Tinder Close - From Swipe to Bedroom (For Men Only)

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Tinder Close is a tutorial  which teaches you step by step how to setup your tinder profile and meet hot girls on Tinder. I will walk you through the 4 steps and show you my actual conversations with real girls. And I will show you from the first message to meeting up and going on dates with these girls as well as them coming back to my place.

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Mathew Payne
are.. you.. high.. or.. somthing.. holy shit you talk like a moron
Hank O
The whores that populate Tinder POF OK Cupid, Match, EHarmony are for the most part all on the cock carousel. As far as i am concerned these whores all uave HIV and are just waiting to spread it or get pregnant or both. I tried em all from 2012 to 2015. Dropped that shit 3 years ago now. I get the occasional number in person only now. I dont play w the whores on these services. ..even with a raincoat. Its just not worth this MAN'S time! All the cucks who play like they are doing something special when they drop seed in theae whores are deluding themselves and furthermore they are lowering themselves to tje level of bored whores. ALL of them are whores....absolutely 100% of them. Western women are no longer worth the time or effort. Now Asian women....now they are worth it! Same with white Eastern Euro women. But screw....ahhh i mean dont screw western women. Unless you're looking to get trapped, are a cuck (90% of western men) or want an STD. Btw when i say Asian women im not talking about whore bar girls in Bangkok or Cebu. Im talking about well educated middle class women with something American women losy a vouple of decades ago: CLASS!
Achilles Sama
Do I pay for her coffee?
Daniel J
Alpha males don't need to do shit, the girls flock around the man like a wolfpack, ready to drain.
Barrett Rupp
Guys def. sociopath or psychopath.
Eloy Zepeda
"Ana Mexico" LMFAOOOO
Brett Hart
@11:54 mark, "3 HOURS LATER...." sitting back whacking off to pornhub
Aaron Terrazas
Thus guys voice makes me sleepy
Why was the same one guitar chord on repeat for the entire video?
Tony Sperry
How the f&$ do you close the deal with any women? You are a complete f$&jn monotone d bag. I would imagine most dates hanging them selves after 15 minutes with you. Please stop doing videos!!!
stephen moore
Don’t mess it up it’s a layup haha
Tinder works only in america!!!
Tillda onedottriplenine
2.600 girls on this video
Hardest part is talking to the girls. So many flakey girls out there. So easy to mess up.
Jovan Raičković
Ana mexico
Love the background music, it really enhanced the creep vibe tenfold.
Leslie Rae
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Thank me later!!
errol mcinnes
how to use Tinder. 1. Delete Tinder. 2. Get a hooker. 3. leave the drama behind. The women on Tinder are either fake, hookers, or looking for some dude one third their age. If you are older than 35, don't bother. Get a hooker and your results will be far more productive.
Tom Burns
Why are you holding a clip on mic?
Kevin Levrone
This helps yes but
1 be attractive
2 be attracrive
3 go 1-2
George Richardson
Mark Silla
Are we not going to talk about how he said his grandparents met on Tinder. Did his grandpa see his wife on Tinder? Is that what he meant?
As a girl...I have to say this only works on lower-value women. I’d never let a man put me down or make a disrespectful joke like “your friends think you’re crazy” or “your students must hate you”. Like wtaf?! This isn’t funny. If a guy can’t respect you over a text, how can you expect him to respect you in real life? I only get interested in those guys (on tinder) who are simple, honest, friendly and nice to me. By this I don’t mean compliments, but genuine interest in what I do and the conversation that we are having. For fucks sake, women aren’t that difficult to figure out. And HELL NO. If I agreed to meet you, this in no way means I’m down. Hell no. I came to this first date to get to know you, see if I get attracted to you and then whatever happens... like wtaf unless the girl just desperately needs to “treat her hysteria” she’s not automatically down just cuz she agrees to a coffee. I get too many offers of “a coffee” to actually want to fuck all these guys. Disgusting.
I don’t this tinder shit, but i like this video. It’s helpful if i ever use it.
2017 females are such pump and dump sluts with no relationship value whatsoever. it's pathetic.
King morons
loolll hanging out its too long , i just ask go to the women house and fuck her right when she open the door
Reality Warrior
How to pick up girls IRL.

Decide your target audience.
Go to where they congregate.
Introduce yourself.
Engage in conversation.
Ask for phone number or follow up meeting.
If answer = yes, good job. If answer = no, rinse repeat.
Carlota Gomez
Student of the world...
tinder in fucking brocken
C Man
That corny stuff works? Your kids hate you? Why does your dog look high? Bwaaaaa...Man your game is weak. I got news for you Jerry Mcguire. You had them at hello why are you trying to cock block yourself with silliness.
Kelti Karuni
This dude is so gay omg, u don't have to pretend to be someone else, do what you like and say whatever you want to say, if the girl is down you are going to meet her, That's it!
Jaqen H'ghar
Nah...too much work...I'd rather work hard on my career and make money!
Christopher Pisani
Danny Roe
Lots of vague points
how sad are we are these days if this is the way we go. Honestly i work for a living and dont have time nor money for this shit
Freddy O'Blivion
This dude has blonde hair and blue eyes. He's on girls' bucket lists, man. Not rocket science.
This dude killed one of his tinder date for sure
upper cutty
You talk like you're on valium. Or some opioid. Its funny you talk about breaking their ego when tinder is probably the biggest feeder of her ego nowadays
shen lin
just be yourself, do not pretend~~
José Maria Costa
Did that bateman jr. here just say he came up with projection. You can't make those bold statements when you don't know the proper use of your and you're you goomba. Also change your password or whatever.
Trade Para Todos
Being white with blue eyes helps ???!
David M. Johnston
I just say fuck it. Like why would I go through all of that shit? To get laid? Fuck it. You girls can just all go fuck off. I'll wank to porn and focus on my career and spend free time with friends. Not chasing stuck up girls on some app. Always making efforts to earn them. Guess what, I have my left hand to do the job. Fuck it.
Diana Loru
omg so full of yourself.
'never had a girl say no i'm not into you' looooolll
cause apparently u are exactly like ur pics and so charming in person hahaha
gosh if the girls knew they were filmed..this is so bad
Tony Hernandez
"My friends made me make this"
Dudes got 0 energy lol
This guy is very low energy. Sorry, not trying to do Trump vs Bush here, but common man... go get a cup of coffee!
pisses me off that girls need to be manipulated or "Seduced" by guys like this guy telling u the "playbook." this just shows girls r stupid as fuck and i really dont wanna date a girl that is stupid af.
Lol. This guy is a fucking genius. I love the mic, btw. It’s true most guys are fucking retarded when it comes to this shit but agin, tender is not about the perfect strategy and setup. If you are a good looking guy and you post a main profile pic of just you (Not with your ex or your buddies) you won’t be able to do anything anymore but hook up all day. If you’re ugly, then you’d better get to work and make a lot of money. It’s as simple as that.
was tinder even a thing when your grandparent met?
plexcoin faucet
Hii, this is another hot one
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