAve it back i lost when is was fishing a while ago it fell out of my pocket
Callings jr
The rose gold iPhone 6 is my mine a lost while ago
Avery Tessnear
His vids good
Avery Tessnear
Avery Tessnear
Go pros cool
Jacob Peterson
ifon4 ismin
Jacob Peterson
Sanea Attard
Mine is the 1 big one
Danahlee Falwasser
go pro pls
Danahlee Falwasser
go pro pls
Jacob Knapp
I recognize that green phone iPhone
Kayden Laws
Can I have a go pro and a case plz
Fff Fff
I like your vidoes I have been wafching from 2years
Faustino Chadwick
Can I have a iphone
Aquachigger you should send me an iPhone 6 that works
Cathy Dago
Can u give me a go pro please I love your videos
Cheryl Hall
I'm probably too late
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